Kai Greene Guest Poses In India: Is A Comeback On The Horizon?

Guest Posing

Bodybuilder Kai Greene has hinted at a comeback in the past but there are no plans in place as of now.

Kai Greene has not taken the stage competitively in over half a decade but has kept his physique in great shape. During the Sheru Classic Pro India over the weekend, Greene took the stage as a guest poser.

Greene has not competed since 2016. He built a successful career due to his insane size and conditioning. Over the course of his career, Greene won the Arnold Classic three times and created an on-stage rivalry with Phil Heath. He finished as the runner-up in the Olympia three times but was unable to win the Sandow Trophy.

Greene received a special invitation to compete at the 2017 Olympia but he declined. Since then, rumors of a comeback have swirled but Greene has not announced either way. In March, Greene claimed that he had “never officially retired” and that “anything is possible.”

Kai Green is featured in the Generation Iron documentary, Kaiwhich takes a comprehensive and official look at the life and career of the bodybuilding legend. The film can be watched here.


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Kai Greene Appears As Guest Poser

Kai Greene had a full weekend in India during the Sheru Classic, appearing for a meet-and-greet with fans before putting on a show on stage.


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Greene wore a mask and long jacket when taking the stage in India. The theatrical performance entertained the crowd while Greene showed off his recent progress in the gym. This fit into an idea brought up by Lee Priest recently.

Earlier in the month, Priest brought up the idea of doing an “Olympia-themed showdown” with Greene on stage. The two continue to train hard in the gym and could return to the stage in a unique way. The thought process for Priest was for him to be a superhero while Greene played the role of a villain. This would bring a bit of theatre combined with bodybuilding.

It is unknown if Kai Greene will take the stage competitively again but this guest posing appearance showed that he is still in great shape. If nothing else, it is an idea that has floated around and Greene has even commented on. Fans will continue to wait to see if there is a show that Greene commits to competing in.

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