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Calum Von Moger Magic Spoon

If you’ve been struggling to maintain a healthy diet alongside a routine of regular exercise, you’re not alone.

It seems like the bodybuilder’s constant dilemma is between eating delicious and eating nutritious, cheat meals vs. strict diets. It can be so, so tempting after a long day of working out to satisfy those cravings for sugary or greasy foods that may taste good, but do not do much in terms of helping you to add on quality muscle mass. However, thanks to advances in modern nutritional science, foods are being developed that are both delicious and good for you. Magic Spoon cereal is a new brand of cereal that’s here to help — keto-friendly, low-carb, and totally delicious.

Let’s dive into what this cereal is, what it does for your progress in the gym, and whether or not it is worth your money.


You may not think that cereal is a food fit for the fitness community, but bodybuilders in particular have been raving since Magic Spoon cereal has hit the markets, as it is a cereal specifically formulated for athletes. Many avid gym goers looking for something filling and delicious when they wake up in the morning will succumb to cravings and fill up on sugary cereals that will only make you crash hours later. Even throughout the day people will rely on junk snacks to curb hunger and cravings, not realizing that these snacks are just taking away from all of their hard work in the gym.

Magic Spoon cereal was formulated with athletes who watch what they eat in mind. Dietary restrictions are something that really can help your progression in the gym, but honestly are not the most fun things to have in place. Now you can satisfy your sweet tooth without getting bogged down by artificial sweeteners and preservatives that are the natural enemy of all athletes, and even just the regular gym goers.

Magic Spoon is everything you want out of your cereal in terms of taste and texture. With 11g protein, this low carb cereal has 0g sugar to provide a healthy option.

Magic Spoon Video Review & Analysis

One athlete who swears by Magic Spoon cereal is bodybuilder Calum von Moger. Like many bodybuilders, Calum typically adds protein powder to his cereal to make it more nutritious. While this does the trick, it may not be the best option because as we all know, protein powder is not always the most delicious addition to any meal, and it can actually turn delicious breakfast cereal into something you dread eating. Adding protein powder can come out chunky or powdery, or honestly just may taste disgusting depending on what you mix it with.

Magic Spoon has an exceptionally high protein content, clocking in at 11 grams of protein per serving. Compare that to your typical sugary breakfast cereal – Fruit Loops have 2 grams, while Frosted Flakes and Cocoa Puffs each have a measly 1 gram of protein per serving, and that is not enough as your need a certain amount of protein per day to build and maintain muscle.

Magic Spoon is also one of the only available breakfast cereals that is completely grain-free and gluten-free, which frees up your body’s metabolic processing for other things, like working out.

There are plenty of protein cereals on the market, but a lot of them have a chalky texture or odd taste, but Magic Spoon does not. The secret to Magic Spoon’s deliciousness without the use of junk ingredients is that they use a blend of monk fruit, stevia, and allulose instead of processed sugar. Yes, these things are just as sweet and delicious as the real thing.

The reason other companies use artificial sweeteners like high fructose corn syrup is because those chemicals are cheaper to mass produce — not because they are sweeter or better for you. Because Magic Spoon is an intimate more dedicated company, their formulation is of a much higher quality, and they are able to resource natural ingredients that are truly beneficial to your health. The macros you get from this cereal just aren’t comparable to pretty much any other brand on the market.

When it comes to taste, Magic Spoon also comes in four mouth-watering flavors including Cocoa, Frosted, Fruity, and Blueberry, so no matter what mood you’re in, there’s something delicious waiting on the table for you. And if you can’t decide, not to worry: they also sell variety packs that come with several of the flavors at once, so you can mix things up to your heart’s content.

Pros, Cons, and Price of Magic Spoon

Let’s take a look at the good and the bad that this cereal offers.


  • Delicious taste to curb sweet tooth
  • Quality ingredients


  • Only 11 grams of protein

Price: $39 for a 4-pack ($1.95/serving) and $54 for a 6 pack ($1.80/serving)

Magic Spoon is More Than Just Breakfast

While you may think that it is just a breakfast cereal, Magic Spoon does not have to be consumed as soon as you wake up. Instead, it can be a mid day snack, or even a meal replacement, as it has some pretty good macros to be consumed as a whole meal. Maybe throw in a Greek yogurt to get in a little more protein, but there’s no harm in that. Who says breakfast for dinner isn’t allowed?

Magic Spoon Wrap Up

It can get extremely hard, especially during a bodybuilding prep, to not cave in and eat those junk foods, but Magic Spoon is one option to really help you not go insane. Overall, cereal is something that can help satisfy your sweet tooth, and when you are a gym goer with some serious dietary restrictions, it is always nice to have a break from eating your meal preps nonstop. However, instead of resorting to sugary snacks and sacrificing your progression, Magic Spoon is there to save the day.

The best part is, you do not have to only eat it at breakfast, you can eat it at any point of the day.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re a sugar addict looking to make a change, consider this post a sign. You can have your sugary cereal — and eat it, too!

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