The Magnum Male Collection (Tested and Reviewed)

magnum male collection

The ultimate vitality ingredients in the Magnum Male Collection from Inno Supps

Here at Generation Iron, we cover optimal ways to increase testosterone levels naturally. Unlocking peak male vitality and performance is not very easy to achieve these days. With microplastics in food, and junk foods being pushed out more than ever, the world has seen a massive decline in testosterone levels and healthy, masculine men. However, with the ingredients in Inno Supps Magnum Male Collection, men are given an option to achieve optimal hormone levels as well as blood flow to really be the ultimate version of themselves. The Magnum Male collection is not your typical testosterone and nitric oxide boosting combo, but these are two supplements packed with quality, natural ingredients, to really make it so you can get back to optimal performance.

In this review, we detail the Magnum Male Collection which consists of two supplements, Nitro Wood Magnum and T-Drive Magnum, designed to deliver optimal levels of testosterone and great blood flow, enhancing overall health. It is pretty easy to tell why Magnum Male Collection is among the top male health supplements in the market.

What is in the Magnum Male Collection?

Boost your testosterone and enhance your blood flow like never before with the Magnum Male Collection from Inno Supps! Packed with scientifically proven ingredients, you will be feeling like a new man.

As stated above, the Magnum Male Collection is made up of two supplements, Nitro Wood Magnum and T-Drive Magnum. Let’s take a look at what each of these supplements does, and why they are beneficial to add to your daily stack.

Nitro Wood Magnum Overview

Optimize your blood flow and overall quality of life with Nitro Wood™ Magnum, from Inno Supps.

Having proper, healthy blood flow is essential, as it is important for more than just getting a good muscle pump when you are in the gym. Pumped by the heart, your blood carries oxygen and vital nutrients to various parts of the body, your muscles being a main component. Proper, healthy blood flow ensures that these essential elements reach muscle tissues efficiently, promoting optimal performance during workouts and supporting post-exercise recovery, which is where you truly grow and progress from your workouts.

Aside from your gym performance, healthy blood flow is also responsible for your performance in the bedroom. When stimulated, blood will flow to the genitalia, ensuring everything is working properly, ensuring a pleasurable time.

To ensure that you have your circulation functioning properly and really getting nutrients to where they should be, Nitro Wood Magnum from Inno Supps is a great choice of supplement. Nitro Wood Magnum is an upgraded version of the original Nitro Wood, and it is packed full of key nutrients that are scientifically proven to support healthy blood flow. Nitro Wood is key for helping to improve your overall wellness, energy levels and performance in the gym and in the bedroom.

Nitro Wood Magnum is a great supplement to help deliver vital nutrients to every organ in your body. It can also help stimulate your genitalia like never before. Aside from preventing erectile dysfunction and giving great pumps, it also helps relieve swollen feet, legs, and ankles.

Nitro Wood Magnum Ingredient Breakdown

nitro wood magnum ingredients

Natural Male Enhancement Compound: BlackVCube®, which is a patented black ginger extract, helps elevate erectile response and boost stamina. Studies reveal BlackVCube® has a significant impact on enhancing circumference during moments of heightened arousal. Research has also shown that BlackVCube® has the capacity to stimulate male length during states of heightened arousal.

Amplified Blood Flow Potentiator: Oxyjun® is a cutting-edge ingredient that enhances your heart’s pumping ability for more stamina and endurance in the gym, bedroom and beyond.

Nitric Oxide Optimization Matrix: Pine bark and grape seed together will help to stimulate your body’s natural nitric oxide production. This will help to enhance blood flow and boost vascular health.

Blood Vessel Expansion Blend: Beetroot, cinnamon, garlic and cayenne provide a rich source of nitrates to help improve blood flow and support heart health, immune function, mental cognition and sexual function.

Nitro Wood Magnum Key Takeaways

  • Proper blood flow is essential for good health
  • Many factors can cause issues with blood flow
  • Supplements to boost blood flow can help with nutrient delivery, pumps, and sexual health

T-Drive Magnum Overview

Boost your testosterone like never before with T-Drive Magnum from Inno Supps! Packed with scientifically proven ingredients, you will be feeling like a new person.

Testosterone is a key hormone when it comes to building muscle mass, proper body fat distribution, bone density, amongst other functions. Unfortunately, low testosterone is becoming more and more common amongst men of all ages these days, and doctors are not so quick to prescribe testosterone replacement therapy. As a result, men have to resort to over the counter testosterone boosters.

T-Drive Magnum is an advanced formula to help naturally get your testosterone to optimal levels, boosting both free and total levels.

T-Drive Magnum Ingredients

t-drive magnum ingredients

TONGKAT ALI + FADOGIA AGRESTIS: This combination of ingredients in T-Drive Magnum helps to maximize natural testosterone production. The combination of these ingredients helps to kick your body’s natural testosterone production into overdrive. Some users have reported up to a 450-point increase in their testosterone levels when supplementing with this potent herbal combo, which is something unheard of.

Aside from that, both Fadogia Agrestis and Tongkat Ali have been used for centuries to enhance sexual function and desire. Recent studies have confirmed the natural ability of these ingredients to help potentiate sex drive, performance and even semen volume, which can help fertility. This combo also helps kick up your hormone levels for maximum manhood with the hormone-balancing power of Fadogia Agrestis and Tongkat Ali. These two ingredients help control the stress hormone cortisol, maximize free testosterone levels and even prevent estrogen conversion for peak results.

COLEUS FORSKOHLII + TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS + FENUGREEK + HORNY GOAT WEED: Quite the mix of ingredients here in T-Drive Magnum, and it may seem a bit complex, but don’t worry, they are completely natural and can really help kick things up in the bedroom, and the gym. The powerful herbal extracts listed here have clinically proven effects in enhancing men’s sexual desire when taken consistently. They also support enhanced erectile function, enhance stamina and reduce latency for round after round of peak performance in the bedroom.

This combo has also been shown to reduce body fat percentage and support increased muscle strength and mass for the physique of a Greek god.

VITAMIN D + NIACIN + ZINC (AS ZINMAX®): This final blend in the supplement helps with overall male vitality, as they are a combo of vitamins and minerals included to help support your body’s testosterone production and lay the foundation for enhanced vitality with an abundance of vital nutrients for male health. This combination of vitamins and essential nutrients not only helps to support testosterone production, but also supports enhanced growth in muscle size and strength, making it perfect for those trying to pack on the muscle mass.

Aside from that, the blend here supports overall men’s health and immunity. These vitamins and minerals, when combined with the other ingredients in T-Drive Magnum, help support enhanced longevity while offering powerful anti-aging effects.

T-Drive Magnum Key Takeaways

  • Supercharge Libido and Enhance Bedroom Performance*
  • Boost Testosterone Production*
  • Optimize Male Hormones to Reduce Belly Fat by up to 31%*
  • Stimulate Rapid Muscle Growth and Strength Gains*

Price and How to Take

You can pick up the Magnum Male Collection for $103.99, and you get 30 servings of each supplement. You would want to take 2 capsules of Nitro Wood Magnum, and 3 capsules of T-Drive Magnum each day. These are vegan supplements as well, so they fit any diet!

Our Verdict on the Magnum Male Collection

The Generation Iron Team was able to test out the Magnum Male Collection, and we have absolutely zero complaints. The muscle pumps were great, there were improvements in body composition, and of course bedroom performance was also great.

Who Should Take Inno Supps Magnum Male Collection

  • Bodybuilders
  • Powerlifters
  • Men looking to optimize hormone levels

Who should not be take the Inno Supps Magnum Male Collection

  • Women

Frequently Asked Questions

magnum male

Is Nitro Wood Magnum better than Viagra or Cialis?

While Viagra and Cialis are great options for getting and maintaining an erection during sexual activity, Nitro Wood Magnum helps to increase blood flow throughout the entire body, consistently. It also is said to increase length and girth. However, this supplement does not guarantee a fix for erectile dysfunction.

Can I take the Magnum Male Collection with other supplements?

Yes, the Magnum Male Collection is made up of all natural ingredients so it is fine to take with other supplements. However, it is always best to consult with your physician before taking a product like this!

Is the Magnum Male Collection safe?

The Magnum Male Collection is deemed safe, as it is made of two supplements that are packed with completely natural ingredients rather than junk blends and chemicals that you would see in your standard over-the-counter testosterone booster.

Wrap Up

Overall, enhancing male performance is something that the Magnum Male Collection specializes in. From enhancing blood flow for greater pumps and bedroom performance, to increasing testosterone and changing your body composition. We stand by it with full confidence.

Will you be giving it a try?

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magnum-male-collection-reviewThe ultimate vitality ingredients in the Magnum Male Collection from Inno Supps Here at Generation Iron, we cover optimal ways to increase testosterone levels naturally. Unlocking peak male vitality and performance is not very easy to achieve these days. With microplastics in food, and junk...