Michal Krizo Hits Chest & Delt Workout During Prep For 2024 Empro Classic Pro

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Michal Krizo is looking to put on a show during the 2024 Empro Classic Pro!

Michal Krizo continues to grow as one of the most popular bodybuilders in the world right now. He made a big jump in his second Olympia and will be looking to do the same once again. First, he is preparing to take the stage during the 2024 Empro Classic Pro. He shared his latest chest and delt workout to prepare for the show.

Krizo made the jump from the IFBB Elite Pro League and NPC in hopes of becoming a the Olympia champion. He quickly earned his Pro Card during the Amateur Olympia Italy before winning the 2022 EVLS Prague Pro, which was his first show and allowed him to punch his ticket to the biggest competition of the year. Krizo finished 12th at his first Olympia in 2022.

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Krizo improved Mr. Olympia’s standing from 12th to 7th place in his second appearance at the 2023 Olympia. He continues to be active on social media, showing fans his physique updates and workouts used to build a championship physique.

“It’s about three weeks out of Empro show in Spain. We’re training chest and delts right now, switching between the two.”

Krizo alternated exercises between chest and delts to hit both areas hard during the session.


Michal Krizo Chest & Delt Workout

The full workout consisted of six exercises:

Michal Krizo shared his pre-workout meal, which was just a gainer.

“I just have a gainer and go train so my stomach isn’t too full.

Then about one and a half or two hours after I drink it, I go workout. But the way I do it is, I have a gainer, 100 grams of it which is 40 grams carbs and 40 grams or protein and I add another 40 grams of protein powder.”

Michal Krizo is preparing to take the Empro Classic Pro by storm in 2024. If he is able to qualify for the Olympia, Krizo will hit prep looking to improve upon his standing once again.

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