Nick Walker Shares “Only Two Ways” He Would Retire & Past Athletes He Would Compete Against

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Nick Walker answered the hard-hitting questions about his career.

Nick Walker is no stranger to sharing with his fans on social media. He is part of a podcast where he discusses the current happenings in bodybuilding and recently, he engaged in a Q & A on Instagram. This is where fans got to ask the entertaining questions they want answers to from one of their favorite bodybuilders.

Walker was victorious during the New York Pro, which was his second career win during this event. He is now qualified for the Olympia and plans to bring his best package yet. All eyes will be on Nick Walker as he prepares for the 2024 Olympia. He believe that he would have been a contender in 2023 but suffered a hamstring injury that kept him off stage.

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This is one way that Walker would not compete. He was asked what it would take to cause him to retire and he laid out the answer with two ways.

“I would keep going until I don’t want to compete anymore. There’s only two ways I’m going to retire — when I just don’t have the drive anymore or my body just says ‘nah champ, not this year.’

Obviously, I want to win as many O’s as I can, as many Arnold’s as I can, and just keep doing it.”

This is one of many questions that Walker answered. He would eventually move onto who from the past he would want to take the stage against.

Nick Walker Instagram

Nick Walker Talks Dream Matchups On Stage

Nick Walker was asked about who he would want to compete against if he had the chance. He had three competitors come to mind right away:

“Dorian Yates. Let’s see, Mike Mentzer, and probably Guy Cisternino. He may be old now but my man knows how to push people.”


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