And the Mr. Olympia 2017 champion is…

That’s it – after all the hype and excitement, the Mr. Olympia 2017 is over. It was one wild weekend with plenty of exciting victories and upsets. But the biggest moment of the night was the Men’s Open category. And now we have the results. Find out who placed in the top 5 below:

Olympia 2017 Men’s Bodybuilding Results

1. Phil Heath
2. Big Ramy
3. William Bonac
4. Dexter Jackson
5. Shawn Rhoden
6. Roelly Winklaar
7. Nathan De Asha
8. Brandon Curry
9. Josh Lenartowicz
10. Cedric McMillan

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  1. That’s such a crock of shit. The gut bloat has looked terrible for the past 2 Olympia’s. I was a big Phil Heath fan when he looked good brought his best and actually won because of it. Now it’s just politics.

    • And I’m sure knowing lots abt this sport is helping you sleep at night. Did you not see the other top competitors congratulating Ramy during the posedown? Even in their eyes he was a deserving champion. Even the competitors dont know whats going on! Lack of standard! How can a fan justify anything?

      Its only ever abt what the judges want.

      Its never been abt who the masses admire or are inspired by.

    • I know plenty about bodybuilding. Ramy looked hard, defined, and much improved. Phil looled ok, but seems to be in his 2nd or 3rd trimester. Hes got a gh gut like Nasser el Sonbaty. Don’t know who that is? Look it up. But I guess you just like to make assumptions huh? Yet you ask what super league is? Now who doesn’t know shit? Look it up.

    • I know what it is. It was sarcasm. I just dont agree with you. But I am just gonna take the fact that Phil won as my proof that I judged their physiques correctly..phil did not win just because he is champ or some hidden rigged decision. There afe far bettee ambassadors to the is what he brings that keeps him around.

    • We actually agree on the fact that he’s a bad ambassador for the sport. However, he has been beat, at least twice at the O. Once by Kai, and tonight. Yet, he still is the champ. Whatever it is, they keep giving him the Sandow, and it’s not because he has brought the best overall package. Not against Kai, and not tonight against Ramy.

  2. Even with bubble gut it’s hard to unseat the champ I guess. A Ramy win would’ve breathed new life into the sport. Phil, like Arnold, won a their 7th Sandow in questionable fashion.

  3. Ramy had very bad developed posterior muscles. Bad calves, bad hammies, bad traps. Phil had a big belly. Bonac was more rounded, he looked better than both, but he fail to be more impressive. The Olympia successfully sold a new rivalry and everyone is falling for it.

    • Penalize??? Haha. Dude his gut wasnt even that bad especially not tonight and you act like he is the only Mr. Olympia to have the problem. It almost comes with the territory at the size. But anyway, I hardly noticed it. With or without he is still way ahead of anyone on stage. It appears you lift and maybe even compete in Mens Physique so you should be a bit more knowledgeable and understand why Phil won?

    • Pete Lucas Phil won he’s back, but he lost every other pose. Ramy’s sheer size and conditioning destroyed Phil. Phil was bloated he had no control over his mid section. He won coz he’s the reigning mr o. Wasn’t earned wasn’t deserving. If bonac had a little more size he would have destroyed Phil. But ramy was robbed. Typical ifbb bullshit.

    • Adrian Adams that just is not true. Have you been watching since he came to IFBB. It a fact if you have been that he looks way more insane in person and has a conditioning unlike anything ever seen that doesnt show on camera. Even still his conditioning was not better. And I do not believe he won soley from the back. Last night his gut was kind of an issue. Tonight it was not at all. And this whole grapevine rumor about him winning because he is reigning is BS. Ramy conditioning was not even close to phils and he does not habe the same symrtry or leg and glute defintion. I could go on. Phil is better and Bonac is good but not phil good regardless of size. He deserved it and earned it. Phil is not a good face for the sport so it is not politics keeping him there. Guess we both stand firm on opinions but I have been die hard fan for the past 20 years and have been in this sport way too long to be convinced Ramy won. Besides everyone acts like Shawm Ray doednt know what he is talking about or that they know better. Out of kindness he mentioned a couple time that Ramy could have a chance but stood firm on Phil. Ask any former Mr. O and I bet they gave it to Phil.

    • Pete Lucas oh Christ. I think that if u have been a fan of ifbb for 20 years than ur as biased and politically incorrect as steve Weinberger and the rest of his panel of one sided judges.
      Let me guess u have Dorian not winning 6 titles? Or Ronnie not being 8 time? It’s all politics it has been for years and it will continue to be. The results are final now. But Phil will always be in the fans eyes a 4 time mr Olympia coz of it was fare judging he would have lost to dexter and Kai. There’s reasons why other federations are starting up and it’s coz ifbb is so corrupt and bullshit and competitors are becoming tired of it as much as the fans are.

    • Aniket Saha and what about the gut? The top bodybuilder in the world has the biggest and ugliest mid section.
      Ramy won every shot and Just because no one is able to develop thick lower back which phill heath has genetically so you just keep giving the biggest title to him. Come on man!! In 2014 he was beaten by kai and today by Ramy. Such a disgrace to Arnold that a gut heath has same no. Of sandows.

    • That picture of midsection is a animated to discredit the champion. Kia green is the only closet to beat Phil unfortunately he is scared to face the champion. I am a bodybuilder myself Phil deserves the win.

    • He had a slight gut besides that everything else was perfect. People focus solely and obsess over bodybuilders midsections. They all have slight gut distention. Just from eating so much and training hard you’re stomach grows. I’m no where near the size of a pro and I even have it slightly. I also had hernia surgery on my bellybutton so the meshing fucked my abs up too.

    • Justin Flex yes he only had gut and other parts were on point. But that gut ruined every pose he did except for the back ones. Every other pose was won by Ramy.
      Okay leave Ramy. But tell me did you like the flow of his body and proportions with having that gut.

  4. BS Politics, Ramy should of won!that’s why so many are fed up with the Olympia!! This bs has been going on for too many years now where they give it to the past winner!!! Done with this event

  5. Totally fkn garbage!!! Ramy was totally robbed!! No wonder Kai won’t compete at the Olympia anymore, because the damn bodybuilding world has been ruined and is totally fixed!! Stupid brain dead, blind judges!!!

  6. Anybody that thinks this rigged or any other bs just doesn’t understand bodybuilding. This was won from the rear and Phil has Ramy beat there. It’s really that simple. Congrats to all of those great competitors and congratulations to the 7 time Champ Phil Heath. Big Ramy brought it tonight. When he gets a little bit more muscle maturity he’s going to be unstoppable.

  7. Forget the bubble gut. Phil Heath had a dead set ‘gunt’. It was that pronounced. Politics and drugs are going to kill off, literally and figuratively, pro bodybuilding. Still, money is money, and business is business.

  8. Everyone saying they are done with the Olympia if Ramy won….good riddence. Bodybuilding does not need or want this new breed of internet whiny fans that dont understand the sport. If you cant see why Phil won then you should stick to talking about something you know because it aint bodybuilding.

    • IFBB is not representing the world of bodybuilding lol As you can see 95% of the contestant are from the US which makes this pretty much a US competition. Anyway bodybuilding is a sport and you don’t need any fucking federation so I can go and do my own shit!

    • Peter, part of the problem lies with the fact that they don’t put into writing and disclose to the fans and competitors what the criteria for winning is (other than a very brief generic explanation that could mean 1000 things to 1000 different people.) If people cannot see why a competitor wins it is for a reason, they haven’t been privileged to what the standard is. Many feel like they don’t disclose it in detail because either A.) It doesn’t exist or B.) so they can move the goal anytime someone they don’t want scoring gets close to it. It may not be corruption, but they sure don’t do anything to assure people that it’s not.

  9. Never seen so many judgmental Men ..who don’t look better than any of the competitors criticizing lmao — anyway Congrats Phil and yes ..IFBB is a business duh ..Same reason why KAP Aint PLAYING FOOTBALL ..bad for business ..same reason Ramy aint the champ ..I’m mean his following is nothing like PHIL IJS …

  10. Of course it’s POLITICS..Look at Kai. At one point of time, he looked better than Phil. Why didn’t he win? Because he’s “passionate” about grapefruit. Of course they don’t want a fruity Mr O.

  11. Everyone is butt hurt but that fact is that phils conditioning was a bit better… he destroyed ramy from the back and he had a lot more separation… ramy was bigger and had less gut yes but it’s pretty clear that Phil won… if ramy can get phils level of separation he will be hard to beat

  12. To me, Ramy looked better. Now when it comes to separation in the shoulders, chest and arms, Phill got him. But overall Ramy finally came with size and his conditioning was way better than last year. Could have gone either way, part of me thinks Ramy should have got this one… reminds me of the year Kai should have one.. just my opinion.

  13. it was the time of kai. phil does not bring something exciting and different ,big ramy has problems with posterior portion lower back calves and hammies,dexter is same as before,roelly needs to work some more with hammies ,lower back and some on definition. at present it is true that bodybuilding world is ruined. where those great physiques dissapointment. only good with 212 Ib where we are seeing some good ones like flex and ahmed

  14. Phil Heath looks like absolute garbage and he won. That just goes to show you politics run rampant in the Olympia and it’s not even worth watching anymore. Big Ramy beat him hands down and he gets screwed over because of Phil Heath and his bulshit commercial presence. What a crock of absolute fuckery. I hope no one attends next year because of this blatant nonsense

  15. There is only one man who got robbed (again!) and that’s not Big Ramy! William Bonac had the best physic and the best condition and should have won! Too bad he is fighting names instead of physics!

  16. Have anyoane took a good look at ramy and heath back?!? i’m not a fan of heath but ramy defenetly lost there.20lbs of pure muscles over anyoane else on stage,won’t give you no.1 this days.i see people comment”gut..gut..gut”.really?!? each of them have it not only because of hgh but they do need huuuge amounts of food ,not only daily,but at each meal

    • Its a huge joke when they give phil first place again when he looks like that but its almost rigged when they give 2nd to Ramy. Funny reading these comments, all the ramy fan boys are out in force and they can overlook the huge differences in ramys muscular development but will cry blood when he doesn’t win? The guy should not have placed top 5 at all. Bonac clear winner here but phil wont lose until he quits.





  18. They literally just rewarded someone with a bubble double trouble bubble gut smfh. This is crazy , besides the fact he lost in every pose beside “rear double” and even that I thought it was insanely close . So reward the airhead gut.

  19. Fkng egoistic n stubborn guy Phil is.. Its jst nepotism.. Big ramy is far better thn that snobbish person… If phil supporters check out his video n d way he responds cn clearly define wat a disgusting attitude he had got… Its pathetic…@

  20. Not surprise at all…guys, they want legends, a new roonie….no matter what….gut or whatever. Big Ramy looks great, but even with a thiner waist, he wouldnt win because of that pursuit of legends obsession that they have.

  21. He might have made the history books! He will never be as great as Arnold not even close. Big Ramy is still developing his body give him till next year when his body comes in just that little more detailed! He still a very young bodybuilder he will be mr O very soon.

  22. Flex mag we’re speaking only about Phil’s superior genetics to Ramy. So the writing was on the wall. Phil was going to win no matter what shape anyone came in. I guess they have to much invested in Phil. It was clear to everyone for maybe the first time ever that Phil wasn’t in the shape expected. Ramy Was and it was clear. I guess the IFBB are financially scared to choose a non US citizen.

  23. Wow all done well at that level everyone deserves respect ,stop fucking moaning,that’s the result,honestly yes ramy bigger but that’s not enough ,he wasn’t in the same condition gut or not .

  24. Lmao. For all of you that thought the title would change hands. I stop watching the Olympia after Kia Greene stop competing. This is a total turn off much like when Coleman won all /too many of those titles.

  25. I’ve been saying it over and over and over …and over again. The Olympia has “their guy”, they ‘face’ of the brand.. No matter how how superior another competitor is to this asshole called phil (AND RAMY WAS WAY BETTER AND SUPERIOR THAN THIS GUY), He won’t win because of politics. I will NEVER recognise Phil as the greatest BECAUSE HE ISNT! RAMY WAS ROBBED by the very judges!!! I will never watch this even ever again, I will not buy or consume whatever product or show of both phil heath and the Olimpia. I knew it from the start, they have given phil heath almost like a fixed contract to be the face for a set number of years, its almost like every year they make the win before the comp starts by default, knowing he has flaws, and who ever has the ability to beat him fairly if that person has more flaws they’d lose and phil would win. This is hogwosh bulshit! The Olympia is bulshit! its all politics 100% u know also what I realise also count against rammy? His fluency in his command of the English language. Film is lit infron of the cameras and Ramy as the face and voicebof the company in their eyes wud not be.(but that shit cud easily be fixed in a few weeks!). But their u have it ladies and gentlemen. A daylight daylight robbery in front of yo eyes… Every year there’s a reason phil can confidently say “no one will ever beat me” …coz that mofo knows judges are biased !!!!!! Fuck them All! I’m pissed as fcuk!

  26. Ramy rhoden n dexter looks better than phil..phil only beat them from thr back but they all beat phil on yhe bubble gut too..this is politics..jz like buendia winning 4 times physique…its to make mr olympia interesting…if different winner, it wil be boring

  27. Look at this shit! That is a shit physique! Look at that gut! How the fuck did he win! That thing puts his whole physique in disproportion! That is NO Olympia physique! Are u ppl fucking blind? No ur not…ur just as biased as them fucking judges

    • Now we know that Olympia accepts big huge gigantic guts to make a perfect champian physique. Next time NO ONE must complain about the next champion about having a gigantic gut! Coz thats now the standard… U wanna become Mr Olympia kid? DONT forget about developing a pregnant shape looking gut! Coz THATS! Wat 7 time champions are made of of! Fucking Pathetic!!!!!

      U know what I’m realising as well in making this point? These fuckers at the Olympia keeps moving the goal posts for phil so other can loose. Just think about this for a second…

      When Kai actually kicked this guys ass in symmetry and proportions..First they said: “phil is more fuller, her has more rounder 3D muscles than compared to Kai”.. So Kai lost not on symmetry but on size… and now? Second time round when a guy that dwarf phil and has more 3D dimention , symmetry and proportions…that: “No phil is more cut, more muscle separation than Ramy” now its no longer about size. But that GUT alone suppose to destroy all points this fucker got from separation and rammy should of gained MORE points because of beautiful symmetrical mid section etc!.

      But u see my fucking point? They keep moving the goal posts for phil to win. These fuckers even went as far as accepting this fucking tire tube for a mid section phil has as a champions mid section. Maybe my brain works different to yours but this is sickening to say the least. How must Ramy and his team feel today. Phil is NOT the greatest ! All phil is is that his good for business..that’s all he is. A business strategy. Fuck all this shit! I’m done

  28. Y’all realize bodybuilding is about symmetry not how big they are. Phil is equal in all areas his left matches his right his right matches his left. IFBB is a very well run organization. Phil was a no body 7 years ago.

  29. Wish I was in this competition, always wanted a body builder!! Donnnnn’t jump on me now with stupid ass crap like “stop complaining and do something about it” cause it’s a long frikin journey for anyone to look like these people, I ain’t f*** complaining just saying I always dreamed of being one of those guys competing and I AM doing something about it, but I’m barely getting started to don’t you dare pass your fucking judgment on me or say I got skinny arms with no muscles like some dip shit did the other day because nobody’s perfect and you can’t get a physique like this overnight!! Know anyone who read this may think this is a weird ass comment or something that’s out of the “blue”…but trust me, I’m just making myself clear on this because same way there are people commenting dumb judging comments on body building, I’ve also spotted some Internet tough shit on steroids, who like to offend others with their unnecessary offensive judgmental shit based entirely on pure fucking ego all just because one doesn’t look like them…YET!! This a warning for any hater who may be thinking to pick on me, lift or not lift I don’t give a damn…if you throw your “stop complaining and do something about it” shit on me, know this damn well so u don’t be surprised when I hit it up right straight to ur face….don’t insult me because if you do Imma show you a pic of the one part in ma damn body that looks like an FN body builder and it sure as f*** ain’t ma arms or biceps that I’m talking about…if ya know what I mean

  30. The fact is ifbb is and will always be political, the sport gets a lot more exposure when there is controversy and the federation obviously decided they though Phil deserved to share the record with arnie. I personally believe ramy was better. But the judges are always gonna go with what is best for the sport. They know Phil is old and done and ramy has many Olympias ahead of him. It’s strategic rather than fair. That’s the ifbb way

  31. Phil deserves it. You think the judges are mad? Most of you who complain you are white therefore you got a racist mind. You lack knowledge of the sport. Till you beg for Kia Green to comeback to beat The gift Phil but am afraid he is just too old.

  32. Phil deserves it. You think the judges are mad? Most of you who complain you are white therefore you got a racist mind. You lack knowledge of the sport. Till you beg for Kia Green to comeback to beat The gift Phil but am afraid he is just too old.

  33. hate to say it but Phil closed the door on night 2… better back better hams better calves and arms… shows are won from the back, ramy lower back, soft hams, and small (by comparison) calves lost him this show… imo…

  34. Olympia 2017 Results:

    1. PHIL HEATH ($400 000)
    2. BIG RAMY ($150 000)
    3. WILLIAM BONAC ($100 000)
    4. DEXTER JACKSON ($55 000)
    5. SHAWN RHODEN ($45 000)
    6. ROELLY WINKLAAR ($35 000)
    7. NATHAN DEASHA ($25 000)
    8. BRANDON CURRY ($20 000)
    9. JOSH LENARTOWICZ ($19 000)
    10. CEDRIC MCMILLAN ($16 000)

  35. Wow another bs win for Heath incredible. I’m so tired of seeing the Mr O being judged by idiots are they blind… bodybuilding is taking a shit kicking no wonder people are so turned off by the sport

  36. Ramey lost because his entire back side of his body was nowhere near as good as Phil or even Bonac. You have to be complete not just big. Ramey is huge but that’s not the name of the game, you have to be complete and he is not. Phil has a gut but they all have guts when they relax Ramey does to

  37. Love seeing the clueless jumping out everywhere. Lol. When you confuse size over overall package then the argument is over.
    Ramy looked the best he’s ever looked. But loses as soon as he turns around .. Phil’s gut was ugly for sure. But these days if you were judged on your gut you wouldn’t have a line up. I’m not a Heath fan either. Just a realist. I think Bonac looked better than both of them overall.

    • My thoughts exactly.. I was thinking Ramy and William Bonac 1st and 2nd. No phil fans will admit he looked pregnant and if it would have been any one else looking that pregnant all the phil fans would be calling that person about his gut all day but because it’s phil he still wins even though being 9 months pregnant

  38. Phil will magically win 10 in a row then he will finally get beat we all know what they are trying to do …blah blah blah but hey loved the BLOWN UP GUTT ‍♂️…. Olympia your show sucks And give the bodybuilding world a bad name

  39. Which is why I stopped watching a few years ago, smh.
    It’s at the point now, where they’re just giving him the Sandys because of the politics.
    Kai got fucked and now Ramy…..bodybuilding could have just sold a new rivalry and everyone’s gonna buy into it.
    Not a fan of the direction BB’s going.

  40. They all have big guts, some just bigger than others. Bonac had the best overall physique, he should have won, just to reset the standard. You have to wonder if the men’s will go the route of the woman’s bodybuilding, and have the classic take over like figure.

  41. Bodybuilding and boxing are completely a waste of time there a fucking joke. By the look of these comments everybody saw the same thing I did BIG Ramy got robbed. This sport will continue to lose respect. ‍♂️

  42. I used to love and follow bodybuilding. But it’s not the judging it’s the physiques now. Too many going over the top I’d rather see natural or regulated amounts of steroids they are allowed to take. Back in the late 80’s and early 90’s it was just a different time. Or I’m just getting old.

  43. I knew it!!! PHIL HEATH !!! He have the best condition EVER!! He have the BEST WAIST in the BODYBUILDING history! And the rest of his physique is amazing!! Next year he will bring a BIGGEST PACKAGE !!

  44. Who here honestly thinks that ANY bodybuilder can sustain a long career without some gut bloat. Think of the numerous meals a day of animal protein that each takes several days to digest and eliminate and OF COURSE you will get Gut Bloat. That doesn’t mean that Heath, Coleman and Yates didn’t deserve their championships.

  45. Congrats to every athlete who trained and dedicated themselves to a sport that requires a ton of sacrifice. Even bigger congrats to those who made a dream come true and got to step on the Olympia stage, it’s one hell of an accomplishment in itself. My hat off to all those who made the top ten as you represent the best of the best and brought it for everyone to see. You the top 10 showed the world what’s possible through extremely hard work and dedication. To Phil Heath, long live the King!

  46. So many whiners… No class. It’s easy to complain and say, “This match was rigged!” The only thing rigged is your bias for your favorite competitor. I would love to see the smack down if you arm-chair-quarterbacks were to give your excuses to one of the actual judges. What makes you think you are a better judge? Do you even know what the criteria is based on? Shut up already.

    • Joe you make a good point, and that is part of the problem. Competitors and fans would like to see spelled out criteria and examples so that they can compare and contrast if the results of the judges measure up to a standard that ALL judges use when adjudicating. To my knowledge, it’s very vague and therefor makes it very difficult for competitors to have certainty when training and fans uneasy when they disagree with a decision. I think some more education on what the criteria is would clear a lot of this up. Of course, if there is corruption, they wouldn’t want anyone to have that info because then they couldn’t move the goal post when it suits their agenda. Not saying that is happening, but it certainly opens the door for speculation.

  47. Phil wins again even with a distended gut. The same guys that are bitching about him winning this year are the same guys that were bitching in 2012, 2013 and 2014 when everybody wanted Kai Greene to win. Get over it ladies, the IFBB politics play a big role in who the judges choose to be finalists and quite possibly evening winners. This has been going on since the days of Schwarzenegger and it will never be any different. Prior to Schwarzenegger being Mr. Olympia you did not see the same guy winning over and over and over.

  48. In my opinion Ramy should’ve taken this one. Bigger, alot more definiton than last year.. Just overall great physique. He did although lack definition in the legs.. Mostly visible from the front. Phil… Well Phil looks good but I think he’s getting sloppy with each year. His gut is unacceptable… I think Olympia is just rigged and it’s about who has the popular vote and who has more money… Not to mention they wanna keep Phil up on stage till he beats/sets a record, so he could go in the know, to bring a new “champion” to the Olympia. Thats my opinion.

  49. You all need to stop whining!! Either celebrate the incredible win of Phil Heath or don’t bother spreading your hate!! This is bodybuilding and we are all supposed to be a community!! STOP being so negative, it has a lasting affect, one more than you commenting an opinion and that being it.

  50. I am not a Phil fan, and am very pleased that Ramy is finally realizing his potential and coming into his own.. But as we all know, the fact is that part of the judging process takes place also on day 2.. By then, Phil had fixed the problem and brought the gut down considerably

    At the end of the day, the reason Phil won is because he was the man with the fewest flaws.. Whether you love him or hate him – when you do the math, the decision goes in Phil’s favor


    1) Better structure (huge waist / chest differential
    2) Enormous amounts of muscle


    1) Better overall balance (even development between muscle groups)
    2) Better condition
    3) Better separation
    4) Better fullness (3 D look)
    5) More of a finished, polished look

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