The Benefits of a Pre-Workout Supplement Without Creatine

Pre-Workout Without Creatine

Choosing a pre-workout supplement without any creatine can have some big benefits. You can experience the full benefit and get the full value of your pre-workout powder without having to go through the loading phase that effective creatine supplementation requires. Choosing the best pre-workout without creatine means you’ll get a pre-workout supplement with increased amounts of other ingredients designed to provide shorter-term and faster effects.

In this list, we’ll look at our current best pre-workout without creatine and what ingredients should make up for the lack of creatine in your pre-workout.

How We Chose Our #1 Rated Creatine Free Pre Workout

We selected the best pre-workout supplements without creatine based on their effects on performance in a gym. We understand that some people prefer to train at home or even use pre-workouts for their cardio training, so we had to test its impact in the weight room and some endurance and cardio tests.

Here’s what we look for in a pre-workout without creatine:

  1. Effects – How does the product impact energy levels, blood flow, and does it have side effects?
  2. Ingredients – Are the ingredients natural and free from proprietary blends?
  3. Value – What’s the cost per serving and are there deals?
  4. Brand – How does the brand operate, and crucially, can you trust them?

Best Pre-Workout Without Creatine:

#1 Nutricost Pre-X Extreme Pre Workout

15 Grams of high quality pre-workout formula in every serving, and 30 servings per container, all for a great price!

Our fourth and final pick for a high-quality natural pre-workout is Nutricost Pre-X Extreme Pre-Workout, the next-gen pre-workout formula designed for all-around strength, speed, stamina, endurance, and recovery. Even though it is a cheaper option on the market, this provides for smart stimulation for energy, focus, and calm intensity.

Effects: Nutricost’s Pre-X Extreme Pre-Workout is designed to enhance energy, focus, and endurance during exercise. It is available in several flavors, such as fruit punch, blue raspberry, grape, and peach mango. Nutricost’s Pre-X Extreme Pre-Workout aims to provide a delicious and effective solution for those looking to elevate their workout sessions with better focus, more energy, and some quality muscle pumps.

nutricost pre-x

Ingredients:The formula combines a blend of scientifically-backed ingredients to support various aspects of physical performance. Ingredients include beta-alanine, l-citrulline, and caffeine to name a few.

Value: At $34.16 a tub, this is is a premium option, but it is a good value.

Brand: Nutricost is a trusted brand with good reviews.

#2 Transparent Labs Bulk Series Pre Workout

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Transparent Labs PreSeries BULK is backed by science with clinically effective dosages to increase muscle size and mass. This pre-workout is perfect for reducing fatigue, aiding in muscle growth, and boosting energy levels for better overall performance.

Our second pick for pre-workout supplements without creatine is Transparent Labs Bulk Series Pre Workout.

transparent labs bulk

Effects: This is one of the best creatine free pre-workout supplements. It has been designed to increase nitric oxide and focus while reducing muscle fatigue and soreness. There are many glowing reviews for this pre-workout powder.

Ingredients: A 21-gram serving of pre-workout powder includes 19 active ingredients; they have all been well researched and clinically dosed, including BCAA (2:1:1) and Beta-Alanine. There is nothing artificial, and it is gluten-free and non-GMO. However, this product lacks VASO6, which, according to current research, is a powerful pre-workout supplement ingredient.

Value:  At $49 a tub, this is around what we would expect to pay for a quality pre-workout supplement. While on the expensive side, the high-quality and naturally sourced ingredients at good doses make it worth while.

Brand: Transparent Labs is a trusted brand with scientifically backed claims.

#3 Kaged Pre-Kaged

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Kaged Muscle Pre-Kaged Elite is that all-in-one pre-workout for extended energy, focus, pumps, and strength.

Kaged Muscle Pre-Kaged Elite is that all-in-one pre-workout with premium and patented ingredients to offer energy, focus, muscle pumps, and increased strength.

Effects: This creatine free pre-workout has been formulated to improve your mood, energy levels, and focus while increasing strength and endurance.

Ingredients: With 9 patented and 20 premium ingredients, Kaged Muscle has created a pre-workout for the most elite of athletes. With great flavors as well, you will never grow bored of the taste.

Value: At $59.99, and a current offer of 10% off, this pre-workout powder is good value for money. All ingredients are clinically dosed.

Brand: Kaged is a well-known brand with great reviews.

#4 Pre Lab Pro

Pre Lab Pro is the all-around pre-workout for strength, speed, stamina, endurance, and recovery. Nootropic-enhanced caffeine for energy, focus, and calm intensity ensures fast and healthy progress.

Our number one pick for a pre-workout supplement without creatine is Pre Lab Pro. Pre Lab Pro is on a mission to help athletes and people of any fitness level bring their workouts to the next level. With safe and natural ingredients, this allows for more muscle mass, enhanced athletic goals, and a healthier lifestyle overall as you seek those gains you want most.

Effects: Pre Lab Pro is the next-gen pre-workout formula designed for all-around strength, speed, stamina, endurance, and recovery. Using nootropic-enhanced caffeine, this provides for smart stimulation for energy, focus, and calm intensity.

Ingredients: An all-natural product with a precise dose of Citrulline Malate improves performance and endurance, and a good dose of caffeine and beta-alanine.

Value:  At $59.00 a tub, this is is a premium option, but it is a good value.

Brand – Pre Lab Pro from Performance Labs is a trusted pre-workout that comes from a trusted brand, and they are sure to provide one of the best creatine free pre-workout supplements. They only include proven and well studied nutritional formulas which are clean, transparent, and made with the consumer in mind.

Important Pre-Workout Ingredients That Are Not Creatine

Good pre-workout supplements without creatine should contain different stimulants and nutrients to give you the same boost. They range between products, but some of the most effective ingredients a pre-workout without creatine can include are:

Caffeine (100-200 mg)

Caffeine is a well-known ingredient that provides an energy boost. It also boosts your metabolic rate so that you can burn extra calories.

However, caffeine is a stimulant, and too much can result in a harsh crash. Some pre-workout supplements without creatine place an over-reliance on caffeine, leaving you unable to function beyond your workout. The sweet spot is around 150mg per serving. (1)

Beta-Alanine (2-5g per day)

Beta-Alanine is another common ingredient in pre-workout supplements without creatine. It enables you to work out for longer without losing stamina. It achieves this by working against the lactic acid build-up inside your muscles. (2)


In the world of creatine free pre-workouts, it was once believed that Arginine was the holy-grail of pumps and vasodilation. However, this was debunked due to the body’s inability to absorb it.

Since then, it has been discovered that L-citrulline can easily be absorbed into the body and then converts into Arginine in the body later on. (3)

L-citrulline-malate is the combination of citrulline and DL Malete. When combined, you will receive the additional benefit of energy production. In one study, when participants ingested L-citrulline-Malate 60 minutes before exercise, they performed 53% more repetitions and were less sore after despite their strong performance. (4)

VASO6 – Based on the most up to date research, VASO6 is a powerful ingredient for creatine free pre-workout supplements. And very few manufacturers have caught on.. so far!

VASO6 increases the production of nitric oxide, promoting vasorelaxation. Aiding the cardiovascular system and increasing the blood flow to your muscles. (5) A healthier blood flow results in more endurance, an energy boost, and of course, bigger pumps. It also works to clear metabolic waste.

The Best Pre-Workout Supplements Without Creatine Wrap Up

On our search for the best creatine free pre-workout, one product really stood out. National Bodybuilding Co. Pre-Workout includes scientifically optimized dosages of premium ingredients, including all of those listed above.

Winner of the best pre-workout award at Generation Iron supplements awards 2020. It is no surprise that we liked this product. The added neotropics are also a great bonus that leaves you feeling your best throughout your workout and beyond into your daily life.

When testing this product, we felt motivated and focused, with no crash. Better yet, we experienced insane pumps that can only be achieved with such a high-quality creatine free pre workout.


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