REDCON1 Announces Black Friday Deal – Biggest Discount In The Company’s History! 

REDCON1 launches the ultimate Black Friday deal: A free $260 bundle plus 33% off the entire store.

In normal fashion, Black Friday is a day that people typically look for big tech or appliance deals, or to purchase the big items they’ve put off all year. But for Redcon1 consumers, Black Friday is the Super Bowl of supplements!

Not only is there always an unbelievable deal, but it’s also a day where Redcon1 drops brand new products, releases limited edition flavors and makes huge company announcements. It’s a day that consumers have been groomed to shop early, because the new and exclusive products sell out fast. Redcon1 promises Black Friday 2020 is going to be no different.

“Black Friday is a really exciting time for Redcon1. From our first Black Friday, four years ago, until now, it’s always been about giving back to our consumers. It’s never a day we measure from a profitability standpoint. Our consumers and fans are so loyal, and they are a sincere representation of our brand. Black Friday is our way to thank them with gifts and giveaways. We pick our favorite products, create exclusive flavors and design limited run apparel to give away during this weekend. The engagement we get on social media during Black Friday is really rewarding. Our customers love talking about our deals and exclusive products.  Prepping for Black Friday – the content, the commercials, the new athlete reveals – is a lot of fun, and literally everyone from every department is involved.”

– Eric Hart, President Redcon1. 

REDCON1 Black Friday 2020

Beginning Thursday, November 26th at 7pm EST, Redcon1 will release their biggest Black Friday deal in company history. The deal kicks off with the Limited-Edition Black Friday Bundle, valued at over $260, and consumers can get it with any $50 purchase. The Redcon1 Black Friday Bundle includes:

  • The Stealth Performance T-shirt
  • A Premium Leather Weightlifting Belt
  • A Collector’s Edition Black Friday Shaker
  • AND a Limited-Edition Total War, Cherry Bomb 

Additionally, the entire site is 33% off with code BF33. The deal will be available between November 26th and November 29th, while supplies last, at or on the REDCON1 iOS App. 


REDCON1 will also be launching 3 new products with their Black Friday Deal, including:

  • Total War Sour Tropical Punch
  • War Games Bundle
  • Rebranded MRE Bars 

Equally important is the announcement of two new mega-athletes – world renowned bodybuilder, Kai Green, and professional wrestler and AEW’s executive vice president, Kenny Omega.

Kai Greene REDCON1

On Black Friday, Kai and Kenny will each be releasing an exclusive item on the site. Kai Greene is dropping his famous ‘Thoughts Become Things’ red hoodie. Kenny Omega is releasing a custom Total War Pre-workout Bundle, which is the first time in Redcon1 history an athlete has ever been featured on a product. The bundle includes a custom Kenny Omega Total War with a flavor inspired by his love of Lemon Heads + a premium shirt designed by Kenny.

Plus 250 of each custom item from Kai and Kenny will be numbered and signed and shipped out at random between 11/26 and 11/30.

Want more Redcon1 Black Friday deals and info? Go to the official sales page below.


Supplements can work to enhance your overall bodybuilding goals.

As we all work hard every single day both in the gym and out of it, it is important to check in with ourselves to make sure we are getting everything our bodies want and need. While our jobs, relationships, and workouts keep us plenty busy, without the proper care and attention given to our bodies, we can start to break down, even without us consciously knowing. So, while you may eat well and exercise often, that may not be enough to compensate for what was lost. Restoring those vital nutrients and boosting your overall energy levels with a good supplement can keep your body moving as efficiently as possible.

Designed to provide you with your daily intake of nutrients, supplements will pump you full of vitamins and minerals that are safe and effective. While it is always best to get these nutrients from whole foods and a balanced diet, sometimes our bodies need that extra boost to really make it effective. Whether that be for performance, growth, recovery, overall health, or changes in body composition, supplements offer a wide array of benefits intended for specific use depending on your desired goals.

The real catch-22 situation with all supplements is that there are so many companies and brands on the market, it is tough to find reputable and trusted brands with great products that will work for you. But that also means there is an abundance of supplements for you to try so finding the right one is in fact possible. When looking for the right supplement it is wise to consider some factors before just diving into the coolest label.

Key Factors:

  • Reputation: There are many great brands of supplements that people work with all of the time. Research into some of the major players and check out your favorite athletes or fitness folks to see if they are sponsored. For those smaller companies, just read customer reviews before fully committing.
  • Ingredients: Knowing what you are taking is more than important to know and while many of these names are hard to even pronounce, make sure the label is honest and accurate so you can research unknown ingredients.
  • Side effects: Look through reviews or ingredients research to see what side effects may arise. While side effects are the unfortunate part of putting anything foreign in your body, if you are at risk, it is wise to just be aware.
  • Affordability: Supplements can be expensive. The more reputable brands may be more expensive, while the knock-off ones, although cheap, can be a risk. Look into promotional deals or supplement bundles and the right price will come for you.

Supplements are not a cure or an end-all be-all to nutrition and fitness. But they are great aids in your overall growth, performance, and health. Maintaining a healthy diet and consistent exercise is key for these supplements to work for your benefit and help you reach your goals (1).

Benefits of Supplements

The nice part about supplements is that they assist nutrients already existing in your body. While it is true that some of these essentials we can’t get from food, and supplements can provide with those as well, what we get from a healthy diet is simply enhanced by supplementation. Of the many benefits, knowing how supplements best work for your body may be the key to unlocking your potential when it comes to supplementation.

Convenient Options

Many supplements come in powder or pill form and are easy to take on the go for whatever your busy schedule may bring. Filling up a shaker bottle with a protein powder supplement for the gym or taking some capsules as you head out the door for work, all of those essential nutrients are one scoop or a few pills away.

Make Up For Missed Nutrients

Even with a good diet, sometimes vital nutrients slip through the cracks. Taking something like a multivitamin or an omega-3 supplement will provide you overall coverage for that day to keep you on track and not missing anything important. If you follow a certain diet, a more specialized vitamin or mineral supplement will ensure you get the benefits without hurting your dieting progress.

Increase Muscle Mass & Strength

Protein is important to have in anyone’s diet, whether they work out not. But for those lifters who look to pack on some lean muscle, protein is the key to make that happen (2). When it comes to increasing muscle mass and strength, a whey protein isolate or concentrate is the go-to for this type of growth. But supplements like a pre-workout, mass gainer, mid-workout BCAAs, or a post-workout powder can enhance the effects of what protein will do alone.


Aid In Recovery

Recovery is the mainstay of any physical activity. While the pre-workout warm up and mid-workout grind are more than important for your growth and health (3), the bread and butter is recovery. Allowing your muscles to heal after a tough workout, giving your mind time unwind, and letting your body come down to a more relaxed state make recovery of the highest importance.

Supplements like BCAAs and whey protein can also aid in recovery by pumping you full of essentials to aid in that muscle repair. Omega-3 supplements, like krill oil, are great for recovery given they are powerful antioxidants with great anti-inflammatory properties and a sleep aid is something to consider to give your body ample sleep and optimize recovery as best you can.

They Work Together

Supplements don’t have to be a one and done. You can take them in tandem with each other and let each work for you in different ways (4). Pairing them up, like a whey protein isolate and a mass gainer, or just loading your day with supplements to strategically map out what works best for you will really give you good dietary structure and the gains you see will encourage more confidence and harder work in the gym.

Wrap Up

Supplements are an amazing dietary aid when it comes to promoting a solid dietary and exercise plan. Their ability to aid in muscle growth, increase performance, enhance recovery, provide all around coverage, and encourage good habits are all reasons to take them. Depending on your goals, some work better than others, but you know your body best. Make sure the brand is reputable, the ingredients are clean, and it is affordable so you take full advantage of the benefits provided for you. Give your body all the nutrients it needs to succeed and consider the benefits of supplements when planning out your next dietary and exercise plan.

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Jacob Ladon
Jacob Ladon is a staff writer and former amateur bodybuilder. He has been passionate about bodybuilding since he was 15 years old and discovered the joys of training in the gym. He reports and comments on all bodybuilding related matters.