generation ironRonnie looks to the future while turning back the clock.

Ronnie Coleman has been causing some renewed buzz as of late. The eight time Mr. Olympia has taken to Instagram to issue a challenge to former rival Jay Cutler not too long ago and since then has been active in showing his progress. Many people have written it off as jab made in good humor, but it seems like the former champ is taking his training seriously.

Earlier today Coleman posted a picture with himself and protege Cory Mathews on Instagram. Coleman has been training Mathews for some time now and is grooming the 212 competitor to be the next all time greatest bodybuilder. As the 2015 Arnold Classic draws near, Coleman is getting Mathews into fighting form and from the looks of things the former champ is benefiting from the experience himself.

Just finished a back, biceps and triceps workout at the Muscle and Strength training center in Columbia South Carolina. @corymathewsifbb is about 3 weeks out from his first Arnold Classic. I’m trying my best to hang in there with the young fellow. Being an old man with total hip replacement 5 months ago I did manage to do 8 reps on the T-bar row with 7 plates. This is something I haven’t done for at least 3 years, if I keep this up I’ll for sure be back to my old training form and this will for sure have me ready for my 2016 showdown at the Mr O with Jay. I just gotta get healthy so I can get back to throwing around some heavy weight, #yeahbuddy #lightweightbaby #aintnothingbutapeanut. Oh yeah it ain’t over M/F

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Both Coleman and Mathews are looking in tremendous condition. The former Olympia champ should be commended for getting back into such great shape especially after his recent hip surgery. If Ronnie keeps this up we probably really could see the man back on stage again.

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