Ronnie Coleman Shares Compilation Of His Heaviest Lifts Ever

Ronnie Coleman put together a video of his heaviest lifts of all-time.
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Mr Olympia Ronnie Coleman’s work in the gym led him to a record eight Olympia victories.

Eight-time Ronnie Coleman became known for many things during his bodybuilding career. Of course, it was led by an insane physique that won many titles. Coleman also built a reputation as an animal in the gym and recent videos of his lifts back up that notion years later.

During his career, Coleman totaled eight Olympia wins, which is tied for the most all-time with Lee Haney. He built a physique that was insanely muscular with great conditioning. The Men’s Open legend battled some other greats onstage, highlighted by his well known rivalry with Jay Cutler. Since retiring, Coleman has created a successful social media platform because of his combination of entertainment and interaction with fans.

This time around, Ronnie Coleman used his YouTube page and put together a video of his heaviest lifts of all-time.

“Never in my life. There’s a first time for everything. That’s why we live in this world.”

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Ronnie Coleman’s Heaviest Lifts Ever

Ronnie Coleman did not go in any specific order in terms of lifts of weight lifted during the video. One thing that remained consistent is the jaw-dropping lifts complete and the fact that Coleman was doing it with an extremely low body-fat percentage.

The full list of lifts can be found here:

“Don’t nobody else try this.


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Ronnie Coleman continues to train in the gym despite suffering injuries since retiring from competition. He has also been rehabbing, including a trip to Abu Dhabi, in attempts to walk unassisted once again. Coleman was well documented in the film “Ronnie Coleman The King” and has kept fans up to date with his treatments and recently shared another video during his trip to the MAD Recovery Center in Abu Dhabi.

There is no doubt that Coleman remains an inspiration in many ways for weightlifters of his generation and those of today. In his recent video, he showed off what hard work can accomplish.

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