PNBA Athlete Joe Carabase Shares 6 Exercises to Explode Your Shoulders and Biceps

Joe Carabase shoulders and biceps
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PNBA athlete Joe Carabase has 6 movements for you if you want bigger biceps and shoulders. 

Muscular biceps and shoulders vastly enhance your physique. The more muscle you have in your shoulders, the broader you are, and of course, the more muscles you have in your biceps, the better flexes you can do. Professional Natural Bodybuilding Association (PNBA) athlete Joe Carabase has 3 shoulder exercises and 3 biceps exercises that you should try for your next workout. 

Joe Carabase recently made his pro debut in the PNBA at INBA PNBA Pro/Am Nationals in Oakville, CT, on August 20th, 2022. He received second in his division and looks ahead to make improvements for Pro/Am Natural Universe in Tampa, FL, on September 2-3. 

Of course, Carabase’s muscular and ripped biceps and shoulders played a crucial part in becoming a professional natural bodybuilder and placing well at his recent show. Fortunately, Carabase shared 3 shoulders and biceps exercises on his social media that anyone can add to their routine. Carabase stated:

“These 3 variations kicked my a$$ today! 

1). Arnold Press

2). Viking Press (I used Hack Squat today) 

3). Reverse Press —-this one! And @bgf_lirio got me doing reps for dayyyyyyyys.”


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“Hit this Biceps Tri-Set to DEFINE your arms! The name of this game is VOLUME. 

Hit 45 seconds per exercise per arm, rest only 15 seconds for 3 total rounds:

1). Seated hammer curl

2). Concentration curls 

3). Supine curls”


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Joe Carabase’s 6 Exercises 

Joe Carabase performed Arnold, Viking, and reverse press for his shoulders. And seated hammer curl, concentration curls, and supine curls for his biceps. 

Arnold Press 

They don’t call it “Arnold” press for nothing. This movement hits multiple angles of your deltoids and allows you to use moderately heavy weight. It separates this one from others because it will enable you to activate all three deltoid muscles–posterior, lateral, and anterior. 

Viking Press

Viking press is another shoulder exercise that doesn’t coin its name for anything. Viking presses will give you a massive boost in your shredding and growing shoulders. In addition, this movement removes wrist pain from the equation and puts more tension on your core and less stress on your back

Reverse Press

The starting position to this one is similar to the Arnold press (palms facing you), except you won’t be externally rotating when you press up. So it’s pretty much the exact opposite of a standard shoulder press

Hammer Curl

This biceps movement is a neutral grip (palms facing each other), so it builds your forearms and allows you to use a heavier weight. Plus, it reduces wrist pain compared to standard biceps curls

Concentration Curls

This great stabilizing and isolation bicep movement allows an excellent mind-muscle connection to strengthen each side of your biceps and correct any lagging muscle

Supine Curls 

Since this movement is seated, it will prevent other muscle groups from aiding you during the lift and force your biceps to lift the weight. A supinated grip (palms facing up) will target your biceps’ short head. 

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