Revolutionize Your Weight Loss Journey with the Thermo Shred Stack by Inno Supps

Inno Supps Thermo Shred Stack Review

Get absolutely shredded with the Thermo Shred Stack

Chances are that you have probably tried many different things to lose that unwanted body fat, such as cardio, dieting, and even the standard fat-burning supplements, but it’s still a struggle. It can be hard to lose weight because your body is not working in your favor, as fat cells are designed to store energy. That being said, when you try to burn body fat, the cells release toxins that can make you feel tired and sluggish. Luckily, Inno Supps’ Thermo Shred Stack could very well be the solution you’ve been searching for to burn your body fat. This stack of 4 different supplements helps your body burn fat cells more easily while eliminating harmful toxins. With this stack, you’ll get clean, long-lasting energy and amplified weight loss. 

If you’re looking to kick up your fat-burning to the next level, then it is time to start looking at Inno Supps Thermo Shred Stack. This stack combines powerful ingredients known for their effectiveness in boosting energy levels and targeting body fat; this unique and proven formula gives you a comprehensive and effective approach to helping you hit new personal records. 

Let’s break down the benefits of each supplement, and how the Thermo Shred Stack can really help you reach your weight loss goals. 

Supplements in the Thermo Shred Stack

Rev up your metabolism and force your body to torch stubborn fat cells from the inside out with the Thermo Shred Stack! Hit fat cells from every angle for next-level energy and amplified weight loss.

Let’s take a look at each of the supplements in the Thermo Shred Stack, discussing what they do and why they are placed in the stack.

Inno Shred

Inno Shred and Inno Shred Focus are potent supplements that catapult your body into a fat-burning furnace. They contain powerful metabolism-boosting ingredients, Capsimax, Grains of Paradise Extract, and Green Tea, intended to supercharge fat loss when taken together.

First on the list of supplements in the Thermo Shred Stack is Inno Shred. Now, Inno Shred is the revolutionary weight loss supplement that helps burn fat around the clock. That’s right, 24/7 your body is in a fat-burning state. With Inno Shred, you can expect to skyrocket your metabolism and get next-level energy. 

Inno Shred helps burn calories long after your workout has been completed, a feature not typically seen in fat-burning supplements. This is where Inno Shred stands out among the rest, as it works to dramatically speed up metabolism while reducing hunger cravings at the same time. Plus, it helps increase BAT (brown adipose tissue).

Standout Ingredients: Inno Shred combines 100 mg of Capsimax®, 25 mg of Paradoxine®, 300 mg of green tea, and 300 mg of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) — all designed to help you shed pounds quickly and easily. 

Night Shred

Night Shred maximizes the quantity and quality of your sleep while priming your body to accelerate the fat burning process. A sense of relaxation comes quickly and the onset of REM sleep comes much faster.

Sleep is more important than you think for your overall fitness and fat-burning, and ‌Night Shred is the ultimate nighttime solution for those who like to work even in their sleep. As the next inclusion in the Thermo Shred Stack, Night Shred is designed to maximize the quality of your sleep, which in turn helps provide your body with all the necessary ingredients to optimize fat-burning. It does not stop there, Night Shred also offers assistance with muscle recovery to help prepare you for your next gym session.

Standout Ingredients: Night Shred is pumped full of numerous high-quality ingredients that help you achieve maximum fat-burning, so you can get shredded faster and more efficiently. These selected ingredients include: CLA, l-carnitine, valerian root, and ashwagandha. These ingredients are thoroughly studied for their positive effect on metabolism and sleep. As a matter of fact, there are several clinical studies that show when combined correctly, these ingredients help to increase fat-burning, as well as act as a powerful sleep aid. In particular, we are referencing a 2014 study that confirmed the powerful effects grains of paradise have on increasing energy expenditure and reducing body fat (1). Plus, the list of ingredients here helps promote proper recovery of muscles after an intense workout.

That being said, Night Shred is absolutely essential for the Thermo Shred Stack, as it is a scientifically formulated product that offers an accelerated fat-burning process with improved sleep quality and maximum muscle recovery.

Volcarn 2000

A thermogenic carnitine that will mobilize your fat cells and burn them for energy, Volcarn 2000 makes sure to get the fat burning process going, keeping you energized.

One of our favorite supplements in the Thermo Shred Stack is Volcarn 2000, a one-of-a-kind thermogenic fat-burning carnitine supplement that helps to really increase the energy output during your workouts. Volcarn 2000 is made from a unique and potent fat-burning formula that uses every ounce of your energy for powerful results, making it crucial to include in the Thermo Shred Stack. 

Volcarn 2000 can actually be taken before your workout, even with your pre-workout, as it is a fast-acting performance enhancer (no, it is not a PED). However, Volcarn increases sweat production so you can quickly get into the zone and easily push yourself harder — so be sure to pack an extra set of clothes in your gym bag. However, it does not stop there, as Volcarn will have you burning away fat for up to 3 hours after taking it, meaning you do not just have to be moving to be in a fat-burning state. Volcarn 2000 puts you in control of how much time and effort you put into each workout while still receiving all the sought after benefits.

Standout Ingredients: As far as what is in it, Volcarn 2000 contains 2,000 mg of l-carnitine (hence where the name came from) and 25 mg of GBEEC (gamma-butyrobetaine ethyl ester chloride), which helps do things such as boost metabolism. That will in turn help to efficiently burn fat, and create lasting energy — all without stimulants like caffeine, so you do not have to worry about side effects like jitters and crashing (2).

Inno Cleanse

Inno Cleanse helps flush out toxins that accumulate in your gut and intestines. You WILL FEEL this natural formula work within 24-28 hours and can expect to eliminate waste, trim down your waist size and look and feel better OR Inno Supps will give you a 100% money back guarantee*!

Last on the list of supplements in the Thermo Shred Stack is Inno Cleanse, which is a top-notch full-body detox supplement that works to flush out those unwanted, built-up toxins from your gut and intestines. This detox supplement is specifically designed to decrease bloating as well as water retention, and it can even help to ease occasional constipation while suppressing cravings. 

Standout Ingredients: Inno Cleanse is packed with potent ingredients like cascara sagrada, aloe ferox, fennel seed, and bentonite. Inno Cleanse offers the perfect way to kickstart the revitalization process for optimal gut health, which is a very important thing to keep in check when you are into fitness, whether you are cutting or bulking. The unique, but powerful blend of ingredients helps physically soothe your stomach and keep it calm, while promoting healthier digestion with every use. Inno Cleanse will also help you to feel energetic, as each serving helps restore lost energy levels that have diminished due to unhealthy lifestyle choices, or even imbalances of certain things.

Our Verdict on the Thermo Shred Stack

Per usual, the Generation Iron team has tried and tested Thermo Shred Stack, and we are thrilled with the results. Some of the effects that really stood out included the fact that it made our workouts more effective, especially with the inclusion of Volcarn 2000, helping us to stay focused and energized as well as working up a true sweat. The energy levels were unmatched though, and even with Night Shred (which put us in the deepest sleep of our lives) there was no decrease in energy or lethargy throughout the day.

Another feature that truly stood out was the feeling of being refreshed, as admittedly, we are not perfect and sometimes will have a cheat meal here and there. That being said, the addition of Inno Cleanse to the Thermo Shred Stack really helped us to clear out and feel good. 


Now you may have a few questions, so let’s take a look.

Can I use other supplements with the Thermo Shred Stack?

Yes, there are natural ingredients in the supplements, so there should not be an issue with utilizing your standard supplements while on the Thermo Shred Stack. However, we are not physicians, so it may be best to check with your doctor beforehand.

Will I be sweating nonstop on the Thermo Shred Stack?

While your body is in a fat-burning state around the clock, this does not mean that the Thermo Shred Stack will have you sweating 24/7.

Wrap Up

Inno Supps Shred Inferno

Overall, losing body fat can be a frustrating and grueling process. Luckily, with supplements like the Thermo Shred Stack from Inno Supps, you can cut fat like it’s nothing. Completely natural ingredients make up some great supplements in this stack.

Will you be giving it a try?

Which is your favorite junk food? Let us know in the comments below. Also, be sure to follow Generation Iron on Facebook and Twitter.

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