Chris Bumstead Makes Predictions For 2024 Arnold Classic In Men’s Open & Classic Physique

Chris Bumstead made predictions for the upcoming Arnold Classic.
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5x Classic Physique Olympia Chris Bumstead predicted winners in Men’s Open and in his own division of Classic Physique.

The 2024 Arnold Classic is just five days away and predictions are flying in. Chris Bumstead will not take the stage in Columbus this weekend but will have his eyes on the competition as a fan of bodybuilding. During a recent interview, the reigning five-time Classic Physique Olympia champ made his predictions for the Arnold.

Chris Bumstead is coming off his fifth consecutive Classic Physique Olympia title just a few weeks ago. His prep for this show seemed to be a bit easier than that of 2022, when Bumstead had to battle a torn bicep on his way to victory. Bumstead has talked about many treatments to stay ahead of his health.

Bumstead sat down for a conversation with RAW Nutrition and they broke down the Men’s Open and Classic Physique divisions.

Hadi Choopan doing one arm cable raise

Chris Bumstead Men’s Open Predictions

The conversation shifted to the upcoming Arnold Classic and Chris Bumstead stopped his predictions after the top four.

Bumstead followed suit with many predictions that have Choopan and Dauda at the top. Both competitors finished in the top three of the 2023 Olympia, behind champion Derek Lunsford.

Bumstead also mentioned fellow Canadian Antoine Vaillant. He admitted to being a fan of Vaillant but is skeptical about him finishing in the top five.

“Antoine is up there. I love his physique but I don’t think he’ll be in the top five. I haven’t seen him in forever.”

Physique Update

Chris Bumstead Classic Physique Predictions

Chris Bumstead also broke down his own division. He will not compete at the Arnold but acknowledged the level of talent that will take the stage.

“This is a stacked f*cking Classic. Everyone is doing it.”

Ramon Dino has finished as the runner-up to Bumstead in each of the last two Olympia competitions. Kalecinski has solidified himself as a top three competitor right now. Bumstead believes these two finish at the top, followed by Ruffin. He also shared that Breon Ansley will finish in the top five.

The 2024 Arnold Classic has the makings of an elite show across all divisions. There is a stacked lineup in many divisions and that makes for great entertainment for fans.

Full Name: Chris Bumstead (Classic Physique Bodybuilder)

Weight Height Date Of Birth
215-220 lbs 6’1″ 2/2/1995
Division Era Nationality
Classic Physique 2010s, 2020s Canadian


Chris Bumstead During Off-Season

Chris Bumstead has been very active on social media lately. He recently underwent a hair transplant procedure in Istanbul, Turkey, along with Iain Valliere. The brothers-in-law shared the early stages on social media after going through the first phases of the hair transplant in Turkey. The before and after results have been shared as well with his fan base of over 21 million followers on Instagram and close to 3.6 million subscribers on YouTube. On both accounts, followers can see his training, nutrition, competition photos, and how Chris lives his life outside of sport. Bumstead is currently a part owner of the Raw Nutrition Brand based in Stuart, Florida. He resides in Palm City, Florida and is an ambassador for the R3VIVE anti-aging company also owned by Dom Iacovone.

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