Jay Cutler Shares Workout That Helped Build 20-Inch Arms

jay cutler's chest and calves workout

Jay Cutler went through another arm workout that helped shape his championship physique.

Four-time Olympia winner, Jay Cutler knows a thing or two about building an elite physique to win on the biggest bodybuilding stage. Recently, Cutler took fans through an arm workout that helped build his Olympia winning 20-inch arms.

Cutler was one of the best in the world during his peak. He finished as the runner-up to Ronnie Coleman on multiple occasions before winning his first Olympia title in 2006. This would be the first of four in his career. Cutler also won the Arnold Classic three times. Since retiring from competition, Cutler continues to share his passion for fitness.

Cutler has been open about his bodybuilding journey, including discussing his steroid cycle. Now mind you, he insists he isn’t returning to actively competing, but he recently started a challenge to transform his physique for turning 50. Since then, fans have gotten a sneak peek into his routines for muscle-building on his Youtube channel, and this Jay Cutler arm workout is one of them.

Jay Cutler’s Secret To 20-Inch Arms

In his recent YouTube video, Jay Cutler shared an insane workout to build size in arms:


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During the workout, Jay Cutler shared different tips while performing the exercise. He began by explaining how he usually begins with triceps but has been mixing it up.

“I wanted to do an arm video because it seems to be everyone’s favorite. Everyone asks me about arm training.

I always start with triceps first. This week instead, I kind of reversed it a little bit so I started with a press down movement.”

Cutler began with the cable tricep pushdown before moving onto rope press down. After the first two exercises, he could feel a pump before hitting overhead dumbbell extensions.

“The pump was really starting to flow by then…With this exercise, I did it kind of on a preacher bench and I backed up to that. Sometimes, the seats are a little high. The back of the seats so it’s hard to get the extension.”

The tricep portion of the workout finished with dips and tricep extensions before moving onto biceps.


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Jay Cutler Bicep Training

The nautilus bicep machine and alternate dumbbell curls began biceps.

“Pumped. Very was to get the pump once you have the triceps pumped up.”

The workout ended with incline bench spider curls, where Cutler opted for the straight bar. He discussed how he wants to get his bodyweight back up to where it was and how he has added extra cardio into his routine.

“I want to get my bodyweight and my weight climbing back up. I’m not happy being in the mid-240s. I really wanted to be 250 by this time at eight weeks. I started making the transition and adding extra cardio in, doing two sessions a day. This morning, did about 25 minutes.”

Jay Cutler is unlikely to take a competitive stage but he has not ruled out guest posing at anytime. One thing we know is that he is committed to keeping his physique in elite shape in retirement.

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