How To Perform Incline Skullcrushers For Enormous Triceps Growth

incline skullcrushers

Get the most out of your triceps workouts with incline skullcrushers.

So many of us want to build our triceps and see the best results, but so many of us are missing exercises like incline skullcrushers in our routine. Building your triceps takes time and knowing the right exercises to do that with can make or break our gains for the better. But building triceps also takes a well-rounded routine, especially on those push days, and having the right exercises into your routine to actually see great results.

Strong triceps often are overlooked but what people don’t understand is that triceps work to structure that horseshoe shape look of the entire arm. Big biceps only go so far because it takes strong triceps to work in tandem with it. Plus, an exercise like incline skullcrushers can isolate out your triceps in order to enhance pushing movements both for functional and sport specific ones.

Let’s take a look at incline skullcrushers and see what makes this exercise so great. From what this exercise is, to what muscles get worked, the great benefits around this exercise, and how best to perform it, this guide will give you all that information you need most to add this to your routine. Plus, knowing some exercise alternatives and what exercises pair well with this can only add to your overall routine.

incline skullcrushers

What Are Incline Skullcrushers?

Incline skullcrushers are a great variation of the traditional triceps skullcrusher exercise that works to improve strength and size, while also toning and sculpting, of your triceps. An effective pushing exercise, this lift requires a barbell and works to isolate your triceps for the best results.

Much of this movement is the same as a traditional skullcrusher, except instead of lying down, you are at an incline, giving the muscle a bit different of a movement. It is important with this lift to keep your elbows in and avoid flaring while also staying controlled to not make any movements that can cause unwanted injury or pain.

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Muscles Worked

As an isolation exercise, this lift works your triceps and can enhance the pushing ability while also aiding in overall strength and size. Plus, it will work for better toning and sculpting as you seek that horseshoe shape. While there are some other muscles worked, like your core for stability, this is mainly a triceps isolation exercise.

incline skullcrushers

Benefits Of Incline Skullcrushers

When looking to perform this exercise, knowing the benefits will better help you perform it and see results. We all want to know that our workouts are working for us and not against us, and with the benefits of this exercise being something great, it is absolutely understandable that we want nothing but the best when it comes to incline skullcrushers.

Benefits of incline skullcrushers include:

  • Bigger, stronger triceps: By isolating your triceps and working for better strength gains, you will find bigger and stronger triceps waiting for you once you take your shirt off.
  • Enhanced arm aesthetic: Not only will you see gains to your triceps, but also your overall arm aesthetic as bigger and stronger triceps can make those arms pop.
  • Joint strength: While this can be tough on the joints for some, when done correctly it can actually help strengthen those joints for the better.
  • Great variation: What you will find is a nice variation to the traditional skullcrusher exercise perfect for seeing those gains you want most while adding variety to your workout.

How To Perform It

Knowing how to perform an exercise can set you up better so you actually reap the above benefits. With the right approach and knowing exactly how to do it, you will find that an exercise worth your time can greatly enhance all your gains. And with proper technique, you avoid any unwanted injury and pain.

Here are the steps to performing incline skullcrushers:

  1. Set your bench to an incline and lay down comfortably.
  2. Grab the bar at around shoulder-width apart and extend your arms straight up with your palms facing the ground. Keep your elbows close to your body and your core tight.
  3. When ready, gently lower the bar towards your head and stop just as the bar is around your forehead level.
  4. In a controlled motion, bring the bar back to the starting position.
  5. Repeat for your desired number of sets and reps.

incline skullcrushers

Best Incline Skullcrushers Alternatives For Continued Triceps Growth

When it comes to a well-rounded workout, you want to look for those exercises that can greatly enhance your gains. However, certain alternatives can add nice variety to your workouts so you only see the best growth possible.

Incline variations include exercises like:

  • Cable Triceps Extensions
  • Triceps Kickbacks
  • Dumbbell Overhead Triceps Extensions
  • Kettlebell Floor Skullcrushers

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Best Exercises To Pair This Exercise With

To add onto variations and variety in your workout, it is also important to realize that there are other great exercises that can pair well with incline skullcrushers to maximize your gains. What you will find is a great way to work out while also building muscles often forgotten or not given as much love. Great exercises to pair with incline skullcrushers are:

What you will find is that you are either working muscles with a similar pushing movement, or working to enhance your physique by working muscles that your triceps help enhance.

Wrap Up

Incline skullcrushers are a great way to see effective gains when looking to isolate out your triceps. Often times our triceps don’t get as much love and that is a shame, for they work hard to enhance our pushing movements and aid in our overall aesthetic. But with the right approach to building our triceps, we will see better gains and can work to build muscle so our massive physiques show. Give incline skullcrushers a try, add them to routine, and boost triceps growth so you see the best gains possible.

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