Best On The Planet – Necks Which Will Make Your Head Turn

Best On The Planet - Necks Which Will Make Your Head Turn

The Biggest Necks In The Bodybuilding World

For most people, muscle building starts from the shoulders down. Ask yourself, when was the last time you saw someone train their neck in the gym? And also, when was the last time you trained your neck?

While many bodybuilders would easily give up their necks for bigger traps, some are keeping alive the tradition of symmetry. Looking at these necks should inspire you to turn your toothpick neck into tree trunks.

Jeff King

If Jeff King were to ever get in a fight, he wouldn’t have to worry about someone “breaking his neck.” Jeff King looks like Jim Carrey entered bodybuilding. All the jokes aside, Jeff has one of the biggest and meanest necks of all time.

Julian Smith

With his 1.3 million followers, Julian Smith is doing his part in helping bring back the importance of symmetry by urging his fans to train their necks. Smith shows that building and maintaining a thick neck doesn’t take as much work as some people think it does.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnie brought the concept of muscle composition into the limelight. According to the Governator, the size of one’s neck should be the same as his arms. As we know, Arnold isn’t someone who doesn’t walk his talk.

Markus Rühl

Markus Rühl is another bodybuilder who joins the list of people with the freakiest necks. At the age of 18, Markus sustained a knee injury while playing football after which he started weight training on his doctor’s recommendation to recover faster.

Flex Lewis

James “Flex” Lewis is one of the few bodybuilders who don’t have any weaknesses. He was the 7X undisputed 212 Mr. Olympia champion before announcing his retirement from the division. We might soon get to see him compete in the open division.

Johnnie Jackson

Johnnie Jackson is a Mr. Olympia contestant who has his roots in the powerlifting world. Jackson has been crowned as the world’s strongest bodybuilder. Branch Warren is Johnnie’s training partner and their workouts are a sight to be seen.

Ronnie Coleman


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Ronnie Coleman is the “The King of Bodybuilding”. He pushed the boundaries of the human form with his monstrous size. Back in the day, Ronnie would easily dwarf his competition on stage.

Frank McGrath

McGrath is famous for his signature muscular and vascular thickness, volume, and clarity. Thanks to his crazy forearms and neck, McGrath can be found as a gym mural in gyms throughout the world.

Larry Wheels

Lifting heavy weights can give you bigger shoulders, traps, and neck. Many powerlifters, weight lifters, and strongmen have huge necks as they train with heavier weights. Larry Wheels is a cross between a bodybuilder and a powerlifter.

John Cena

Yes, you read it right, John Cena has a place on this list. We feel Cena doesn’t receive enough credit for his physique. John started as a bodybuilder and has inspired millions of people to get in shape.

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