Big Ramy talks with Victor Martinez and Brandon Lirio one night before he returns to the 2023 Arnold Classic stage for redemption.

Big Ramy is probably the most-watched pro bodybuilder about to compete in the 2023 Arnold Classic. While others like Nick Walker, Samson Dauda, and Andrew Jacked are also hyped to potentially win – only one man has the weight of a major disappointment in the form of losing the Mr. Olympia title. There has been much made about Big Ramy’s change in tactics, his stem cell therapy, and his return to form for the 2023 Arnold Classic. Victor Martinez and Brandon Lirio chat with Ramy to get an update on how he feels one night before the big show.

Before December 2022, Big Ramy was on top of the world. He was expected to be a challenge to beat at the Mr. Olympia and many bet that he would earn his third Sandow trophy. Instead, we had quite the shocking upset. Big Ramy not only lost the 2022 Mr. Olympia, he dropped down to fifth place. Now just three months later, Ramy is about to step back on stage.

Big Ramy is looking to bring his best and be redeemed at the 2023 Arnold Classic

The 2023 Arnold Classic is a inflection point in the former champion’s career. If Big Ramy wins this show, it will change the conversation about his legacy and his expectations going into the 2023 Mr. Olympia. If he loses, it just might send him further into a spiral falling out of grace.

Big Ramy will be facing off against Nick Walker and Samson Dauda again this weekend. Nick Walker beat him by two places landing third at the 2022 Mr. Olympia. Samson Dauda was nipping at Ramy’s heels placing sixth right behind the former Mr. Olympia champ.

Ramy will also be facing off against other pro bodybuilders who competed against him at the 2022 Mr. Olympia including Andrew Jacked, William Bonac, and Akim Williams. Due to this stacked lineup – the 2023 Arnold Classic truly will be a chance for vengeance for Big Ramy.

Much has been made about his recent stem cell therapy to fix the issues with his legs. His coaching team all claim that he is looking much better going into the 2023 Arnold Classic. They expect less errors compared to Ramy’s Olympia prep – where everything seemed to go wrong the week leading into that show. But we heard this same story before the Olympia – with many thinking he was a shoe-in to victory. So only time will tell before we see his latest package on stage.

During our quick conversation with Big Ramy, Victor Martinez asked about his mental state going into this show after such a disappointing Olympia loss. Ramy, ever the kind optimist, stated that he feels as though he beats himself every day and that this prep is no different. He falls short of claiming he will with 100% certainty win the Arnold Classic. This is a humble tribute to the quality of his fellow competitors. But one thing is clear – he is ready to bring his best.

You can watch our full interview with Big Ramy at the 2023 Arnold Classic meet and greet above.

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