Larry Wheels Calls Classic Physique An ‘Art Form’ Compared To Men’s Open: “I Can’t Put Myself To That Extreme”

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Larry Wheels is planning to compete in bodybuilding and chose Classic Physique for many reasons.

Larry Wheels is one of the biggest fitness stars in the world today. The idea of Wheels competing in bodybuilding is one that he brought up earlier in the year and he has been training to take on Classic Physique. Recently, Wheels spoke on the difference between Classic and Open bodybuilding.

Wheels burst onto the scene initially because of his superhuman strength. This helped him make waves as a powerlifter. In April, Wheels shared that he has a plan to make the switch to bodybuilding and compete in Classic Physique.

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Testosterone replacement therapy has become popular in fitness recently. Last year, Wheels decided to go off steroids and use strictly TRT. He went to a doctor to get his heart checked out and when it came back clean, Wheels decided to make the change. Since then, he has been open about sharing his experiences in and out of the gym.

Wheels has discussed the feeling of different steroids over the last year. Also, he has shared many physique updates, showing a slim but still shredded physique. Because of this, he feels like he is best prepared to compete in Classic Physique moving forward.

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Larry Wheels Calls Classic An “Art Form”

In a recent Instagram post by Transcend Company, Larry Wheels discussed the two bodybuilding divisions and his goals moving forward.

“I’m trying to break into the Classic bodybuilding division so I’m dropping some weight, trying to get a bit healthier, get that tight snatched waist. It’s a big change from being a powerlifter, strongman, strength athlete, where being lean was just a byproduct of good genes and hard training but it was never a priority until now.”

It is no secret that Men’s Open features the biggest athletes on the planet and calls for much more size. This is the reason that many, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, has spoken in favor of Classic Physique being the best division.

Wheels called Classic an “art form” and believes it is a better fit for him.

“It feels more like an art form versus Open Bodybuilding. It feels like mass monsters, and I say that with respect to them because I know what it takes to get that far. It’s just I can’t put myself to that extreme to be where they’re at. That’s not what I want for myself nor the message I want to pass onto my audience.”

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Keeping with the difference in the two divisions, Larry Wheels claims that he can keep his health under better control in Classic. After weening off steroids last year, Wheels does not want to use as many as needed to compete in Men’s Open.

“I find that with Classic bodybuilding, I can use far less PEDs, such as TRT for example, and I can still be competitive, have a beautiful physique, still be super strong. It’s still enhanced lifting and an enhanced lifestyle but a much healthier approach.”

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