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When it comes to bodybuilding and strength training, not many people realize the importance of recovery. This is an area that many of us tend to fall short in. For a lot of us, recovery is something as simple as sitting on the couch, just not lifting for the day. However, it is crucial to go the extra mile and put forth effort into your recovery to speed it up and further your progress. One way to take the extra step for your recovery is with supplementation, and CBD gel capsules are a great supplement to choose. 

CBD is a great supplement for post-workout recovery that comes in many forms, whether they be topical or oral, and brings a large variety of benefits to the table. CBD can target specific areas of pain relief and really take your recovery to the next level. The problem with that is, with CBD rising in popularity and supplement companies trying to capitalize on it. The result you will see is a lot of products that are not as effective, and far too overpriced; we see this many times with things like protein powders or pre-workouts. That being said, one CBD product that we can recommend is Venga CBD Ultra Gels

Let’s dive in.

Importance of Recovery

CBD workout products

Recovery is something that many of us overlook, and if you are someone who is into bodybuilding, powerlifting and strength training as a whole, or any other type of sport that will require some form of physical training, recovery is crucial. While you may think that the workout is where you grow, this is only part of it. The workout is where you break down the muscle fibers and then recovery is when your body works to build back those broken down fibers better and stronger. 

Now, many of us take our rest days and just hang out at home or do light cardio and think that is enough for our bodies to grow back bigger and stronger, but this is not always enough. Supplementation is huge when it comes to helping your body overcome fatigue and soreness, and while things like creatine and protein powder are fantastic for that, sometimes it is best to take a supplement designed for that exactly.

This is where CBD products can come into play, CBD gel capsules in particular.

What is CBD? 

The next thing to cover is discussing exactly what CBD is, as it is still something that not everyone knows about, so let’s break it down. Cannabidiol, (CBD), is the second most prevalent active ingredient in marijuana, the first being THC, and this is the ingredient that gets you “high”. CBD is an essential component of medical marijuana and it is derived directly from the hemp plant, a cousin of marijuana, or manufactured in a lab rather than just grown. CBD is one of hundreds of components in marijuana and without all of those ingredients, you will not get high, so sorry if that disappoints you.

How Does CBD Help Recovery? 

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Now, you are probably wondering, what does CBD have to do with recovery? If it is the part of marijuana that does not get you high, what does it do for you? When CBD is put into gel capsules, many studies point to the idea that the CBD will interact with and stimulate your body to use its own endocannabinoids more effectively. These endocannabinoids work to block and reduce pain, which is something that makes it so appealing to athletes of all kinds. More studies that have tested CBD for chronic neuropathic pain find that it brings multiple benefits to the table. Benefits include:

  • Reduction of the intensity of pain 
  • Aid in sleep
  • A decrease in the psychological effects that pain can bring.

Because of the benefits that it can potentially bring to you, CBD is a growing industry and just about every supplement aisle will have CBD products, from creams to CBD gel capsules. The reason you see so many of these products is because companies are working to produce the highest quality CBD supplements, but this is not always the case. 

A lot of times, unfortunately what you will find is that there are so many options for products like CBD gel capsules out there that are just junk. There is no doubt that it is great for the consumer to have tons of options to choose from, it also makes it ten times more difficult because finding the right CBD gel capsule takes research, time, and money, which are all things that you do not want to waste

We’re here to help you explore the best CBD gel capsules for muscle soreness and recovery so the muscle soreness and fatigue is more than taken care of.

Venga CBD Ultra Gels

Help support your muscle growth and recovery. Venga Ultra Gels deliver 500% more CBD into your bloodstream than typical CBD products!

One CBD gel capsule product that stands out above the competition is Venga CBD Ultra Gels. Venga CBD Ultra Gels are for athletes who train hard and are looking to get more performance out of their bodies. Discomfort and slow recovery are things that no athlete wants to deal with, and if you are, then Venga CBD Ultra Gels are for you.

Venga Ultra Gels are formulated as a daily CBD supplement to support your body, it is not something you would just take for instant pain relief. Venga uses water soluble technology that works to give you a competitive advantage by delivering 500% more CBD into your bloodstream over typical CBD products.

It also works to give you the following benefits: 

NanoCell Technology: Works to get Maximum CBD in your bloodstream from an oral supplement. You get the most CBD in your body to help fight pain, recover faster, and perform at your best.

Speeds Recovery

CBD has been proven to reduce inflammation and swelling, which are the number 1 causes of discomfort within the body and can be detrimental to your performance in bodybuilding or strength sports.

Most Effective CBD

There are up to 10x more cannabinoids than typical industrial hemp, which means more elements are available to aid the recovery and support processes.

Works Fast

Venga CBD Ultra Gels are geared towards getting to work in your body faster than any other oral CBD supplement, which is key for bodybuilders, powerlifters, and weightlifters to recover fast!

How to Take Venga CBD Ultra Gels

Venga Ultra Gels are to be taken daily, just like a multivitamin. The soft gel form allows you to easily adjust your dosage to match your training intensity, which is something that you do not usually see in CBD gels.

For example:

  • Taking CBD Gels for general health & wellness: 1 Ultra Gel per day
  • Taking CBD Gels during a hard training block: Up to 3 Ultra Gels per day
  • Taking CBD Gels after injury/surgery: 4+ Ultra Gels per day for a week

You cannot overdose on CBD Ultra Gels, nor will they get you high. Another thing worth mentioning, is unlike other CBD products, Venga Ultra Gels can be taken on an empty stomach. This product is not known to cause digestion or gut health issues, and many athletes who use Venga Ultra Gels get terrific results when taking them first thing in the morning.

Venga CBD Ultra Gels Price

One thing to keep in mind is that quality is not cheap, and with a product that stands out, you will pay a little more than some of the competitors. 

With Venga CBD Ultra Gels, it is $85.00 for 30 servings. Or you have the option to get them monthly, for $68.00 a month.

Our Verdict on Venga CBD Ultra Gels

We always make sure to include our two cents in a review, and our team at Generation Iron was fortunate enough to try Venga CBD Ultra Gels for a period of time. We noticed the following results: 

  • Less muscle soreness and fatigue
  • Better sleep
  • Feeling better and more well rested when it came time to lift

The main takeaway was that Venga CBD Ultra Gels were very effective and well worth the money. 

Questions, Comments, and Concerns

Let’s address some common points that people may bring up when it comes to purchasing Venga CBD Ultra Gels.

What if it Doesn’t Help?

Venga CBD has helped thousands of athletes, and they are so confident that they offer a 60-day money back guarantee.

It is Too Expensive

Venga products are actually some of the least expensive CBD on the market on an active milligram basis. Due to their CBD being water-soluble, you are getting 500% more CBD in your system than a typical product.

CBD Gel Capsules Wrap Up

Overall, recovery is not something to play around with, especially when you are into bodybuilding and strength sports. It is crucial for growth and progress. While taking a rest day here and there is great, supplementation is another option to even further your recovery. CBD gel capsules are great options to really make that muscle soreness and fatigue take a seat. 

One option we recommend is Venga CBD Ultra Gels, will you be trying them?

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