Chris Bumstead Talks Wesley Vissers Matchup At 2024 Olympia: “I Can Beat These Guys”

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Chris Bumstead is coming for title six during the 2024 Olympia.

Chris Bumstead has been back to work in the gym preparing for the 2024 Olympia. Recently, he joined OlympiaTV to discuss the Classic Physique division and his plans moving forward.

Bumstead has continued to share some massive diet plans and workouts in the gym since returning from his short hiatus. This includes hitting workouts with the likes of Hadi Choopan and Ryan Terry. Bumstead has teased the idea of retirement over the last few years but still has that fire to compete.

“I’ll be back for sure. I’ve said it every single year, I’m taking it one year at a time. After I win the Olympia, I take some time off. I let myself come back to Earth and figure out what I want. If it’s still for me, if I still have that drive and passion, because there’s no point in putting myself through this if I don’t have the passion for more.”

In Classic Physique, Bumstead knows that there is plenty of competition but remains confident that he can win once again.

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Chris Bumstead: “I Can Beat These Guys”

Chris Bumstead discussed the 2024 Arnold Classic, where Wesley Vissers defeated Ramon Dino. The reigning five-time Olympia champ was at the event and believes he will be in better shape once again come the Olympia.

“I was looking at it and I was like, I can beat these guys. I could tell everybody is improving and they are all getting better. I don’t think everybody was at their best at this show, I think Wesley was beyond his best, 120%, and the other guys were more like 80. The Arnold is a really hard show to do given the timing on the Olympia.”


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With the increase in the weight cap in Classic Physique, this allows competitors to train and prepare in different ways. Bumstead believes it allowed Vissers to come out of nowhere and become an immediate threat.

“Obviously, Wesley was a bit of a surprise for everybody. I was there in the morning watching prejudging and I was like ‘holy sh*t, he’s going to win.’..That’s the thing with Classic Physique because of the weight limit, we have people that can come in and just shock you all of a sudden.”

Over the last two years, the final callout came down to Bumstead and Ramon Dino. This was the final two each year but it might not be that simple this time around.

With Vissers winning the Arnold, Chris Bumstead can see a situation where there are three or more in the final callout, fighting for his title.

“I think Wesley coming in threw a huge wrench.

I don’t think it’s going to be a top-two callout like last year with me and Ramon. It could be four of us, it could be whatever. It throws it all up in the air.”

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