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Could you eat too much protein?

Getting big is a major factor in becoming a successful bodybuilder. You can be as lean and shredded as you want to be, but if you don’t have any size to back it up then essentially you’ll just look like a crossfitter. The goal of bodybuilding is bulking up and gaining a tremendous amount of muscle to make people pause and take notice. In order to get the body you seek, you have to plan things accordingly. You won’t just be relying on training to get all of your gains. You’ll need to be eating right as well. Some even go as far as saying that nutrition is 70% of bodybuilding.

So everyone pretty much knows that the best macronutrient to build muscle is clearly protein. Carbs provide you with energy to accomplish a tough training session in the gym, while fat helps you to absorb the nutrients from the foods you consume. Protein is for making gains and if you want to make the right amount of progress then you’re going to need to know how much you should be consuming.


Many people run out and start buying up as much protein powder and lean meat as possible hoping to pack on pounds and pounds of muscle by eating an incredible amount of the macronutrient. Unfortunately for them, that kind of approach to muscle building is going to have them crashing into a deadend hard and fast. There’s a science to building muscle and stuffing your face with an unmeasured amount of protein will ultimately get you nowhere.

So if you’re intending to pack on muscle then just exactly how much protein should be consuming to get not only fast development, but sustainable results as well? Well, Mister Omar Isuf has some thoughts on what you should be doing for your muscle gain. Take a look and listen to the fitness guru and his opinions on the subject.

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