Iain Valliere Speaks Against Increased TRT Use: “You Aren’t Supposed To Feel 25 At 65”

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Iain Valliere commented on social media against the increased use of TRT recently.

Iain Valliere has never been shy about voicing his opinion in the bodybuilding world. He has been vocal about different topics over the years and recently spoke about the use of testosterone replacement therapy in the fitness world as a whole. During a recent Q&A on Instagram, Valliere weighed in on this trend.

Valliere burst onto the scene after earning his Pro Card and began competing in the IFBB Pro League in 2015. The Canadian bodybuilder competed in one show that year, a fifth-place finish at the Toronto Pro Supershow. He made his first of four Olympia appearances to date in 2018. Over the last three years, Valliere has been racking up some wins.

In 2020, Valliere was crowned champion of the New York Pro. The very next year, he won the Texas Pro and Tampa Pro in back-to-back weekends. Last season, Valliere won the Vancouver Pro and punched his ticket to the Olympia. He continues to work in the gym to make improvements in what is a deep Men’s Open division.

Valliere continues to voice his opinions and did so during a Q&A session on social media.

Iain Valliere Speaks Against TRT

TRT is becoming more and more present in both bodybuilding and powerlifting. Of course, Larry Wheels has been showing off his progress over the last year since he decided to ween off steroids. Wheels has transitioned to TRT and has been able to downsize a bit while remaining shredded and strong as ever.

According to Iain Valliere, men do not need to load up on TRT as they get older. This is a question he was asked and Valliere believes it is another fad in fitness.

“No. There’s this fad right now with TRT but people don’t realize hormonal decline is a natural processing happens for a reason. You aren’t supposed to feel 25 at 65.”


TRT has been used in many ways by athletes at all ages. In January, bodybuilding legend Jay Cutler discussed his testosterone use in retirement. While he continues on his latest “Fit for 50” challenge, Cutler remains dedicated to his protocol.


Iain Valliere claims that he is not a believer in TRT because hormonal decline is a natural process and happens to everyone. It will be interesting to see movie forward if TRT is one of these fads in fitness or if athletes continue to get results while on it.

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