Larry Wheels Believes Liver King Steroid Confession Was Intentionally Set Up

Liver King

Larry Wheels shared his opinion on Liver King’s confession.

There has been significant coverage and comments made since Liver King admitted to using steroids. This now includes Larry Wheelswho spoke out on the topic during a recent YouTube video.

Larry Wheels is one of the most popular faces in fitness right now. He has become a huge sensation because of his feats of strength. Wheels is familiar with different kinds of steroids and used them for a decade of his career.

Over the summer, Wheels began getting off steroids and turned to TRT. After a string of deaths in bodybuilding, Wheels decided to go a different route. He got his health checked and decided to take different substances. Since this began, the powerlifter began sharing different physique updates and strength tests.

Larry Wheels Feels Like Liver King’s Leak Was Set Up

Liver King has become a social media sensation preaching the nine ancestral traits and building a massive physique. He has went on the record many times claiming that he does not do steroids and never will. That turned out to be false as Derek from More Plates More Dates leaked emails showing that Liver King indeed does use PEDs.

Since then, Liver King made a video admitting his steroid use and apologized to his fans. Larry Wheels does not believe it was sincere and it was all orchestrated.

“Every channel I follow has made a video about Liver King. I think that this is orchestrated. This is just my two cents. I think that this email was leaked on purpose and it was done for the reason being that every channel you can think of, or at least he was hoping for this to happen will make a video about him and the situation. Thus, bringing him an enormous amount of traffic.”


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In the video, Liver King apologized to his fans and vowed to be better. While doing this, he explained why he preaches these tenets and why he continued to claim that he was all natural. According to Wheels, it was all for traffic.

“He does have a loyal fanbase that will stick by his side no matter what and I would say to the point of being cultish. He just released an apology video talking about how he shouldn’t have done this, why he did what he did and for the most part, he has a positive response from his fanbase seemingly so forgiving him. I think this isn’t going to hurt him by any means.”

“I don’t think his apology is valid just because of the timing. Only after he’s been busted, caught red-handed does he decide to apologize.”

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