Sam Sulek Reveals Top 10 Exercises Needed To Build Muscle

Sam Sulek discussed the top exercises he would use to build muscle.
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Sam Sulek was asked about the best muscle-building exercises and named his top 10.

Sam Sulek has built an insane physique at just 21 years old and is gaining plenty of attention for it. The bodybuilder has gained millions of followers on social media and gained the attention of many within the fitness industry. Now, he has hopped on a trend where stars are asked for their Top 10 muscle-building exercises.

Sulek has continued to blow up over the past year or so due to his insane size at a young age. He has also gained criticism over his diet plan and controversy over substances he might be taking. While some have decided to criticize, there are others who have been supportive and this includes Lee Priest.

Many in the bodybuilding world have been asked about their Top 10 exercises needed to build muscle. This includes current competitors Chris Bumstead and Nick Walker. Seven-time Olympia champion Phil Heath also shared his thoughts on the topic.


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Sam Sulek’s Top 10 Muscle-Building Exercises

Bohdan Y caught up with Sam Sulek and made a video with the bodybuilder explaining his top exercises.

Sam Sulek broke down each body part and it began with chest and shoulders. He then moved onto back and claimed that he could Geta serious workout with just two movements.

“Chest, incline bench and shoulders, lateral raises of course. Side delts. Reverse lateral raises, rear delts.

Back, I’d say just normal pulldowns and cable rows. I feel like you can have a pretty solid workout with just those two.”


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When discussing legs, Sulek left out squats and believes that there are better ways to build muscle.

“Legs, seated hamstring curl and leg extensions. What else is there? Squats are cool but I love the leg extension.”

Sam Sulek opted for dumbbell curls to build arms along with straight-arm pulldowns. He was asked about training abs and shared that he does not hit them at the moment.

The final exercise was a cardio exercise and called for more to take on the challenge.

“I don’t train them right now so it’s not that important to me. I didn’t realize it was that controversial. I would add the cardio bike. I guarantee that 99% of you. aren’t utilizing that piece of equipment but I think if I had those 10, I’d still be able to get pretty freaky.”

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