An inside look at the 2022 Pro/Am Natural Universe competition.

The 2022 INBA PNBA Pro/Am Natural Universe show took place earlier this month on September 2-3, 2022 in Tampa, Florida. One of the more notable contests in the league’s schedule – the Natural Universe is part of the Road To Natural Olympia – an opportunity for pros to quality and compete in the 2022 Natural Olympia later this year. Generation Iron was on the ground during this epic weekend showcase – and has put together a recap video showcasing the physiques on stage and the champions who earned a trophy.

Denny Kakos started the first Natural Universe in 1990. The Natural Universe title is trademarked, and it’s one of the most prestigious natural bodybuilding titles the INBA PNBA offers. That has seen the faces of many great champions.

Notable Past Champions 

Over 30 pro athletes competed this year across a wide variety of different countries. This is the first time a natural bodybuilding show of this prestige was held in Tampa, Florida. Next year, in September 2023, the Natural Universe will go abroad and be held in Bucharest, Romania.

2022 Natural Universe Bodybuilding Lineup

The 2022 Natural Universe was an epic battle across all divisions with powerful competitors fighting for the prize and Natural Olympia qualification. Here are the key athletes that faced off on stage.

Stacked Open Pro Bodybuilders 

Impressive Pro Grand Masters 50+ Line up

Pro Classic Physique: Open

  • Benjamin Hernandez
    • Mexico
  • Derek Joe
    • 2021 Natural Olympia Pro Champion
  • Patricio Martinez
  • Josh Mazza

Pro Men’s Physique: Open

Pro Bikini Divas: Open 

  • Arely Ayala
    • Mexico
    • 2nd Place 2021 Natural Olympia Pro Bikini
  • Danielle Bouldin
  • Lissy Guerrero
  • Kayla Rowling
    • 2x Natural Olympia Pro Bikini Champion
  • Lafaye Young
  • Stephani De Zorzi
    • Mexico

Pro Women’s Bodybuilding: Open 

  • Yvette Arthur
    • United Kingdom
    • 2021 Natural Olympia Champion

Watch The 2022 Natural Universe Recap

With only two more months until the 2022 Natural Olympia – there are becoming fewer opportunities for athletes to qualify and compete against the best natural bodybuilders in the world. Check out the INBA PNBA schedule for Natural Olympia qualifying events.

You can also check out our recap sizzle video showcasing the passionate natural athletes both on stage and behind the scenes of this epic contest – along with a showcase of the winners who earned qualification and trophies. Check it out above!

Jacob Ladon is a staff writer and former amateur bodybuilder. He has been passionate about bodybuilding since he was 15 years old and discovered the joys of training in the gym. He reports and comments on all bodybuilding related matters.