How An Intra-Workout Supplement Can Enhance Bodybuilding Goals

Intra-workout supplements have the power to enhance your gains during the workout while providing extra benefits to your recovery and overall wellness.

We always here about the two big supplements that will enhance your workouts: protein and pre-workout. Pre-workout is that supplement to give us a serious boost of energy while working to improve our muscle pumps and offer the best chance at having a great workout. And of course, protein is that essential building block of muscle that we all should incorporate into our supplementation routine for its effects on muscle growth, recovery, and that shredded physique we all want.

But one supplement may be eluding you and it should not be excluded from the supplementation party. Intra-workout supplements. Intra-workout supplements have benefits that go far beyond what we think possible and as great aids during our workout, we finally have the solution to cover all three of the big phases of that grueling workout: pre, mid, and post. What you’ll find is that these intra-workout supplements are designed to keep your energy elevated and work to enhance muscle growth with specific ingredients that can work well with your body while in the middle of that workout. Plus, it’s nice to drink something other than water as well.

Let’s dive into intra-workout supplements and really see just what these products can do for your gains. From what they are, to the benefits, and key ingredients, you won’t be disappointed with the results when you decide to add these into your routine. With so many on the market, the choices for you to succeed are endless.

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What Is An Intra-Workout Supplement?

An intra-workout supplement is a formula, most often in powder form, taken during your workout. This will keep energy levels and performance high, even with prolonged work and pairs well with a pre-workout supplement to enhance the benefits associated with that.

Powder form allows for faster absorption, so no time is wasted and your body gets the nutrients it needs right away. This will ensure you get the most out of your training and don’t compromise any muscle or energy to sacrifice your gains.

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Benefits Of An Intra-Workout Supplement

The benefits of an intra-workout supplement are amazing when it comes to all facets of your workout. Keeping your training and performance high is the number one goal out of these products and can work wonders for great results.

Benefits of an intra-workout supplement include:

  • Promote muscle growth: Activates certain pathways to fuel protein synthesis and growth (1).
  • Decrease soreness: Protect muscles from breakdown and decrease time of actual soreness.
  • Reduce fatigue: Keep you going longer by blocking things like tryptophan from settling in your brain and inducing fatigue (2).
  • Boost energy: Continually supply your body with necessary fuel needed to keep going.
  • Ensure better recovery: Start the repair process earlier and rebuild muscle for faster recovery time and turn around.


Key Ingredients To Look For

When looking at certain intra-workout supplements some key ingredients to look for are:

Creatine: Can promote strength, athletic performance, improve metabolism, and boost mental capacity for enhanced focus (3).

Betaine Anhydrous: Works to improve athletic performance by strengthening muscle power and aiding in body composition changes.

Electrolytes: Great for rehydrating you after tough workouts and can help regulate fluid balance.

BCAAs: A key ingredient in virtually all supplements, BCAAs (Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine) can stimulate muscle protein synthesis to spark growth, as well as aid in recovery and decrease muscle soreness.

L-Citrulline: Has great effects on reducing fatigue and increasing power to keep your workouts going stronger (4).

Safety & Effectiveness Of Intra-Workout Supplements

Intra-workouts are safe to use, but it is always wise to read the nutrition label on the back of each. Looking for key ingredients is important, but also some research on ingredients that may be in a formula you just don’t need is of equal importance. Most companies will be transparent with their labels, but some may not, so diligence is your best bet.

They can be highly effective as well in helping you achieve your bodybuilding goals. As a nice beverage to have mid-workout, you will notice the effects these supplements have on your body and your gains and you won’t be disappointed that you gave it a try. Look at the directions section of the label for timing and the best way to use the supplement to maximize your benefits.

Featured Intra-Workout Supplement

While there are many great intra-workout supplements on the market to try, it is important for you to find the best one for you. This intra-workout product from Enhanced Labs is packed with great benefits and ingredients to really give you a boost when you need it most.

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Wrap Up

Intra-workout supplements are amazing products to use to enhance all areas of your gains, as well as health and wellness. While we all seek desired changes with our body composition and strength gains, working to alleviate muscle soreness and aid in recovery is of the utmost importance to keep us in the gym longer and giving it our all. Look into different intra-workout supplements to really see the results you desire most because at the end of the day, your health and fitness will improve.

Check out our list of the Best BCAA Supplements to get an idea of what a good intra-workout product looks like and really start to see those gains unfold.

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