The Rise Of Beef Protein Isolate

Beef protein isolate is gaining favor in the supplement industry.

Whey protein isolate has dominated the bodybuilding supplement market for years. It is created by separating components of milk and isolating the protein. Beef isolates are created similarly but, by comparison contain a higher percentage of pure protein and can be almost completely free of lactose, carbohydrate, fat, and cholesterol, according to EditionTruth.

Recent years have witnessed a rise in the demand for a non-dairy protein derivative. This demand is what has created the burgeoning beef isolate market.

Rapid expansion of supplement demand and the fitness industry in general has created the large economies necessary to quickly grow a new form of protein isolate.

The fitness community is getting more invested and more educated, with non-dairy diets coming to a forefront in the last couple of years. Many studies have suggested that most humans are to some degree lactose intolerant, and even though dairy derived proteins are convenient and powerful tools, they may not be optimal.

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The beef-protein market is growing worldwide. It also has the advantage of gaining steam during rapid growth of the fitness industry across the globe. Older more entrenched markets such as American bodybuilding can be notoriously hard to crack, especially for diet supplements that can easily be seen as unproven fads. But the growth of new markets with flexible nutrition doctrines presents a great opportunity for products like beef isolate looking to find purchase.

Presently, several supplement companies offer a beef isolate product. The products tend to be slightly more expensive than their whey counterparts, but are more easily fortified with vitamins and minerals. Whey proteins also contain sugar, while most beef proteins do not, and beef protein is more bioavailable to the body than whey.

Prices for beef protein are also expected to drop with increased production scale and competition.

Potential obstacles for beef isolate are various religious practices, health risks associated with consumption of beef products, and specific trade bans or regulations imposed on beef products.

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