Ronnie Coleman Reveals Derek Lunsford Is His Favorite Current Bodybuilder

Derek Lunsford

Ronnie Coleman admitted Men’s Open newcomer is his favorite bodybuilder of today.

Ronnie Coleman is known as one of the best bodybuilders of all-time and has remained up to date in the sport during retirement. When a man who has won eight Olympia titles is asked about his favorite competitor, it carries some weight. In a recent YouTube video, Coleman answered that very question and highlighted Derek Lunsford.

During his career, Coleman totaled eight Olympia wins, which is tied for the most all-time with Lee Haney. He built a physique that was insanely muscular with great conditioning. The Men’s Open legend battled some other greats onstage, highlighted by his rivalry with Jay Cutler. Since retiring, Coleman has created a successful social media platform because of his combination of entertainment and interaction with fans.

In this video, Coleman highlighted is favorite Men’s Open competitor. Back in April, he answered a question about Chris Bumstead and said that he had the best physique ever in Classic. Not only that, Coleman claimed that Bumstead had “the best physique he’s ever seen period.”

Coleman did another rendition of a Q&A with fans on his YouTube and was asked about his favorite bodybuilder of today.

Derek Lunsford

Who Is Ronnie Coleman’s Favorite Bodybuilder?

Derek Lunsford is a former 212 Olympia champ that was able to make the jump to Men’s Open. He received a special invitation to compete at the 2022 Olympia and finished as the runner-up in his first competition with the big boys. Lunsford has caught the eye of many, including Ronnie Coleman, in a short amount of time.

“My favorite bodybuilder at the moment. Let’s see, Derek Lunsford probably the number one favorite.”


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As a follow up, Coleman mentioned Samson Dauda, who won the 2023 Arnold Classic. Dauda solidified his position as a threat to the Olympia title here in 2023.

“Probably my number two favorite, I kind of like that guy that won the last Arnold Classic. His name is Samson Dauda. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be those two.”

Ronnie Coleman ended the video by discussing this era of bodybuilding as a whole. It has changed from his time on stage but he believes that it is strong still. This is due to the preparation and work that is put in by competitors.

“Every generation has its own era. Mostly, all of us have to work extremely hard and diet extremely hard and make the biggest sacrifices ever. I think the next generation of bodybuilders is a pretty good class of guys. They work extremely hard. They train hard and diet hard. I think the new generation is a really good generation.”

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