Want to Build Massive Size? Here Are 5 Essential Vitamins for Girth

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A full breakdown of the vitamins vital for girth.

Of course, vitamins are essential for a human’s overall health. But what about vitamins for girth? To gain insane amounts of mass onto your frame, you need the right balance of hormones to create the materials necessary to build an impressive physique. And how do you get that proper balance of hormones? Vitamins and minerals from the foods you eat. Keep reading to learn the benefits vitamins, such as vitamin D and B12, can have on your body for growth in mind. 

But which vitamins work best to gain strength and size? Here, we review the top vitamins needed to optimize girth, including when to consume them, how much, and what workout variables assist the vitamins in creating mass.

Vitamins Needed for Massive Muscle Gains and Girth

multivitamins such as vitamin D

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D — a.k.a. the sun hormone — regulates over 200 genes, making it one of the most significant cellular and muscular growth factors. It’s known as the sun hormone because humans get 50-90 percent of their daily vitamin D3 via sun exposure to the skin.

However, if you have an indoor job, spend most of your time inside, or live somewhere with little sun exposure, you’re most likely deficient in vitamin D. Considering it plays a major role in muscle building, being low in this vitamin is a non-starter.

Vitamin D3 boosts testosterone and directly alters protein synthesis in muscle cells, making it the number one precursor to adding girth to your body.

Vitamin K2

This vitamin functions as your main blood clotter. So when you accidentally cut yourself, it’s thanks to vitamin K2 that you don’t bleed forever. It also shuttles calcium deposits out of the body, keeping it from settling in places in the body you don’t want. When calcium doesn’t build up in unwanted areas, your body is more transparent and ready to build high-quality muscle.

For a full breakdown of vitamin K2 and its role in girth, watch Jerry Brainum explain the science.

Vitamin B6

B6 does two specific things for your overall muscle girth growth:

  1. It helps with vitamin B12 absorption (more below). 
  2. It assists in developing neurotransmitters, making sure your brain and muscles are firing and wiring together with precision.

That second point is huge when hitting new exercise PRs and muscle adaptations. The brain needs to keep up with the body regarding physical growth. Adequate amounts of vitamin B6 keep everything on an even keel. 

Vitamin B12

Also known as cobalamin, the vitamin for girth, vitamin B12, keeps your nerve cells healthy by building up the myelin sheath that protects those nerve channels. Combining B6 and B12 ensures proper nerve functioning during heavy lifting and muscle adaptation. 

Vitamin A

An overarching health indicator, vitamin A helps your vision, immune system, reproduction system, organ function, and overall growth and development. That growth and development include muscular size increase, so A is just as crucial as D3 and K2. 

Together, these five vitamins provide the framework for your body to be ready to explode in size (with proper stimuli and rest, of course).

How to Get Enough Vitamins for Girth

Fruits, vegetables, and animal protein are fantastic options for getting much of your vitamin and mineral content. Organ meats, in particular, have over the recommended daily amount of specific vitamins. Meals such as stir-fries, steak and potatoes, fish and salad, and more get you various vitamins necessary for hypertrophy.

Sometimes, food doesn’t cut it to get plenty of vitamins and minerals for optimized muscle growth. That’s where supplementation comes into play. Here are some products that might help boost vitamin intake. 


Comprehensive multivitamin supplements are terrific because they provide several vitamins and minerals in a single capsule. When you get all that you need from one source, everything benefits, from your immune system to your heart health to your energy levels during the day.

Make sure you choose a multivitamin high in the above nutrients we discussed that are important for growing muscle and aiding in recovery. For more information on which multivitamin supplements are ideal for bodybuilding, check out our best multivitamins guide

Specific Vitamin Supplements

If you find that you’re extremely low in a certain vitamin count — getting bloodwork done from your medical professional would help you determine this — then getting a high-quality vitamin supplement for that specific vitamin is essential. 

Vitamin deficiencies lead to many health problems, especially when someone is low in vitamin A, B12, or D (1). While a multivitamin works for an overarching baseline, sometimes you need an additional boost with vitamins you aren’t receiving from your food.

Luckily, the companies that make the multivitamin supplements in our guide are known for their single-vitamin supplements as well, especially Performance Lab, which has both the NutriGenesis Multi for Men and Women and also products like D3+K2 and PL-Immune, which has vitamins C and D.

Whichever company you go with, make sure you research how they attain their nutrients and how they source their capsules; it’s worth the extra cost to make sure you’re getting the best vitamins your money can buy.

Testosterone Boosters 

Besides multivitamins, testosterone is a pivotal player in gaining girth when bodybuilding. It helps with male vitality production of human growth hormone and keeps other functions running smoothly. 

Unfortunately, many men (and even women) are deficient in testosterone, which leads to issues like poor sex drive, decreased HGH production, increased obesity, increased insulin resistance, and increased risk of mortality, among many other problems (2)

The good news is plenty of testosterone boosters, and multivitamins can help. Unfortunately, that’s also the bad news, as many of them are filled with unsavory ingredients or useless fillers. Thankfully, our definitive guide on the best testosterone boosters allows you to bypass all the trial and error, giving you the top supplements in one article.

Even better, we’ll give you the best of them here: Centrapeak Male Vitality Booster is the number one testosterone booster on the market in 2023. Why? Because it has 14 clean ingredients, including vitamins D3, B6, K2, magnesium, zinc, and boron — nearly half the list from above! 

It’s almost a one-stop shop for vitamins and testosterone boosting, making it the most straightforward and safest option for your nutritional needs. 

Centrapeak is a natural test booster designed to improve physical and mental condition. With researched backed and clinically effective doses, this product is perfect for any T boosting needs.

Once your vitamins are optimized, you’re ready for ultimate muscle gain. So add these nutrients and multivitamins to your daily routine and watch as you grow!

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