Chris Bumstead & Urs Kalecinski Crush An Arm Workout Following Arnold Classic

Arm Day

Chris Bumstead and Urs Kalecinski teamed up for an arm workout in Columbus.

The Classic Physique division has turned into one of the most exciting in bodybuilding and it is because of the star power at the top. Recently, two of the best hit an arm workout together. Chris Bumstead joined Urs Kalecinski at American Barbell gym following the 2023 Arnold Classic for a workout.

Bumstead won his fourth consecutive Olympia title back in December and is preparing for another one. He did not compete in Columbus while Kalecinski appeared on stage and finished as the runner-up. Kalecinski is a young competitor in Classic Physique and has emerged as one of the top in the division.

Bumstead was able to capture the Olympia title in 2019 and has not relinquished the title since. Other competitors in the division have been unable to reach his level on stage but the gap might be closing. Ramon Rocha Queiroz gave him a run during the Olympia but Bumstead seemed to come away with a comfortable victory. After a win at the Arnold, Ramon Dino will be a threat to Bumstead once again.

Chris Bumstead uploaded a video of the workout to his YouTube page. Below, check out a full breakdown of the session.

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Arm Workout

Chris Bumstead & Urs Kalecinski Arm Workout 

Cable Cross Tricep Extensions

The workout began with a quick warmup and right into cable cross tricep extensions. The position of the movement during this exercise puts an extra emphasis on the triceps. The exact number of sets and reps was not revealed but the bodybuilders can be seen performing at least three sets of each exercise. Urs Kalecinski is coming off his performance at the Arnold Classic and workouts after provide a great pump.

“Best thing after show is the pump. Two warmup sets and I’m feeling like we did 20 sets already.”

Preacher Curls

The duo moved onto preacher curls, using a standard grip. This workout did not consist of supersets but they went back-and-forth between biceps and triceps. After a warm up of triceps, Bumstead and Kalecinski hit preacher curls to engage biceps.


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Smith Machine Close-Grip Bench Press

Close-grip bench press on the smith machine allows the duo to put some more weight on the bar. The position of the hands closer together puts the stress on triceps and not the chest. During this exercise, Kalecinski and Bumstead discussed potential posing routines for the 2023 Olympia.

Kalecinski won the Best Poser Award during the Arnold Classic. He has excelled in this area since stepping on the stage. Now, he hints at a special routine at the biggest show of the year.

“I wasn’t feeling it. Honestly, there was no best posing award so no 10k. Can’t give out all the secrets. My routine is gonna be a special one this year,” Kalecinski said.

“That’s why I don’t even put together a routine. I don’t stand a chance against you guys posing,” Bumstead responded.

Flamingo Curls

Flamingo curls is an exercise that does not require big weight because of the stance. Typically, weightlifters stand on one leg and tilt forward while holding the dumbbells. This means less weight is needed. Flamingo curls is not the best choice of exercise if the goal is to add size. Instead, it is a stability movement that strengthens in other ways.

For this movement, Chris Bumstead and Urs Kalecinski opted to sit on a weight bench and elevate their feet on a dumbbell.


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Rope Tricep Pushdown

The final tricep exercise fo the workout was a rope pushdown on a cable machine. This isa standard workout to hit all areas of the tricep. During this set, Bumstead and Kalecinski discussed contest prep.

“Some of it. I like six weeks out, being right around there. That’s the best,” Bumstead said.

“Everything else, you need to give 90% of your life to get 1% better,” Kalecinski responded.

Dumbbell Hammer Curl

The final exercise of the workout is a standard hammer curl. This exercise hits biceps before the two bodybuilders call it a day. The two Classic Physique competitors will continue to work and prepare over the course of the year for another exciting Olympia come the end of the year.

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