10 Movies Which Will Motivate You to Get in Shape

10 Movies Which Will Motivate You to Get in Shape

Let’s be honest here for a moment, almost all of us at some point have wanted to look like a ripped actor in a movie. If you have been in this situation, rest assured, there is nothing wrong with it. One of the best returns on the two hours you invest in watching a movie can be that you come out wanting to change your physique for the better.

With the release of our documentaries such as Dorian Yates: The Original Mass Monster, Generation Iron: Natty 4 Life, and Bigorexia we started thinking about movies that motivate bodybuilders. Particularly Dorian Yates and his Blood and Guts training was obviously a huge motivational video back when it was released. You can watch our latest bodybuilding documentary releases on digital right here – but if you’re looking for even more motivation to start your transformation journey, these 10 movies can be the kick-start you’ve been waiting for.

Disclaimer: building an aesthetically appealing physique isn’t easy, you might need to watch these movies a couple of times to keep the newly ignited fire inside you, alive.

Movies Sporting Actors with Near Perfect Physiques

Pumping Iron

Pumping Iron is the gold standard of bodybuilding movies. It is a movie revolving around Arnold Schwarzenegger and his journey to winning his sixth Mr. Olympia title. If this movie doesn’t motivate you to get in shape, chances are nothing ever will.

If Pumping Iron is for the golden era of bodybuilding, Generation Iron movies follow the modern-age bodybuilders (Phil Heath, Kai Greene, etc.) and internet celebrities (Calum Von Moger, Rich Piana, etc.) as they work towards achieving their respective goals. These movies are a must watch for every bodybuilding fan.

You can watch Pumping Iron on Amazon Prime here.


You won’t find a single warrior in 300 to be out of shape. The crew underwent common workouts in preparation for this movie which was nothing short of insane. We’re sure you won’t be able to erase this movie off of your memory.

You can watch 300 on Amazon Prime here.

Fight Club

Fight Club has to be one of the most badass movies ever made. This movie is all about pushing your physical and mental limits. This movie becomes even more interesting when you learn these trivia.

You can watch Fight Club on Amazon Prime here.

Pain & Gain

Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson are two of the fittest people in the film industry. Both of these men come together in Pain & Gain to deliver an epic performance based on a real-life event.

You can watch Pain and Gain on Amazon Prime here.

Strength Wars Movie


Jake Gyllenhaal is in the shape of his life for his role as Billy Hope. Boxer Billy hits rock bottom after he loses his family, falls into depression and his boxing career is on the verge of ending. You’ll be equally amazed by Billy Hope’s grit and his chiseled physique.

 You can watch Southpaw on Amazon Prime here.

Rocky (Series)

Rocky is the movie that introduced Sylvester Stallone into the world of films. Only a few people know the fact Sly wrote Rocky and his condition to let this movie go into production was that he stars as the main lead. The Rocky series is as good as motivational movies get.

You can watch Rocky on Amazon Prime here.

Never Back Down (Duology)

Never Back Down is a great story about channeling one’s energy and focus into mastering an art. The Never Back Down duology will pump you up to hit the gym and get in a better shape.

You can watch Never Back Down on Amazon Prime here.


MMA has been a lot in news lately, thanks to the notorious Conor McGregor. If you are experiencing a rise in your curuosity about mixed martial arts, Warrior is the perfect movie to watch right now.

You can watch Warrior on Amazon Prime here.


How can a list of movies with in-shape actors be complete without the Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger? Commando is one of Arnie’s movies which will make you critic your own body and will get you in the weight room for your own good.

You can watch Commando on Amazon Prime here.

YouThor: Ragnarok

Let’s sum up this list with a superhero movie. Chris Hemsworth in his role as the demi-god Thor can challenge the aesthetics of the Greek gods. While Thor surprises us with his new hairstyle, nothing changes about his giant arms and pecs.

You can watch Thor: Ragnarok on Amazon Prime here.

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