The Buff Dudes Take On Lou Ferrigno’s Legendary Chest & Back Workout

Buff Dudes take on Lou Ferrigno workout.
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The Buff Dudes continued their challenges and took on a legendary workout from Lou Ferrigno.

Bodybuilding legend Lou Ferrigno became a famous bodybuilder at a young age. He displayed incredible size on a massive frame and this led to many victories on stage. To this day, Ferrigno remains an inspiration. This includes to The Buff Dudes, who recently hit Ferrigno’s chest and back workout.

Ferrigno’s story begins when he builds his body at age 13 to resemble his comic book hero, the Hulk. Before this, he excelled in sports despite losing 80% of his hearing to an ear infection as a child and getting bullied. He’s an inspiration because seven years after training, he entered and won his first competition, going home with gold from the 1971 WBBG Pro Mr. America.

Things came full circle for Ferrigno at the 1975 Mr. Olympia competition. Even though he came third in his category, the producers of The Incredible Hulk noticed and cast him in the series, the show became a hit, and Lou Ferrigno received the moniker “Incredible Hulk.”

“He’s 6’5, he’s a huge guy. He got up to 300 pounds in the 90s. He’s a giant. It takes a lot of work to put muscle on that kind of frame.”

Lou Ferrigno's 1992 Bodybuilding comeback
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Lou Ferrigno’s Chest & Back Workout 

The Buff Dudes have built a following of nearly three million subscribers on YouTube. Their videos have consisted of taking on different workouts and challenges, such as Brock Lesnar’s UFC workout and the Hotshot 500. This time, it was Lou Ferrigno’s legendary set.

This workout consisted of 10 different exercises with five sets and 6-8 reps in each:

Chest Exercises

The workout began with dumbbell bench press and incline bench press. When performing this movement, White used a narrow grip. He explained that Lou Ferrigno used this grip while many Open bodybuilders were using a wide grip.

“He would take on a narrow grip…When he gripped it more narrow, he felt more of a stretch in his chest because you’d bring it further down and be able to press it from there.”

The workout went into chest dips before back took over.

“Chest is officially done and it’s time to move onto back. The next exercise is going to be deadlifts.”


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Back Exercises

The back portion of the workout began with dumbbell pullovers. White discussed how this is a classic exercise but also one that has become popular today.

“Old school classic, not surprised that he included this in his workout. It’s really pairing up that chest and back together and that shoulder extension there, which the chest will help with.”

It continued on with deadlifts and barbell rows before reaching the final two — pull-ups and chin-ups. At this point, many gym goers would be exhausted but White wanted to finish strong.

“Last two exercises, I have to bust these out man. That guy wasn’t the Hulk for nothing.”

The video ended with a thank you to Lou Ferrigno and a challenge to those watching to take on the workout.

“That’s it. The workout is done and I’m done. That concludes the Lou Ferrigno chest and back workout. It truly shows you what it takes to become the Incredible Hulk.

Thank you to Lou Ferrigno for inspiring me and a lot of others throughout the years.”

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