Burn Lab Pro Fat Burner Review

Burn Lab Pro is a brand new fat burner from Opti Nutra Ltd. While this fat burner hasn’t been on the market for long, it is already making a name for itself as a top tier supplement used by serious athletes. Right now Burn Lab Pro is listed as one of the best fat burners on numerous supplement review and bodybuilding websites.

So what’s all the fuss about?

Is this really such a good fat burner?

Does Burn Lab Pro really work? Is it worth the money? Is it safe?

Let’s take a closer look and find out!

Burn Lab Pro

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What does Burn Lab Pro do?

According to the official website, Burn Lab Pro is a professional-quality fat burner designed to simultaneously promote fat loss and help preserve lean muscle mass during a cut.

Specifically, the manufacturer says the benefits of Burn Lab Pro include:

  • Accelerated fat weight loss
  • Promotes targeted fat loss
  • Helps preserve lean muscle mass while cutting
  • Increases workout intensity, strength and endurance
  • Enhances the effects of diet and exercise
  • Ultra-clean and vegan-friendly
  • Stim-free

Obviously this is a high-spec fat burner designed with athletes in mind. Most weight loss pills and fat burners are meant for your average person looking to shed a few extra pounds of stubborn belly fat. Most of these kinds of fat burners are low quality supplements, often straight up scams, promising extremely rapid fat loss without you having to work for it!

But Burn Lab Pro appears to be different.

Unlike most fat burners, Burn Lab Pro doesn’t promise to melt belly fat all by itself. The manufacturer knows that hard work in the gym and, most important of all, a healthy, well-planned diet are both needed for healthy, sustainable weight loss. So, Burn Lab Pro has been specifically designed to support fat loss and muscle preservation in people undergoing intensive training and strict dieting.

So how does it work?

Let’s look at the ingredients to find out.

Burn Lab Pro Ingredients

Burn Lab Pro is 100% vegan-friendly, and it uses only natural ingredients. Here is the ingredients list you’ll find on the bottle:

Burn Lab Pro

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That is one impressive formula! Right away we can that this fat burner has been put together by people who know how to read the latest clinical trials; all of Burn Lab Pro’s ingredients have been put through the ringer as far as clinical tests go, and they all have solid scientific backing.

There’s no fillers in here, no harmful ingredients, and no stimulants. This is a major bonus for us, as we know not everybody wants to be taking huge amounts of caffeine every single day, especially as most pre-workouts contain a lot of caffeine (and you may want to use a pre-workout while cutting too).

Let’s look at the Burn Lab Pro ingredients in more detail.

Forslean Forskolin

Forslean is a highly potent, ultra-bioavailable form of Forskolin, which is an extract from Coleus Forskohlii. Forskolin is arguably the natural fat burning supplement with the strongest backing from clinical trials; multiple studies done on humans show that Fosrkolin helps people lose more fat faster.

Forskolin works mainly by helping your body create more of an enzyme called lipase. Lipase is the enzyme which breaks down your stored body fat into fatty acids and frees it for use as fuel. Increasing lipase means more body fat is available for burning, which means faster fat loss and a more successful body recomposition.


HMB, or ß-Hydroxyl ß-Methylbutyrate as it is otherwise known, is the real secret of Burn Lab Pro’s power. HMB is a bit of a miracle fat burning supplement. However, it doesn’t actually burn fat; rather, it prevents muscle loss during periods of fasted training (or training during severe calorie restriction).

Normally, when you lose fat, you lose a lot of muscle too; your body composition can often get worse during a cut! Protein powders can’t help either; if you’re in a calorie deficit, you’ll normally lose a lot of muscle. But HMB prevents this from happening. Studies show that HMB can effective prevent muscle mass loss during intensive training periods. This is why Burn Lab Pro is really more than just a fat burner; it is a body composition enhancer.


Capsimax is an extremely pure chili pepper extract. Chili pepper extracts are common ingredients in fat burning supplements, but Capsimax is the gold standard as it is standardized to be 2% active capsaicinoids and free of contaminants.

It is pretty obvious how chili pepper extracts like Capsimax burn fat. Eating spicy foods makes your body thinks your temperature is rising rapidly. This triggers a “cooling” response where your body desperately tries to lower your core temperature: your blood vessels dilate, you start to sweat, etc. All of this costs a lot of calories! This places you in a deeper calorie deficit, which means faster weight loss without having to cut more food!


Chromium is a really important ingredient for a top quality fat burner, and it is almost always overlooked by lower quality supplement manufacturers. This is because it works in a subtle, but no less effective, way than things like caffeine.

Chromium potentiates insulin. Supplementing with chromium helps insulin to properly regulate blood sugar. This means a more stable level of blood glucose, which in turn means better energy levels, less food cravings, and fewer sudden energy crashes. Chromium also helps insulin shuttle nutrients to your cells, which is vital for recovery following workouts. Burn Lab Pro uses GTF Chromium, which is the most bioavailable forms of the nutrient, and the one most studied in the context of health and fitness.


BioPerine is included in many top tier fat burning supplements on the market today because it helps with nutrient digestion and absorption. Basically, BioPerine helps you absorb more nutrients from the food that you eat (including the ingredients in Burn Lab Pro). Not only does this make the ingredients in Burn Lab Pro more potent, but BioPerine also makes it easier to eat a healthy diet, as the few calories you do eat will deliver many more nutrients.

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Who Uses Burn Lab Pro?

As stated at the start of this Burn Lab Pro review, this fat burner is primarily designed for athletes looking to shed as much fat and keep as much muscle mass as possible during a cut.

So who uses Burn Lab Pro?

Well, athletes for one!

According to Aljo Sterling, Burn Lab Pro helped him shred down to a fighting weight of 135lbs for his recent title fight with Petr Yan! A fast-rising star in UFC, Aljo claims that he loves how Burn Lab Pro helps him lose more fat and keep more muscle. Just watch this video here!

That’s a pretty compelling Burn Lab Pro review right there! If a professional UFC fighter can benefit from Burn Lab Pro, then we know we’re dealing with a pretty serious fat burner, not to mention a clean on free of banned substances.

You can see more about how Aljo Sterling used Burn Lab Pro on BurnLabPro.com.

But Burn Lab Pro isn’t just for professionals.

Anybody looking to retain as much muscle mass as possible during a cut can benefit from using Burn Lab Pro. The product is designed to promote rapid fat loss and reduce muscle catabolism. This is what we all want.

So long as your training and diet are on-point, Burn Lab Pro will help you achieve your goals faster and easier than ever.

Is Burn Lab Pro good for fasted training?

Yes, Burn Lab Pro is great for fasted training.

In fact, this is exactly the kind of scenario that Burn Lab Pro was designed for!

Burn Lab Pro works on three different dimensions of body recomposition: it encourages the mobilization of fat from your fat stores; it boosts endurance and energy levels, and it prevents muscle wastage during periods of caloric restriction and intensive training.

Keeping your gains is the really difficult thing about cutting.

We can all cut weight fast. You just stop eating food and walk a bunch every single day.

The problem with this though is that you will lose just as much muscle mass as you will fat. To keep your gains, you need to be using your muscles to the same degree and keep feeding them with carbs and protein; thins you can’t practically do while cutting calories.

The problem of keeping your gains is especially serious for “unenhanced” bodybuilders. If you’ve ever seen a natty bodybuilder after a serious cut, you’ll know that keeping big, inflated, thick muscles after 4 months of dieting is practically impossible (unless you have some seriously gifted genetics).

To help get around muscle loss, Burn Lab Pro utilizes HMB. This natural substance has been shown to prevent muscle mass loss in people undergoing fasted or severely calorie-restricted training.

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How to use Burn Lab Pro for maximum fat loss

The best way to use Burn Lab Pro for maximum fat loss is to use it consistently every single day for 2-3 months.

Any Burn Lab Pro review which tells you that you need to use Burn Lab Pro at a specific time (pre-workout, post-workout, whatever) is focusing on the wrong thing!

The trick to getting the most out of Burn Lab Pro, or any good fat burner for that matter, is consistency.

Fat loss doesn’t happen overnight. It can take months. Successful body recomposition takes even longer, as you need to more carefully balance weight loss with muscle preservation.

The beauty of Burn Lab Pro is that it works both on your training days and on your rest days; it works to save your gains and keep your body burning stored fat round the clock, 24/7.

So long as you are sticking to your diet plan and putting the work in at the gym, Burn Lab Pro will dramatically accelerate your cut progress if used consistently on a daily basis for a period of several weeks and months. Used for the duration of a cut, Burn Lab Pro can be devastatingly effective.

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Burn Lab Pro Side Effects

So we’ve seen that Burn Lab Pro looks like a genuinely effective fat burner.

But is Burn Lab Pro safe?

This is possibly the most important question for a Burn Lab Pro review to answer. After all, the issue with many fat burners on the market today is that they are not safe at all – they cause serious side effects, they pose long-term health risks, and some may even contain banned substances!

So is this fat burner safe?

Yes! Burn Lab Pro looks totally safe and side effect-free to us. This fat burner uses 100% natural ingredients, all of which have been thoroughly tested in numerous clinical trials. In none of the studies we have seen did any of the ingredients in Burn Lab Pro cause any side effects whatsoever.

What’s more, the dosages used in Burn Lab Pro are all well within the ranges tested in clinical trials. Each ingredient has been dosed to produce the most benefits for the lowest risk of side effects.

The best thing about Burn Lab Pro as far as safety is concerned is the lack of any stimulants in the formula. Most fat burners contain HUGE quantities of caffeine. Many contain multiple synthetic stimulants which collectively make side effects highly likely.

Common side effects of cheap fat burners full of stimulants include:

  • Jitters
  • Headaches
  • Stomach cramps
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Sweating
  • Hypertension
  • Elevated heart rate
  • Shortness of breath
  • Dizziness
  • Insomnia

Burn Lab Pro does not cause any of these side effects as it is completely stimulant-free. That means it is perfectly safe for daily, long-term use, it wont interact with your pre-workout, and you don’t need to worry about limiting coffee consumption.

Review Conclusion: Is Burn Lab Pro Any Good?

Burn Lab Pro is the single best fat burner on the market today. No other fat loss supplement comes close to delivering the quality an value for money that Burn Lab Pro does, especially when you factor in how clean and safe this fat burner is!

The main reason we like this fat burner so much is because it prioritizes preserving muscle mass over just accelerating weight loss.

Keeping hold of your gains is the truly difficult thing about cutting; just dropping weight is easy, but looking jacked, strong and muscular after a cut is almost impossible.

Burn Lab Pro makes it possible.

The HMB makes it incredibly easy for you to retain muscle mass while cutting, while the combination of Forslean and Capsimax accelerates fat loss by increasing caloric expenditure and increasing the production of lipase. Coupled with some Chromium to control blood sugar and BioPerine to improve nutrient absorption, this is a complete, full spectrum fat loss formula.

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