Homosexuality, fetishes, Big Ramy retiring? 

Bodybuilding has long been a popular sport amongst the gay community, although it is not often spoken about. Believe it or not, the gay community has had a lot of involvement with competitors of the sport for a long time, but it has been sort of a taboo topic throughout the years. This is where the topic of “Gay for Pay” comes into bodybuilding, which involves trading money for non-sexual things that are desired by the person paying, and typically these things involve posing. Victor Martinez goes deeper into the Gay for Pay topic, describing times where he was even approached and asked to pose for gay men and in return they would offer to pay him. He describes it as the original OnlyFans, which is a popular outlet for people to post their own sexual content for others to pay money to see. 

Bodybuilding was not as respected back in the day as it is today. It is no secret that bodybuilding is an expensive sport and the sponsorships were not always there, back in the earlier days of bodybuilding especially. Having a rich gay man that is offering money to pose can really help out with the bills such as food and supplements, gym memberships, or even anabolic steroids. In reality, gays were the original sponsors of bodybuilding. The Gay for Pay topic is certainly something that really makes you think, as the person is paying good money to a bodybuilder to see them pose, as it pleases them, so is it gay for the bodybuilder to partake in this?

Victor also goes on to say that even today the Gay for Pay thing is still popular, maybe even more than before, especially with social media. You have more divisions than ever, which means more athletes than ever. It is not uncommon for bodybuilders to have their DMs flooded on Instagram or other social media platforms asking for posing, body worship is very common in the industry. The question that arises for the bodybuilders who participate in acts such as this is, are they technically straight? If they are doing things that please a homosexual, but in reality is nothing different than posing on stage, is is gay? Victor brought up that he never participated in it, as even though he is comfortable in his sexuality, he just could not do it.

Fetishes in Bodybuilding 

Another topic discussed in this episode is fetishes. Bodybuilding has also been the focus of a large amount of sexual fetishes in the world, not even just amongst the gay community. There are a lot of fetishes that involve both male and female bodybuilders, with both homosexual and heterosexual individuals. 

There are plenty of fetishes out there, and some of them are certainly interesting. The GI Team brought up the time they were filming Generation Iron 2 and they were with Calum Von Moger, and his DMs were filled with people offering to purchase his used underwear and socks! Victor also stated that his underwear were stolen multiple times in gyms while he was showering. He also reminisced of some times where he was in the shower/bathroom at the gym and was visited by some unwanted peepers while doing his business. It is safe to say that he does not shower in gyms anymore.

There are also stories of regular men dressing up as a baby, then paying female bodybuilders to carry them around and treat them like a child, which Victor describes as the “Schmo lifestyle.” Something like this can be similarly done by “Killer” Sally McNeil, where men would pay her to wrestle them. 

Are Fetishes and Gay for Pay Accepted? 

The bottom line is that it is 2023, and we do not judge. Bodybuilding is not cheap and bodybuilders need to do what they can to survive, and the gay community has always been willing to pay for bodybuilders to do their thing, which is usually pose. OnlyFans is a thing where people are really putting themselves out there, so if you are posing for someone for some extra cash and you are secure in who you are, then that is your choice. Just stay safe!

Ramy’s Retirement

Victor and the GI Team also cover the topic of Big Ramy after Bob Cicherillo, the Mr. Olympia announcer, made a comment about Ramy possibly retiring after these past few shows he has competed in, as his placings were certainly not the most ideal. When asked by a fan about the retirement, Big Ramy stated that he was not retiring, and Victor agreed that he should not, as he has a great amount of muscle with little injuries, and he has faith in the 2x Olympia champ to make a comeback and win some more titles. It all comes down to how Ramy presents himself on stage the next time around.

The guys also question if Ramy should switch coaches or change up his training regimen. Ramy is currently with famed bodybuilding coach Chad Nicholls, but these past few shows have not gone in his favor. Jay Cutler is used as an example, as he made a comeback after changing coaches and won an Olympia. Like Ramy, Jay was also a very large competitor, and he brought some great conditioning to accompany that after competing against Ronnie Coleman where the judges seemed to really like the size.

Do you think that Big Ramy can and should make a comeback? Do you think that Big Ramy has more titles to win? 

Wrap Up

Victor Martinez and the GI team go into far more detail than we can cover here, and it surely is an interesting one that you do not want to miss. Including a breakdown of the Gay for Pay topic, fetishes, and Ramy’s retirement. and some good stories from Martinez’s old job as a bouncer at a popular night club. You can check it out completely in the latest Generation Iron Podcast episode above!

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