Bikini Natural Bodybuilder Jackie Gonzalez’s Thunder Thighs Workout

Jackie Gonzalez thunder thigh workout

PNBA Bikini competitor Jackie Gonzalez shares a quad-focused leg workout to build thunder thighs!

Your quadriceps make up a big portion of your thighs, and it’s essential to have well-developed thighs in bodybuilding. Although having thunder thighs is an aspiration, many lifters endeavors, especially women who lift. International Natural Bodybuilding Association (INBA)/Professional Natural Bodybuilding Association (PNBA) athlete Jackie Gonzalez shared a quad-focused workout on Instagram (IG). 

Jackie Gonzalez is a Bikini competitor who competed in the Bikini Divas division at 2021 Natural Olympia. She placed in the top 10, receiving seventh place. Outside of bodybuilding, she’s a teacher and owns a dog and cat in Dallas, TX. 

In an IG post on February 23, 2022, Gonzalez shared a quad-focused leg workout she did to prepare for the upcoming 2022 INBA PNBA season. Gonzalez stated:

“I have been loving this off season so far and believe to have been progressing fairly steadily in terms of progressively lifting heavier when possible. I’m so excited for this coming season! 

Try out this quad focused leg day and tell me how you like it: 

-Squats: 2 warm- up set followed by 2Sx15R, 1Sx12R, 1Sx8R, 1Sx5R 

-Leg Press: (High-Low foot positioning) 3Sx15R

-Leg Extension: 3Sx15R, 4S is a drop set x3

-Walking Lunges + step-up (10 each leg) x2

-Seated Leg Curl: 4Sx15R”

Jackie Gonzalez’s Quad-Focused Workout

Four muscles make up your quadriceps – the anterior (front) of your thigh. You use your quads for everyday functions, such as transitioning from sitting to standing. They support your knees and are important for knee extension. Below is Jackie Gonzalez’s off-season leg workout that emphasizes quads. 

*Note: She warmed up with two sets of squats followed by completing two sets of 15 reps, one set of 12 reps, one set of 8 reps, and one set of 5 reps of squats. 

Below you can see Jackie Gonzalez performing hip thrusts – glute exercise


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Bikini Divas

The INBA PNBA has a few different Bikini divisions, including Bikini Divas, Bikini Angels, and Bikini Mamas. Jackie Gonzalez competes in the Bikini Divas class – Kayla Rowling is the back-to-back winner.

Sex appeal and presentation are an essential part of the scoring in this category. Bikini Divas will dress in a swimsuit, high heels, and jewelry. Women in this class will still be muscular and toned; visible abs and a slightly visible glute-hamstring tie-in are imperative to be a top contender. So to rank well in the judge’s eyes, having lean and muscular legs are advantageous. 

However, Bikini Divas won’t be quite as muscular as other divisions, such as Women’s Physique and Women’s Figure. Although compared to Bikini Angels, muscularity is more critical since Angels aren’t entirely judged on their physique – visible abdominals aren’t necessary. 


Well-developed thighs are imperative in many bodybuilding categories. And many lifters, especially women, aspire to have toned legs. So try out Jackie Gonzalez’s quad-focused workout next leg day to develop thunder thighs! 

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