Big Ramy Shares Final Physique Update At 337.7 Pounds Before Olympia Diet Begins

Physique Update

Big Ramy is entering the final stage of his preparation for the 2022 Olympia.

Big Ramy is officially entering the final stages of his Olympia prep for the 2022 contest. The reigning two-time champion shared a final physique update before beginning his contest diet for the biggest show of the year.

Ramy looks massive in his most recent physique update at 337.7 pounds. He is viewed as the favorite to win his third consecutive Sandow Trophy because he is likely to enter the contest shredded at an insane size. Ramy missed a chance to guest pose at the 2022 Pittsburgh Pro but has clearly kept up with his preparation.

Entering the 2021 Olympia, Ramy did not begin his training until a couple months before the show. He did not bring his best package to the stage but was still able to put together a winning physique. That was not the case this year as Big Ramy began prep right away for the 2022 show.

Now, Ramy is entering his contest diet to take his physique to another level.

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Big Ramy: “Let The Fun Begin”

On Thursday morning, Big Ramy shared a physique update and his current weight before entering a different stage of preparation.

“Last pictures before start of my contest diet. Weight 153.5kg/ 337.7lbs. Let the fun begin.”


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Big Ramy has been active on social media recently sharing physique updates and keeping fans current on his weight. In the pictures, Ramy is seen hitting a double-bicep pose and giving shots of his back. Ramy’s delts and lats look insanely large in the pictures as he prepares to put the finishing touches on a shredded physique.

Recently, Ramy spoke on who he believes would be the top three at the Olympia if he was not involved. He highlighted Brandon Curry, William Bonac, and Hadi Choopan. Curry and Choopan finished second and third respectively in 2021. There are many who believe that Bonac should have won the 2022 Arnold Classic and will be a force come the Olympia.

The Men’s Open division is extremely deep, making for an exciting competition. Newcomers, such as Andrew Jacked, will be in the mix as well. Nick Walker and Hunter Labrada will be looking to build off top-five finishes in 2021.

Dennis James has promised that Ramy will be at his absolute best coming into the 2022 Olympia. Off two championships, he has to be the favorite to lift the trophy once again.


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