2022 Natural Olympia Results

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Tommi Thompson wins the 2022 Natural Olympia title! 

The 2022 Natural Olympia results are in! The 2022 Natural Olympia took place at the Golden Nugget Las Vegas Hotel & Casino from November 10-13. And it was Tommi Thompson that came out on top. 

Tommi Thompson won the Men’s Bodybuilding Open division at Natural Olympia. Earlier this summer, Thompson shared some contest prep tips before competing at the International Natural Bodybuilding Association (INBA)/Professional Natural Bodybuilding Association (PNBA) Pro/Am World Championships in Florence, Italy. Of course, his prep and training with former Natural Olympia champ Philip Ricardo Jr. have paid off now that he’s the champ of the biggest natural bodybuilding show globally. 

The INBA PNBA, the largest natural bodybuilding organization globally, hosts the Super Bowl of bodybuilding. Natural Olympia is akin to Mr. Olympia except with one big difference–as the name implies, it’s for naturals only. Bodybuilders that compete in Natural Olympia are thoroughly drug tested through the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) guidelines–the most superior drug testing standards in professional sports. 

The cash prizes aren’t nearly as big as the ones in the International Federation of BodyBuilding and Fitness (IFBB) Pro. For example, the 2022 Mr. Olympia champ Hadi Choopan won a whopping $400,000 winning Mr. Olympia, compared to Thompson’s $3,000 payout for winning the Men’s Bodybuilding Open division at Natural Olympia. And, of course, as natural athletes, there’s a considerable size difference between the athletes in the INBA PNBA league compared to the IFBB Pro athletes. 

This year Natural Olympia saw many prominent faces, including the legend and former Natural Olympia champ Philip Ricardo Jr., Hall of Famer Chad Martin, and 3x Natural Olympia Classic Physique champ Brandon Lirio. And Men’s Bodybuilding Masters top competitor Peter Cichonski and former Bikini Divas champ Kayla Rowling. In addition, 6x Natural Olympia champ Kiyoshi Moody came out of retirement to step on the Pinnacle of Natural Bodybuilding stage. 

Moreover, many reigning champs from 2021 Natural Olympia came back to reclaim their title: Alondra Chatman (Figure Open ), Derek Joe (Classic Physique Open ), Tamer Barakat (Classic Physique Masters ), Arely Ayala (Angels ), Hilary Grant (Figure Masters), and Claire Burton (Women’s Physique Masters). 

The event results are listed below, where you’ll find a full breakdown of the winners and top-place finishers at the 2022 Natural Olympia. 

2022 Natural Olympia: All Pro Division Winners

  • Men’s Bodybuilding Open: Tommi Thompson 
  • Women’s Bodybuilding Open: Leanne Barrett
  • Figure Classic: Angela Wiseman
  • Men’s Sport Model Masters: Brandon Stewart
  • Men’s Sport Model Open: Sang Yeon Hwang
  • Women’s Sport Model Masters: Henrietta Farkas
  • Women’s Sport Model Open: Lana Danliov
  • Classic Physique Masters: Tamer Barakat 
  • Classic Physique Open: Derek Joe 
  • Women’s Physique Masters: Claire Burton 
  • Women’s Physique Open: Kristy Graham-Kumabe 
  • Men’s Physique Masters: Jason Magee
  • Figure Masters: Hilary Grant 
  • Figure Open: Alondra Chatman 
  • Women’s Bodybuilding Masters: Michelle Lawrence 
  • Women’s Bodybuilding Grand Masters: Sarah Condor Fisher 
  • Men’s Bodybuilding Masters: Tommi Thompson 
  • Angels: Arely Ayala 
  • Men’s Bodybuilding Grand Masters: Tamer Barakat 
  • Men’s Bodybuilding Ultra Masters: Peter Cichonski 
  • Wellness: Shiante Alcorn-Suarez
  • Bikini Divas Masters: Diane Joojoo Kim
  • Bikini Divas Open: Lana Danilov
  • Men’s Physique Open: Daniel Anderson 

Division Breakdown 

Men’s Bodybuilding Open

  • First Place – Tommi Thompson 
  • Second Place – Ben Lloyd
  • Third Place – Philip Ricardo 
  • Fourth Place – Kiyoshi Moody
  • Fifth Place – Key Gedan 

Women’s Bodybuilding Open

  • First Place – Leanne Barrett 
  • Second Place – Claire Guirguis
  • Third Place – Michelle Lawrence 
  • Fourth Place – Anita Csurgo
  • Fifth Place – Megan Knight 


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Figure Classic

  • First Place – Angela Wiseman
  • Second Place – Veronica Malloy
  • Third Place – Hilary Grant
  • Fourth Place – Svetlana Joiner
  • Fifth Place – Nicole Bolz

Men’s Sport Model Masters

  • First Place – Brandon Stewart
  • Second Place – Marcos Almeada


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 Men’s Sport Model Open

Women’s Sport Model Masters

  • First Place – Henrietta Farkas
  • Second Place –  Paula Scopinaro 
  • Third Place – Hyemi Park
  • Fourth Place – Brittany Yeates 

Women’s Sport Model Open

  • First Place – Lana Danliov
  • Second Place –  Henrietta Farkas 
  • Third Place – Talia Kerr
  • Fourth Place – Paula Scopinaro
  • Fifth Place – Stephanie Zorzi

Classic Physique Masters

  • First Place – Tamer Barakat 
  • Second Place –  Henrik Edstrom 
  • Third Place – Peter Cichonski 
  • Fourth Place – Rota Elliot 
  • Fifth Place – Chris Moore 


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Classic Physique Open

  • First Place – Derek Joe 
  • Second Place –  Lawrence Chambers 
  • Third Place – Brandon Lirio 
  • Fourth Place – Tamer Barkat 
  • Fifth Place – Luigi Musella 

Women’s Physique Masters

  • First Place – Claire Burton 
  • Second Place –  Kay Wiseman 
  • Third Place – Christine Desoto 
  • Fourth Place – Svetlana Joiner 
  • Fifth Place – Beth Wright 

Women’s Physique Open 

  • First Place – Kristy Graham-Kumabe 
  • Second Place –  Nicole Basmer 
  • Third Place – Claire Burton 
  • Fourth Place – Nicola Truelove 
  • Fifth Place – Kay Wiseman 

Men’s Physique Masters

  • First Place – Jason Magee  
  • Second Place –  Simone Crapanzano 
  • Third Place – Michael Wittig 
  • Fourth Place – Allan Guinto 
  • Fifth Place – Thane Brizan 


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Figure Masters

  • First Place – Hilary Grant 
  • Second Place –  Paula Christian Cox 
  • Third Place – Anita Csurgo 
  • Fourth Place – Henrietta Farkas 
  • Fifth Place – Mary Haynes 


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Figure Open 

  • First Place – Alondra Chatman 
  • Second Place –  Zhanique Lovett
  • Third Place –  Sherrie Bingham 
  • Fourth Place – Veronica Malloy 
  • Fifth Place – Angela Wiseman 


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Women’s Bodybuilding Masters 

  • First Place – Michelle Lawrence 

Women’s Bodybuilding Grand Masters

  • First Place – Sarha Condor Fisher 

Men’s Bodybuilding Masters

  • First Place – Tommi Thompson 
  • Second Place –  Tamer Barakat 
  • Third Place –  Joseph Farese 
  • Fourth Place – Matt Mirowski 
  • Fifth Place – Rota Elliot 


  • First Place – Arely Ayala 
  • Second Place –  Diane Joojoo Kim 
  • Third Place –  Crystal Jones 
  • Fourth Place – Evet Markarian 
  • Fifth Place – Panakun Maisat 

Men’s Bodybuilding Grand Masters

  • First Place – Tamer Barakat
  • Second Place –  Philip Ricardo 
  • Third Place –  Chad Martin 
  • Fourth Place – Joseph Farese 
  • Fifth Place – Byrce Cleary 

Men’s Bodybuilding Ultra Masters 

  • First Place – Peter Cichonski 
  • Second Place –  Ron Derby 
  • Third Place –  Kevin Cvengros 
  • Fourth Place – Peka Bennefield 


  • First Place – Shiante Alcorn-Suarez
  • Second Place –  Niamh Swart 
  • Third Place –  Elizabeth Tran 
  • Fourth Place – Perla Bueno 
  • Fifth Place – Nathali Bordeaux 

Bikini Divas Masters

  • First Place – Diane Joojoo Kim 
  • Second Place –  Svetlana Zelenyuk
  • Third Place –  Vanessa Aichele 
  • Fourth Place – Kelly Vaupel 
  • Fifth Place – Sandra Van De Kamp 

Bikini Divas Open

  • First Place – Lana Danilov 
  • Second Place –  Kayla Rowling 
  • Third Place –  Lisa-Marie Linn 
  • Fourth Place – Shar Hess
  • Fifth Place – Diane Joojoo Kim 

Men’s Physique Open

  • First Place – Daniel Anderson 
  • Second Place –  Jovan Ennis-Esson
  • Third Place –  Colin Congo 
  • Fourth Place – Philip Thomas 
  • Fifth Place – Marc Cheatham 

Generation Iron congratulates all the outstanding competitors who earned a medal and competed at the 2022 Natural Olympia.

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