Here’s How Much Money Was Won at the 2023 Olympia

2024 Olympia returns to Las Vegas
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The Men’s Open division takes home the largest payout by a landslide. 

The 2023 Mr. Olympia has ended, leaving us with countless surprises across several divisions, including the highly anticipated main event, where Derek Lunsford is your new Mr. Olympia 2023! This past weekend, from November 2nd to 5th, the bodybuilding world witnessed the culmination of months of dedication and perseverance. As fans and loved ones filled the arena, the competition reclaimed its pre-COVID numbers.

The biggest winner at this year’s Olympia was Mr. Olympia 2023, Derek Lunsford, who took home a whopping $400,000. There were ten other divisions, with winners taking home sizeable payouts to crown all their hard work. Below, we look at each division and how much money was won at the 2023 Olympia. 

Mr. Olympia 2023 Open Category


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In the Mr. Olympia category, Derek Lunsford justified his move from the Men’s 212 to the Men’s Open by taking home the most significant title two years after his switch — he was the runner-up last year. Coming in second place was last year’s winner, Hadi Choopan, while Samson Dauda clinched the third spot.

  • Derek Lunsford – $400,000 
  • Hadi Choopan  – $150,000
  • Samson Dauda  – $100,000
  • Brandon Curry – $40,000
  • Andrew Jacked – $35,000

212 Olympia 2023 Prize Money


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The Men’s 212 is another division shocked as Keone Pearson came from a sixth-place finish in 2022 to win this year. Coming in second place was Shaun Clarida, who clinched the title last year after Lunsford changed divisions. Angel Calderon Frias, who ended with a second-place finish last year, took home the third-place spot for this division. 

  • Keone Pearson – $50,000
  • Shaun Clarida – $20,000
  • Angel Calderon Frias  – $10,000
  • Kerrith Bajjo – $6,000
  • Ahmad Ashkanani – $4,000

Classic Physique 2023 Olympia Prize Money


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In the Classic Physique division, Chris Bumstead treated his fans in the house to another delightful Olympia by taking home the first prize for the fifth consecutive year. Strong contenders Ramon Rocha Queiroz and Urs Kalecinski had to settle for the second and third-place positions, respectively.

  • Chris Bumstead – $50,000
  • Ramon Rocha Queiroz – $20,000
  • Urs Kalecinski– $12,000
  • Breon Ansley – $7,000
  • Terrence Ruffin – $6,000

Men’s Physique 2023 Olympia Prize Money


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The Men’s Physique is another division that saw a change, with British bodybuilder Ryan Terry winning his first Olympia title — after a seventh-place standing last year! Three-time champion Brandon Hendrickson came in second place, while last year’s winner, Erin Banks, had to be satisfied with a third-place finish this year.

  • Ryan Terry – $50,000
  • Brandon Hendrickson – $20,000
  • Erin Banks – $12,000
  • Emanuel Hunter – $7,000
  • Diogo Montenegro – $6,000

Ms. Olympia Prize Money


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Andrea Shaw has dominated the Ms. Olympia title since its return in 2020, and this year was not any different. She took home the biggest prize money in this division ahead of strong contender Angela Leo, who came in second again this year. Alcione Santos Baretto from Brazil came in third place after an eighth-place finish in 2022.

  • Andrea Shaw – $50,000
  • Angela Yeo – $20,000
  • Alcione Baretto – $12,000
  • Sherri Priami – $7,000
  • Natalia Kovaleva – $6,000

Figure Prize Money

The top five of 2023 Figure Olympia saw only a slight change in the lineup of winners this year, with Cherish Richardson as a newcomer in fourth. First to third positions remained the same, with Cydney Gillion taking home first place and second and third going to Jessica Padilla and Lola Montez, respectively. 

  • Cydney Gillon – $50,000
  • Jessica Reyes Padilla – $20,000
  • Lola Montez – $12,000
  • Cherish Richardson – $7,000
  • Natalia Soltero – $5,000

Women’s Fitness Prize Money

In the Women’s Fitness division, Oksana Grishina returned from an injury that stopped her from participating last year to win the title, showcasing a testament to perseverance. Taylor Learmont came second in her first Olympia debut, while Jaclyn Baker, who came in second in 2022, went home with third place this year.

  • Oksana Grishina  – $50,000
  • Taylor Learmont – $20,000
  • Jaclyn Baker – $12,000
  • Ariel Khadr – $7,000
  • Whitney Jones – $6,000

Women’s Physique Prize Money


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Women’s Physique saw a switch in first and second place from last year, with Sarah Villegas clinching the top prize money this year. Natalia Coelho, the winner of last year, came in second while Zena Benta clinched the third place position. 

  • Sarah Villegas – $50,000
  • Natalia Abraham Coelho – $20,000
  • Zena Benta – $12,000
  • Brooke Walker – $7,000
  • Anne-Lorraine Mohn – $6,000

Bikini Prize Money


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If you had your money on Jennifer Dorie to win the Bikini division this year, then you were right. Dorie regained the title from Maureen Blanquisco, going back to her winning ways of 2021. Blanquisco came in second, followed by Ashley Kaltwasser, who remained in third like she did last year. 

  • Jennifer Dorie – $50,000
  • Maureen Blanquisco – $20,000
  • Ashley Kaltwasser – $12,000
  • Lauralie Chapados – $7,000
  • Elisa Pecini – $6,000

Wellness Prize Money


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One point separated the winner from the runner-up in the tightly contested Wellness division of the Olympia this year. However, Francielle Mattos was able to hold on to her win from last year and the year before to go home with the biggest prize money. Isabelle Nunes, who jumped from third to second last year, also stayed second this year but gave Mattos a tight run for the money. Elisa Alcantra came in third place. 

  • Francielle Mattos – $50,000
  • Isabelle Nunes – $20,000
  • Elisa Alcantara – $12,000
  • Rayane Fogal – $7,000
  • Giselle Machado – $6,000

Men’s Wheelchair Prize Money

Finally, the Men’s Wheelchair saw a change as Karol Milewski won the title from five-time champion Harold Kelley. Kelley came in second, while Josue Monterro clinched the third position. The full breakdown of the top five standings is as follows:

  • Karol Milewski – First Place
  • Harold Kelley – Second Place
  • Josue Fabiano Barreto Monteiro – Third Place
  • Mohammadreszi Tabrizi Nouri – Fourth Place
  • Gabrielle Andruili – Fifth Place

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