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How to Perfect the Pose

Muscles mean nothing if you don’t know how to pose!

In bodybuilding, posing is the natural expression of what you love. The lifestyle that you worked so hard to live and the muscles you trained so hard to obtain. You have dieted down and trained hard to get here. But at the end of the day, at the end of the season, when you get up on stage your job isn’t to lift weights or eat the right foods. It is to show off your hard work and the results of all those hours you put in, the best way you possibly can.

So to that end, it is a performance. It’s the moment you stand on a stage and try to impress people with your movement and muscle definition, and there is so much that goes into perfecting how you show everything off. You need to catch the light just right. Then you have bring attention to yourself when you get called up with the final six, you need to stand out. Don’t forget to be flexible. you might have what you think is the best posing routine but at the end of the day you have to adapt to how the audience and judges react.

“I find out which poses they really like. That’s why I don’t have a specific posing routine, because you never know what they like, and what they don’t. Sometimes you think a routine is good but the applause is going down. You have to be very flexible in these things. You have to listen. When you hit the most muscular and they start screaming, you know they like the more freaky poses, so you keep hitting it again and maybe hold it longer to get the cuts out more. You know then that they like the drama shots and you can forget the symmetrical stuff”

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Pumping Iron

Music in Your Posing Routine

Today, music is a very important part of posing. Like we mentioned before, posing is a performance. It is a spectacle that needs to entertain from all perspectives, and if the audio and visuals don’t mix well, you aren’t doing your best. Therefore, the music is huge when it comes to posing.

While not a main pillar of the pose, picking perfect music and then adapting your routine to the flow is a detail that separates the elite from the rest. Consider how well the movement of your body can match the flow and beat of the song. Choose a song that best fits your range and experience with flow and motion. If you aren’t the best with rhythm or grace then have your music reflect that aspect of your personality.

The Importance of Posing Pictures

It’s a good idea to take photographs of all the poses you plan to use on stage. This way you can take a good look at yourself afterwards and pinpoint the flaws in each pose. Where can you improve your flex? What little things are you forgetting to do? Constantly analyzing pictures of your poses will help you become detail oriented to the point that you can see every inch of your body in your head. That way, when you are on stage you have complete control of every element of the pose.

Plan Your Routine… But Be Flexible

We stated this at the beginning. It’s always important to have a plan that perfectly fits in with your music, but you have to open to the fact that things change. Much like any live performance, nothing stays the same from each show. Prepare alternative versions of your routine as a back up. Perhaps the crowd really loved a certain element of your performance – amp that element up so you can keep them engaged. Same goes for the opposite, if a certain pose falls flat – stray away from that aspect as you move forward.

It’s also good to have a backup for pre-judging routines. Normally you won’t be able to use your own music at this stage. Some of those epic poses might not hit as hard over silence or house music, so adjust accordingly.

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Hunter Labrada Believes He “Matches Up Well” With Big Ramy, Discusses Top Five For 2022 Olympia

Big Ramy Olympia

Hunter Labrada is preparing his physique for a potential showdown with the two-time champion.

Hunter Labrada finished fourth during the 2021 Olympia and believes he can return to this standing and even blow right past it. In a recent interview with Dave Palumbo of RX Muscle, Labrada revealed that he is focused on his conditioning and believes it will be a good battle between himself and Big Ramy.

The reigning two-time champion is the favorite to win his third consecutive title. There might not be many competitors that can play the size game with Ramy and that is why Labrada is focused on bringing a shredded package to the stage.

“I feel like I’m a lot bigger in person and a lot better shape in person. Typically, in the past, and I’ll be honest about this year. This year is a whole different ball game in terms of conditioning,” Labrada said.

Guest Posing

Hunter Labrada Ready For Battle At 2022 Olympia, Breaks Down Top 5

Hunter Labrada and Nick Walker burst onto the scene last year as top-five finishers. There have been many predictions made on how this year’s show will play out and Labrada recently gave his thoughts.

“I think this year’s top five will be the same as last year’s top five with the major major major major wild cards being Derek [Lunsford], William Bonac, and Andrew [Jacked].”

“I’ve seen William in person, I’ve seen Derek in person, I know what they’re like. And then, obviously, Andrew’s had the season he’s had, and I have people and I respect their opinion, and they’re like, ‘yeah, he’s the real deal in person.”

This year’s competition in Men’s Open has a chance to be one of the most exciting in years. The pool of talent keeps getting deeper and there are many that will take a swing at Big Ramy. According to Labrada, that is the ultimate goal and he feels like he is within reach.

“I trained to win all year. I’m going to the Olympia to try to win the Olympia. It’s going to be Ramy. I’m going to need to match up against him. I feel like I can match up well. You know, obviously, he’s going to be the biggest person on stage by far, but I’ve added size to the places I needed to and maintained my waistline and I have my shape.”

There are many who have said that Big Ramy is unbeatable, especially if he comes into the show shredded. What we do know is that we are just over a week away from finding out the fate of the 2022 Olympia.

“At the end of the day, it’s not a David versus Goliath thing in my book. I feel it’s a little more of a level playing field for me and some of the guys.”

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Generation Iron Supplement Awards 2022

Generation Iron Supplement Awards 2022

Our Top Supplement Picks This Year

The annual supplement awards have finally come. It is that time of the year, where we at Generation Iron hand pick the best supplements of the year for you to see all in one piece. Choosing items from energy drinks to protein powders, we name just about everything. These supplements are quality, good tasting, and overall will help you reach your fitness goals. We have something for just about everyone.

What is a Supplement?

Before we dive into our top picks for the supplement awards, we should establish just what supplements are. Diet and working out are definitely key factors in achieving your fitness goals, but for the extra assistance people can turn to supplements. Dietary supplements are intended to add to or supplement the diet and are different from conventional food. The products range depending on what they are intended to do specifically. So let’s dive into our top picks for the supplement awards.

Protein Powder of the Year: RAW Protein

Raw Protein Powder Of The Year Generation Iron Supplement Awards 2022

Kicking the list off with our top picks for protein powders, let’s take a look at our top picks.

Coming in first for our protein powder of the year, is RAW Protein. RAW Nutrition brings you our grass-fed micro-filtered isolate protein. Each scoop packs 25 grams of the highest quality protein, the perfect amount! It also contains only 0.5g of total fat and 1 gram of carbohydrates. RAW Protein does increase the gram per serving in order to get the perfect taste but it does not lower the quality of the whey protein itself. For $54.99, you can get your hands on a ton of delicious flavors from caramel macchiato to fruity cereal. 

As for our runner ups, they are as follows: 

Pre-Workout Supplement of the Year: Transparent Labs BULK Pre-Workout

Transparent Labs Bulk Pre-Workout Of The Year Generation Iron Supplement Awards 2022

Our top pre-workout pick could be none other than Transparent Labs BULK Pre-Workout! Not only is it backed by science, but also has clinically effective dosages, this pre-workout is most effective for those looking to increase in size and muscle mass. Transparent Labs BULK contains 6,000 mg of citrulline malate, 4,000 mg of beta-alanine, 4,000 mg of BCAAs, and 2,500 mg of betaine to boost your workouts, blood flow, weight loss, and muscle growth, all in attempts to improve performance.

BULK will reduce fatigue and increase your energy to give you a more impactful and longer lasting workout. Transparent Labs prides themselves on a 100% label and there are no artificial additives, colorings, or preservatives to ruin this clean product. For only $49.00, this pre-workout can be the next thing to fuel your workouts!

Code GENIRON10 For 10% Off

Transparent Labs PreSeries BULK is backed by science with clinically effective dosages to increase muscle size and mass. This pre-workout is perfect for reducing fatigue, aiding in muscle growth, and boosting energy levels for better overall performance.

Our runner ups are as follows: 

Fat-Burner Supplement of the Year: Transparent Labs Physique Series Fat-Burner

Transparent Labs Physique Series Fat Burner Of The Year Generation Iron Supplement Awards 2022

Shedding off that unwanted fat in order to get shredded for summer can be difficult. Diet and workouts do most of the work, but a good fat burner always helps. PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner is great for those looking to lose weight fast without sacrificing muscle in order to achieve that toned physique. There are three ways to lose fat: increased metabolic rate, the suppression of hunger cravings, and a lifestyle that you can enjoy, Transparent Labs Physique Series gives you all three. For the price of $49 you get 120 capsules, a 30-day supply, and some extra help shedding that unwanted fat.

Code GENIRON10 For 10% Off

Transparent Labs Fat Burner is a great burner to expedite weight loss in 3 ways. A 100% honest label ensures quality ingredients and optimal effectiveness.

Our runner ups are as follows: 

Vegan Product of the Year: Transparent Labs Plant Series Organic Vegan

Transparent Labs Organic Vegan Supplement Of The Year Generation Iron Supplement Awards 2022

Not everyone likes to consume animal protein powders, and vegan protein powders are hit or miss, but Transparent Labs Organic Vegan definitely delivers. Transparent Labs prides themselves on honest and transparent labels and can assure quality control when it comes to zero artificial sweeteners, coloring, or preservatives in their products. Designed to give consumers a top quality vegan protein free from any added nonsense ensures a clean and safe supplement to really boost your goals. 

It contains a healthy amount of protein in 24 grams and also 4 grams of fiber, which is often an understated element when it comes to plant based proteins. With only 3 grams of carbs and 2 grams of fat, this protein is 100% vegan and free of artificial flavoring with the added bonus of being USDA Organic Certified. For the price of $49.00, it can be yours too!


Code GENIRON10 For 10% Off

Transparent Labs Organic Vegan is a 100% vegan protein powder with 24g protein that is easy on your digestion system. With no artificial additives, this is great for weight management and muscle growth.

Our runner ups in this section are as follows:

Protein Bar of the Year: RAW Bar

Raw Protein Bar Of The Year Generation Iron Supplement Awards 2022

Protein bars are great for a quick snack to help hit macros. The RAW Bar is packed with whole food goodness, using just seven natural ingredients to deliver top notch flavor and essential nutrients to stay energized. Whether it’s grabbed as an after school snack or between meetings, the RAW Bar delivers quality and convenience to individuals of all ages. It is filled with 13 grams of quality protein to fulfill your needs. Although it is a premium priced option sitting at $42.99 for 12 bars, you will not regret your purchase.

Our runner ups for the protein bar of the year are as follows: 

Women’s Product of the Year: Clean Burn Stim Free

Don’t worry ladies, we did not forget about you, we have something just for you. That something is from Kaged Muscle, and it is their Kaged Muscle Clean Burn. This is a stimulant-free fat burner designed to help tackle all of your fat loss needs so you can see your desired goals come to life. With 90 servings per container, 2 capsules will give you all the benefits these great ingredients and formula have to offer unlike many other weight loss pills and weight loss supplements. This is also great for those in a cutting phase with key ingredients and unparalleled quality. For only $29.99, you can give this a try!

Code GENIRON10 For 10% Off

Kaged Muscle Clean Burn is a great stim-free fat loss solution to tackle any weight loss needs. With great fat burning ingredients and a powerful formula, this is great for weight loss or weight management.

Our runner ups for the ladies are as follows:

Post Workout of the Year: National Bodybuilding Pro Contest BCAA

National Bodybuilding Co BCAA post workout of the year Generation Iron supplement awards 2022

What you consume post workout is huge for your recovery. Lucky for you, we handpicked the best product for post workout. National Bodybuilding Co. Pro Contest BCAA is one of those supplements you need to upgrade strength, endurance, and recovery faster than before. Naturally sourced ingredients and a side effect free guarantee, this formula will work to build muscle and recovery, stop muscle breakdown, boost athletic performance, and is great for all types of training. Tested and formulated from clinical studies, this supplement is safe for all your performance and recovery needs.

It contains a great ratio of the BCAAs L-leucine, L-isoleucine, and L-valine will work for muscle endurance and hypertrophy in the gym. It won’t break the bank either, for just $38.00 you can get your hands on our top choice for your post workout. 

National Bodybuilding Co. Pro Contest BCAA is great for improving strength, endurance, and recovery. Naturally sourced ingredients are put into an awesome formula for the best results.

The runner ups for post workout are as follows:

Muscle Building Product of the Year: MuscleMeds Carnivor Non-Dairy

MuscleMeds Carnivor Muscle Building Product Of The Year Generation Iron Supplement Awards 2022

A good product to build muscle, what could it be? It is MuscleMeds Carnivor Non-Dairy Beef Protein. MuscleMeds has pushed the boundaries in the sports nutrition game for over a decade and relies on innovation and premium ingredients to produce the best supplements for bodybuilders, strength and high-performance athletes. Packed with 23g of hydrolyzed beef protein that is fast digesting and easy on your stomach, how can you say no? Being non-dairy it helps avoid unwanted results of consuming dairy that some may encounter. It also has great flavors like their new one, Rocket Pop, and comes with 56 servings for just $69.74.

30% OFF

Carnivor is a 100% beef protein isolate that is fast digesting and great tasting for an effective non-dairy protein supplement.

Our runner ups for muscle building products are as follows: 

Ready-to-Drink Product of the Year: Ghost Energy Drink

Ghost Energy Drink Of The Year Generation Iron Supplement Awards 2022

Who doesn’t love a good drink that is already prepped, especially a delicious energy drink. Ghost comes in with a great product to help with focus and energy. Packed with 200mg of caffeine and only 40 calories, Ghost Energy Drinks will have you ready to go. They have some awesome flavors, like Swedish Fish, Sour Patch Kids, Warheads, and more! You can find them in your local gas station, GNC, or other supplement stores for only about $29.99 and a total of 12 cans. 

Our runner ups for ready-to-drink products are as follows:

  • Reign Total Body Fuel
  • Celcius Energy Drinks
  • Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy+Electrolytes Sparkling Drink

Best New Brand of the Year: Gainful

Gainful Best New Brand Generation Iron Supplement Awards 2022

Finding the new kids on the block that provide quality products is not always easy. Many new companies do not have the reviews and reputation that makes them truly stand out just because of how youthful they are in the industry. Gainful does stand out however, being featured in BuzzFeed, Forbes, and Mashable. Gainful provides products for protein, hydration, pre-workout, and performance boosting. One thing that makes them stand out is their products can be personalized before you order.

Our runner ups are as follows:

Health and Wellness Product of the Year: Transparent Labs WellnessSeries Multivitamin

Transparent Labs Multivitamin of the year Generation Iron Supplement Awards 2022

Health is wealth as they say, and fueling your body with the best possible health products is something worth shooting for. Transparent Labs WellnessSeries Multivitamin is an ultra-potent supplement for both men and women with an advanced formula to ensure your body gets all of the essential micronutrients. Created from bioavailable forms of key vitamins and minerals, it also ensures easy absorption of these key nutrients. 30 servings all packed with the vitamins you need, like A, C, D, and the list goes on, you are getting a great product for just $29.00.

Code GENIRON10 For 10% Off

Transparent Labs WellnessSeries Multivitamin is an ultra-potent supplement for those looking to optimize their health. With 22 active ingredients, this will pump you with vital nutrients with easy absorption.

Our runner ups are as follows: 

Best Testosterone Booster Supplement: InnoSupps T-Drive

Inno Supps T-Drive Testosterone Booster Of The Year Generation Iron Supplement Awards 2022

Testosterone is key in building muscle, and sometimes you may need a little extra boost to help. Luckily for you we have the best testosterone booster picked out for you. InnoSupps T-Drive is our top choice! InnoSupps states that T-Drive will provide energy and balanced t-levels throughout the day, not only in the gym. Let’s take a deeper look at the ingredients in T-Drive. Packed with ashwagandha, fenugreek, epimedium, coleus, magnesium, and zinc to build help give you a boost. The ingredients overall are combined to create a potent supplement that truly optimizes your hormone levels. This in turn creates better health and gives better drive, in and out of the gym. For $79.99, you can help get your hormones to where they should be.

Inno Supps T-Drive is a great testosterone booster to increase muscle growth, supercharge hormone levels, and enhance performance.

The runner ups are as follows:  

Breakout Product of the Year: CBUM Itholate Protein

Cbum Itholate Protein Breakout Product Of The Year Generation Iron Supplement Awards 2022

These products are new to the market and really make a name for themselves. CBUM Series Itholate Protein is 100% micro-filtered whey itholate which packs 25g of protein per scoop to make sure you are reaching maximum potential and making some sick gains. Chris Bumstead personally designed CBUM Protein flavoring to create a top-of-the-line product with industry leading profiles. For $54.99 you can grab Mint Chip Ice Cream, Vanilla Oatmeal Cookie, or Cinnamon Crunch Cereal Itholate Protein. 

Our runner ups for this category are as follows: 

Brand of the Year: RAW Nutrition

Raw Nutrition Brand of the Year Generation Iron Supplement Awards 2022

This is the overall brand that stood out the most, which our choice is RAW. RAW Nutrition was created to provide athletes with the best fuel for peak training and performance. Their mission is to make smart nutrition easy and convenient with expertly crafted supplements made with the purest ingredients available in the industry. Providing quality pre-workouts, protein, amino acids, and intra workouts, you can stock your supplement cabinet with RAW. Also, don’t forget their quality apparel! 

Our runner ups for brand of the year are: 

  • Transparent Labs
  • Kaged Muscle
  • InnoSupps
  • MyProtein

Workout Product of the Year: SBD Knee Sleeves

SBD Knee Sleeves Workout Product of the Year Generation Iron Supplement Awards 2022

Last but certainly not least on the list is our choice workout product of the year. This section focuses on things you’d wear in the gym like belts, straps, and obviously knee sleeves. Manufactured with high grade 7mm neoprene, designed to minimize the risk of injury and to aid performance, SBD Knee Sleeves are approved in many powerlifting federations such as USAPL, IPF, and USPA. Relied on by strength athletes around the world, these 7mm knee sleeves are ideal for powerlifting and heavy training. For $82.50, you can get a pair of these quality knee sleeves to help blow up your squats! 

SBD 7mm Knee Sleeve is great for joint support and reducing injury out of this high grade neoprene sleeve.

Our runner ups for this category include: 

Supplement Awards Wrap Up

That’s a wrap for all of our top picks for the supplement awards of 2022! We do want to note that purchasing these products should all depend on your goals and how you feel. For example, if you are tired before your workout and want better pumps, perhaps try a pre-workout. If you are looking at putting size on, maybe check out some protein powders! We recommend you look into the products a little more in-depth and analyze your goals before purchasing anything. 

Which supplements are you going to give a try?

A Complete List of All Ms. Olympia Winners

every ms. olympia winner

Every Ms. Olympia winner from 1980 onward

Besides the Men’s Open division winner who receives the Mr. Olympia title, there’s also a Ms. Olympia champ. Mr. Olympia started in 1965, but the Ms. Olympia division wasn’t added until 1980. So, of course, the men’s division has overshadowed women’s bodybuilding over the past decades. 

To the point that in 2014, the IFBB Pro decided to put a halt on the Ms. Olympia class. They claimed a loss in fans’ interest and a sharp decline in ticket sales. Fortunately, Jake Wood, a promoter, overtook the management in 2020 and returned the Ms. Olympia division to the Super Bowl of bodybuilding.  

Since 1980, there have been 12 Ms. Olympia winners, with Rachel McLish being the original Ms. Olympia. Just as the physiques of the Mr. Olympia champs have evolved over the years, the same can be said about the women’s division. This article will breakdown all the faces of Ms. Olympia’s champions. 

Ms. Olympia Winners 

Winner  Year (s)
Rachel McLish 1980, 1982
Rivta Elomaa 1981
Carla Dunlap  1983
Corinna Everson 1984-1989
Lenda Murray 1990-1995, 2002-2003
Kim Chizevsky-Nicholls 19961999
Andrulla Blanchette 2000
Valentina Chepiga 2000
Juliette Bergmann 2001
Iris Kyle  2004, 2006-2014
Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia 2005
Andrea Shaw  2020-2021


Rachel McLish (1980, 1982)


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The first Ms. Olympia competition was held in Philadelphia, PA, in 1980. This was also the same year Arnold Schwarzenneger came out of retirement after four years, where he won his seventh Olympia title. In addition, Rachel McLish became the first-ever Ms. Olympia. She became the first multi-winner, too, after winning in 1982. 

Ritva Elomaa (1981)


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Ritva Elomma interrupted Rachel McLish’s back-to-back win by winning in 1981 at the Sheraton Hotel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

Carla Dunlap (1983)

In 1983, the competition moved to back to Pennsylvania (it was held in Atlanta in 1982), and the world saw a new champ, Carla Dunlap. This was the first year competitors had to qualify for the show, whereas the contestants were handpicked in the first couple of years. Of course, this increased the competition, and more muscular women entered. 

Corinna Everson (1984-1989)


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A post shared by Cory Everson (@officialcoryeverson)

1984 was the first time Ms. Olympia was moved out of the states, where the competition was held in Montreal, Canada. One competitor strode the stage with more muscle mass than the others and was crowned the champ. This 1984 Ms. Olympia winner was Corinna Everson. She went on to dominate the division for five more straight years. Everson joined the movie scene upon retiring and appeared in many movies, including Double Impact, Natural Born Killers, and Ballistic

Lenda Murray (1990-1995, 2002-2003)


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A post shared by Lenda Murray (@themsolympia)

After retiring, Corrina Everson passed the Ms. Olympia champ’s baton to Lenda Murray to onset her dominant era, despite Bev Francis coming in as a heavy favorite the following year. Murray won six straight years from 1990-1995, then two more times from 2002-2003. Lenda Murray’s mass had the IFBB Pro incorporate “feminity” rules, hindering athletes from coming in too big. 

Kim Chizevsky-Nicholls (1996-1999)

Kim Chizevsky-Nicholls stopped Lenda Murray in her tracks in 1996, overthrowing the six-time defending champ not once but twice. She beat Murray to gold again in 1997 (Murray got second) and continued her streak through 1999. 

Andrulla Blanchette and Valentina Chepiga (2000)


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Up to this point, Mr. Olympia and Ms. Olympia were held at separate times. But in 2000, the two competitions joined forces. In addition, the division was split up into lightweight and heavyweight. Because of this, the two 2000 winners never had to go ahead-to-ahead, making both Andrulla Blanchette and Valentina Chepiga the only same-year Ms. Olympia champs. 

Juliette Bergmann (2001)

From 2000-2005, Ms. Olympia maintained its two separate divisions (lightweight and heavyweight), but it also made room for an overall winner. Although Iris Kyle was the heavyweight winner, the lightweight champ, Juliette Bergmann, won the overall title in 2001. This was the only time over the five-year division weight split that a lightweight contender beat out a heavyweight contender for the overall prize. 

Iris Kyle (2004, 2006-2014)


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It was a long hard fight between two contenders, the dominant Ms. Olympia former champ Lenda Murray and Iris Kyle. Ultimately, it was Iris Kyle’s time in 2004 when she won both the heavyweight class and overall title. Although Kyle couldn’t defend her throne in 2005, she collected 10 Olympia titles, which is the most by any Olympia competitor (including after Ms. Olympia was abandoned in 2014). 

Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia (2005)


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A post shared by Yaxeni Oriquen (@yaxenita)

Further changes were implemented in the Ms. Olympia division in 2005. First, the IFBB Pro got rid of the two separate weight classes and put in place a “20-percent rule,” meaning competitors needed to come in 20% smaller if they wanted a shot at the title. This new rule paved the way for the three-time Ms. Olympia heavyweight bronze medalist Yanexi Oriquen-Garcia to claim the Ms. Olympia title. 

Andrea Shaw (2020-2021)


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A post shared by Andrea Shaw (@mzprettymuscle)

Ms. Olympia was abandoned in 2014, which is why there’s a winning gap from 2014-2019. When the division reemerged, Andrea Shaw was the modern Ms. Olympia and is currently the reigning champ. 

Wrap Up 

The Ms. Olympia division has undergone many changes throughout Olympia weekend’s history. It’s seen waves of growth, rapid declines, and reemergence. Despite the lack of prominently it receives compared to the men’s division, it’s progressed. It has seen the evolution of women’s physiques and the faces of many great women bodybuilding champs. 

We hope for continued growth and support of the Ms. Olympia division and look forward to all the great female competitors walking the stage in Vegas from December 15-18, 2022. The question is: will Andrea Shaw continue her domination since the resurgence of the Ms. Olympia division? Or will a former champ of a new face come and oust her? 

Stay tuned in to find out! Generation Iron will cover the Olympia event with a full results page of all the division winners. So follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to see who the new champ will be!

Akim Williams Aims To Weigh 265 Lbs At The 2022 Mr. Olympia, Claims This Was His Most Serious Prep Yet | Legends Of Iron Podcast

Akim Williams gives exclusive insight into his 2022 Mr. Olympia prep just two weeks before the competition

In lieu of a guest interview this week, podcast host and pro bodybuilder Akim Williams sits down with Nick Best and John Andersen to discuss the final weeks of his 2022 Mr. Olympia prep. Known for being one of the strongest bodybuilders currently competing, Williams is a true threat to the Olympia throne – but this year’s incredibly stacked lineup puts a lot of other athletes in his way. In this week’s episode of the Legends Of Iron podcast, Akim Williams shares all about his 2022 Mr. Olympia prep, his contest weight, and how this is the most serious training he has ever put in.

Fans of the podcast have likely noticed that host Akim Williams has been intermittently missing in episodes the past month or so. This is because he was laser focused on his 2022 Mr. Olympia prep. The final weeks of prep are the most grueling as the cutting phase goes into full gear. It’s a tough time full of mood swings and mental battles as an athlete aims to bring the best version of their physique after a year of preparation.

But now Akim Williams is ready to hop back onto the podcast to bring the focus on his contest prep. Known as “The BK Beast,” Williams gives an exclusive inside look into his training regiment, his mindset, and his ultimate weight he’s aiming to carry on stage just a little under two weeks away. Let’s jump into it.

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Akim Williams claims this is his most serious contest prep of his career and aims to weigh over 260 pounds

Heading into the 2022 Mr. Olympia, Akim Williams is aiming to weigh somewhere over 260 pounds when he steps on stage. This isn’t arbitrary, it’s his attempt to recreate, and exceed, his previous best showing at the Mr. Olympia. The last time he placed over the top 5, he was weighing over 260 pounds.

The big difference here is that he’s also put forth his most serious and intense contest prep training of his career. He hopes to bring everything he’s learned and combine it with his heavier weight size to that he can have a thin waist and shredded conditioning without sacrificing his mass monster size.

John Andersen and Nick Best have seen his updates and agree that he’s bringing the best physique of his career. Akim Williams is genetically blessed with a thin waist and seems to have mastered bringing it into its thinnest form without sacrificing his muscle and size. While he might not be as big as Big Ramy (who’s aiming to come in at 295 pounds come competition day), he can create the illusion that he is bigger if his waist to size ratio beats out everyone else.

Akim Williams’ predictions for the 2022 Mr. Olympia

Akim Williams might be most focused on his own success – but that doesn’t make him blind to the incredible lineup that will be battling on the Mr. Olympia stage this year. In fact, he thinks that he is most excited to see what Andrew Jacked can bring to the stage.

Williams predicts that Andrew Jacked will be a true threat and bring something amazing the competition next weekend. Of all the newcomers entering the Olympia this year – he thinks Andrew Jacked will bring the biggest splash to the lineup.

As for who Akim Williams is most excited to compete against, Williams has his eyes set on Big Ramy. He believes that if he can get a side by side comparison against the returning Mr. Olympia champion – that he can beat him out particularly in the side poses.

The biggest mistake to avoid when competing at the Mr. Olympia

John Andersen asks Akim Williams what advice he would give to other competitors at the Mr. Olympia. Particularly, what is the biggest mistake a bodybuilder can make between the first night pre-judging and the second night finals. We’ve seen competitors rise and fall within that 24 hour period – and it brings a different tactic than your typical bodybuilding shows that do both rounds in one single night.

Akim Williams focuses on the psychological. He says the biggest mistake bodybuilders make after the pre-judging is go online and read the comments. Millions of fans will share their opinion about your physique in addition to other athletes and coaches. None of this criticism matters.

While some details can be tweaked within the 24 hours between shows – most of the hard work has been done weeks, months, and years before this moment. Akim Williams, at most, will listen to any advice a judge gives him after pre-judging. But when it comes to social media – he turns his phone off right after the pre-judging round.

Getting psyched out by public opinion can have serious physical effects onto your physique come the finals. Don’t let it get in your way.

Wrap Up

Akim Williams is a pro bodybuilder who has always flirted within the top 10 of Mr. Olympia greatness. But this year he has brought more serious training, a heavier size, and a more experienced mentality. He truly believes that he can take down the current Mr. Olympia champion Big Ramy. You can watch his full breakdown of his contest prep in our latest episode of Legends Of Iron above. Make sure to check back every other Thursday for new episodes only on the Generation Iron Fitness Network or wherever podcasts are downloaded.

Samir Bannout “Impressed” With Ramon Rocha Queiroz: “He’s The Biggest Threat To CBum”

Ramon Rocha Queiroz

Samir Bannout believes Ramon Rocha Queiroz could challenge Chris Bumstead this year.

The Classic Physique division continues to grow and add new talent year-to-year. Ramon Rocha Queiroz fits the bill as an elite competitor looking to take the next step. According to bodybuilding veteran Samir Bannout, Ramon Dino could be a threat to Chris Bumstead during the 2022 Olympia.

Bumstead is the reigning three-time champion in Classic Physique. Over the years, he has become one of the most popular bodybuilders in the world and has built a brand for himself. He often shares updates as he preps for what could be his fourth consecutive title. As for Queiroz, he is preparing for what could be a special event in just over one week.

In 2021, Ramon Rocha Queiroz finished fifth at the Olympia, which was his first appearance. At the Arnold Classic, he was able to take the next step and finish as the runner-up to Terrence Ruffin.

Physique Update

Samir Bannout Favors Ramon Rocha Queiroz This Year

Samir Bannout joined The Muscle Maturity Podcast to discuss the current happenings around the sport.

“I’m impressed with Ramon. I saw some photos of Ramon and I like his body.”

“CBum’s arms need to be better too. But his waist and flow, small waist and hip, I like his body.”

When discussing the comparisons, which could steal the show on the first day, Bannout highlights the arms of Ramon Rocha Queiroz.

“Chris Bum has proven Mr. Olympia, he’s won it three times. But he could improve his arms a little bit more. This is where I would say Ramon is going to shine because Ramon’s best part is his arms. CBum, his weakest part is his arms, they could be better.”

Bannout continued to discuss the upcoming Olympia competition. Classic Physique has a chance to be one of the most exciting division as it continues to grow.

Chris Bumstead will enter the competition as the favorite but Bannout believes that Ramon Rocha Queiroz has a legitimate shot to take home the title.

“But who do I give the nod for the overall package? Honestly, Ramon has the overall package.

“All respect to Chris Bum, he’s winning convincingly but potentially do I want Chris Bum’s body or Ramon’s? I want Ramon’s body, his structure. This is Samir saying. I think Ramon has a better body than CBum.”

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The 10 Best Back Exercises For Men

An Old School Back Workout For a Wider and Thicker Back

The Ultimate Back Exercises

A shredded back is what separates the men from the boys. A good back training session should be as brutal as a hardcore leg day. You should be running on fumes by the end of your back workouts.

If you want a cobra back, you need to constantly shock your muscles with different exercises. Your back is one of the biggest muscle groups and you need to target it from every angle for optimal results. We have put together the list of back exercises you can try during your next workout.

1. Pull-Ups

Pull-ups are one of the best back workouts. Arnold Schwarzenegger swore by them and performed 50 reps of pull-ups at the beginning of his back workouts. If bodyweight pull-ups are too easy for you, try the weighted version.

2. Seal Rows

Seal rows are an isolation exercise which works your lats. Lie facedown on a bench and perform barbell rows. Doing so will keep you from using your secondary muscles and momentum to lift the weights. You can also perform this exercise on an incline bench to target your lower lats.

3. Pull-Overs

Pull-overs are one of the most underutilized exercises. This exercise is incredibly effective in building a V-taper. Keep your elbows locked out throughout the movement and maintain a full range of motion.

4. T-Bar Rows

Rowing exercises like the T-bar rows help in building the thickness in your back while exercises like pull-ups and lat pull-downs help with broadening your back. If you don’t have an access to a T-bar row machine at your gym, use a barbell for this exercise.

5. Lat Pulldowns

Lat pulldown is a textbook back exercise. It is great at targeting your lats. Most people make the mistake of going too heavy on this exercise. Make sure you sit straight and don’t use momentum to bring the bar down.

6. One Arm Cable Rows

Using cables in your exercises help you in maintaining constant tension on your target muscles. One arm cable rows will help you in isolating your lats. You can perform this exercise while standing or seated.

7. Barbell Rows

Barbell rows are a compound exercise and will help in building muscle mass and strength in your back. Keep an arch in your back while performing this exercise. Bring the bar to your lower abs at the top of the movement.

8. Wide Grip Seated Cable Rows

Wide grip seated cable rows will add to the width of your back. Don’t lean back while performing this exercise. You could also try the underhand grip or a different cable attachment.

9. Dumbbell Rows

Dumbbell rows are incredibly effective at building size, definition, and thickness in your lats. You can perform the single-arm or the double-arm variation of this exercise. Using lifting gear like lifting straps can help you lift more weights as it eliminates your grip.

10. Deadlifts

We saved the best for the last. Deadlift is a compound exercise which should be a part of your back workouts. It is best to perform this exercise at the beginning of your workouts when you’re fresh.

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Larry Wheels Announces TRT 1 Rep Max Challenge as He Crushes 465Lb Bench Press

Larry Wheels announces a one rep max challenge for next month.

Popular strength athlete Larry wheels recently revealed that he will be doing a one rep max bench press challenge while on strictly testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). The popular strength athlete made the announcement in a recent post to social media. In that post Larry Wheels also hit a 465lb bench press for five reps and made it look easy.

These days so many individuals are utilizing TRT in their training. There are multiple different reasons for why men are taking TRT. For some individuals, they may have a reach an advanced age where their testosterone production has diminished to the point that they aren’t able to train in the way they used to in their youth. Another reason many utilize TRT is the fact that having used anabolic steroids in the past, their testosterone levels have been affected, and hence they use the therapy to give themselves a boost.

Larry Wheels decided to test his strength while on TRT and while there may be a bit of a difference in strength it’s not a tremendous discrepancy. Still putting up some impressive numbers in training, Larry intends to see just how strong he is while using solely TRT.

While the other performance enhancing substances he’s taken in the past has aided in his recovery, Larry Wheels still needed to put in work in order to obtain his immense strength. Having been on solely TRT for three months now, it appears that he’s ready to put his body to the test.

Crushing 465Lb Bench Press

In a recent social media post Larry Wheels announced that he’d be testing his one rep max while on TRT alone. In the post he is also performing an impressive 465lb bench press and makes it look easy.

465×5. Testing my TRT 1RM in a month. What do you think it will be?


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A post shared by Larry (@larrywheels)

Where other performance enhancing substances were once apart of his routine, Larry Wheels is looking to see how viable his strength is now that he’s only using TRT. From the looks of things he’s doing just fine.

What do you think of Larry Wheels and his TRT journey so far?

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Turn Your Triceps Into Horseshoes With This Workout

This is How You’re Stopping Yourself From Building Muscle

A Triceps Busting Workout

It is no surprise most men are obsessed with the size of their arms. For most of these men, the obsession fades away after training their biceps. A triceps workout shouldn’t be overlooked as they are half of your arms.

When you flex your triceps, it should look like a horse kicked you in the back of your arm. If you train your bis and tris on the same day and your triceps are lagging as compared to your biceps, you should consider training them at the beginning of your workouts.

1. Straight Bar Cable Pushdowns – 4 Sets 20 Reps

The straight bar cable pushdowns is an isolation exercise which will get the blood flowing in your triceps and will get you a good pump. The high volume will help you in pre-exhausting your triceps, so you don’t have to use super heavyweights.

In all the triceps exercises, keep the reps slow and controlled. Pin your elbows to your sides and complete a rep. Exhale, pause and squeeze your triceps at the bottom of the movement. Slowly return to the starting position and repeat without using any momentum.

2. Single Arm Overhead Dumbbell Extensions – 3 Sets 15 Reps

Your triceps consist of three heads; lateral, medial and long. You need to train all of them equally to ensure an overall development. Overhead movements like the single arm overhead dumbbell extension work the long head which is the most stubborn of the three triceps heads.

Hold a dumbbell in your right hand and extend your right arm over your right shoulder. Stick your right bicep to your right ear and slowly lower the dumbbell towards your left shoulder. Return to the starting position and squeeze your triceps at the top of the movement.

3. Skull Crushers – 3 Sets 12 Reps

Skull crushers are one of the most effective exercises when it comes to building size and definition in your triceps. The skull crushers work your long triceps heads. If you’re trying this exercise for the first time or are attempting a PR, make sure you have a spotter.

Lie on a flat bench with your face towards the ceiling and arms extended over your shoulders. Your elbows should be in line with your shoulders and pinned at this position throughout the exercise. Slowly lower the bar so the barbell is an inch away from your forehead. Return to the starting position and flex your triceps.

4. Dumbbell Kickbacks – 3 Sets 12 Reps

Dumbbell kickbacks work the lateral and medial heads of your triceps. Most people make the mistake of going too heavy on this exercise. Use a weight which you can handle and can maintain a full range of motion.

Hold a dumbbell in your right hand, place your left foot in front of your right foot while maintaining a slight arch in your back. Pin your right elbow to your side and bring the dumbbell to your chest. Extend your elbow so your arm is fully extended and flex your triceps at the bottom of the movement.

5. Close Grip Bench Press – 3 Sets 10 Reps

Close grip bench press is a compound exercise which helps in building overall strength and size in your triceps. The close grip bench press is a variation of the normal grip bench press which works your chest.

While performing the close grip variation, grab the barbell just outside your chest. Keep your elbows and forearms parallel to each other throughout the exercise. Doing this will recruit your triceps in place of your chest.

6. Superset – Diamond Push-ups / Bodyweight Dips – 4 Sets 15 / 15 Reps

The diamond push-ups and dips superset is the last exercises in this triceps workout. This superset will smoke your triceps if they aren’t already. In the diamond push-ups, place your hands under your chest so that your index fingers and thumbs are touching to form a triangle.

After you have completed 15 reps on the diamond-pushups, move onto the bodyweight dips without taking any rest in between. In the bodyweight dips, your chest should be in line with your hands at the bottom of the movement. In both the exercises, pause and squeeze your triceps at the top of the movement.

Which is your favorite triceps exercise? Let us know in the comments below. Also, be sure to follow Generation Iron on Facebook and Twitter.

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Michal Krizo Shares Physique Update & Poses 10 Days Out Of 2022 Olympia

physique update

Michal Krizo is putting the finishes touches on what he is hoping is a championship physique.

Michal Krizo is preparing to take the stage at his first Olympia competition in just under two weeks. One of the biggest up-and-coming stars in the sport, Krizo continues to put the finishing touches on his physique and string different updates and poses.

In July, Krizo made the jump from the IFBB Elite Pro League and NPC in hopes of becoming a the Olympia champion. He quickly earned his Pro Card during the Amateur Olympia Italy before winning the EVLS Prague Pro, which was his first show and allowed him to punch his ticket to the biggest competition of the year.

Since bursting onto the scene, bodybuilding legends, such as Jay Cutler and Milos Sarcev, have raved about the physique of Krizo after seeing him pose in person. Now, Krizo is showing off yet another workout.

Michal Krizo Hits Poses Following A Chest Day

The hype surrounding Michal Krizo is real because of his overall size and conditioning. Since bursting onto the scene, Krizo has shown massive arms and legs. Now, he is working on putting it all together.

“Some most mosculars after chest training and posing 💪”

The Men’s Open division has a chance to be one of the most exciting in recent memories. Big Ramy continues to be the favorite to win his third consecutive title but will be challenged by the likes of William Bonac and Brandon Curry. The question remains, where will the newcomers land?

Michal Krizo leads the group, along with Andrew Jacked, of those who can make an impact in their first Olympia competition. We are about 10 days away from answering all questions come the biggest competition of the year.

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